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  1. Cedar Fair is not investing in Kings Island because they’re trying to be nice or something. Kings Island getting an investment is solely based on what’s best for Cedar Fair as a business. They should be grateful they are in industry with fans who are willing to justify everything the company does.
  2. Brew house has been very good this season. I’ve had the BBLT, KI Salad & Clucks in a barrel all in the past week and they’ve all been very good. They also give you 2 dipping sauce without charging extra unlike some other chum bucket restaurant on istreet.
  3. Charging $1.29 for sauce to an already overpriced meal is ridiculous, I mean bruh look how little sauce is on that already.
  4. Noticed two things yesterday. 1: It looks like an old arrow mine train is being used as theming, it looked like a crash train near the track. 2: it looks like it might have gotten a new or refurbished chain lift. Ik that it got The Vortex chain but yesterday I noticed maintenance Unpacking a new chain.
  5. I want to clarify that there was no one present in the preferred lot station Sunday, they just had a sign saying preferred pass people can enter.
  6. One interesting thing is that it seems like the size of the area had been reduced. I don’t think the airbrush building is being included in the area anymore as the concept art shows.
  7. Went to the park an hour before close, the preferred parking lot was still open so it seems like they may have learned from yesterday.
  8. Most of the data the park has is probably just from the ticket booths & whenever a transaction occurs tbh. I’m not quite sure how they collect the number of riders an hour. For purposes of the preferred lot I don’t think they keep track of how many people leave the lot or enter the lot (although I could be wrong here and they just assume all prestige pass ticket holders + Daily purchases enter the lot). Could totally be wrong on all this but that’s just my assumptions.
  9. If they’re going to close off the preferred parking lot because they don’t want to pay for monitoring its capacity then it’s only fair they offer a $15 voucher imo. Ridiculous, greedy move by the park. Also the parking lot filling up in the first place is also entirely preventable, a data model could easily make a semi accurate prediction on how likely the lot would will fill up on a given day.
  10. Do you have a picture of the light package? I don’t recall how it looked.
  11. I feel the same way, the lack of bottle drinks is extremely disappointing. Them closing the preferred parking lot would upset me significantly since atm that’s really the only big perk of this pass imo.
  12. One thing I do want to mention is that it’s a nice touch to be greeted by name when entering the vip area!
  13. Unfortunately for my health Sweet shop has an even better variety of sweets this year! The buckeye mousse was very good and the cheesecake creamsicle was decent.
  14. I think Kings Island needs to seriously consider a chaperone police like WoF. If they felt the need to close Action Zone on day one due to an incident I can’t imagine how many other times it’s going to happen this season.
  15. The vip lounge water has gone from infused water to just regular water.
  16. Tbf every place was busy today considering so many restaurants aren't open yet.
  17. Did they repaint the new track?
  18. Flavored water what a great complimentary beverage.
  19. They really had to turn off the fountain before Haunt even ended? Ruined the only good aspect of this years haunt.
  20. 3 is the Coke freestyle? 1 the concept art shows it still being T shirts.
  21. New additions doesn't really sound like changing to year around operations. I'm excited to see what the park announces tomorrow. I think a decent flat ride would be enough to convince me to renew my pass.
  22. Kinda funny if this does turn out to be a 30 million dollar B&M. Like within the past 10 years including this hypothetical coaster they would have spent like 100 million on new rollercoasters but just around 10 or so million on new flats (This is a guesstimate I have no idea how much the flats cost). I feel like when I look at my day at Kings Island one of the biggest things I wish I could experience would be more high thrill flat rides. Flatrides I feel like provide very unique and memorable experiences at times if I'm being honest. They're a nice change of pace instead of just marathoning roller coasters all day. Now I won't complain about a new rollercoaster and I think it is needed but flats would be just as good imo.
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