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  1. Maybe you’ll be right but let’s not act like $75 dessert and a better view of a firework show will command the same amount of demand as fastlane. This product has way less benefit to someone’s overall experience compared to fastlane.
  2. How to set people up for disappointment 101. Considering people were disappointed over Orion, a 31 million dollar giga coaster I think it’s better to set reasonable expectations here.
  3. I disagree with your first point about how Cedar Fair will never be able to pull off an adventure themed area accordingly. The new jungle xpedition area at Kings dominion looks absolutely incredible. I don’t think guests really care if a jungle isn’t regionally authentic to Virginia. I do however agree that the park needs a significant visual improvement. Action Zone is a mega eye sore, the center of the park is just grass and shipping containers and of course the massive empty plot of grass in coney mall. I hope management continues to work toward better thematic Elements of the park. Rides like Orion have decent theming but it seems like they only had the budget to the meme 1/5th of the queue.
  4. Guess they don’t want to build another rollercoaster that sinks into the ground /s like Hawaiian said there was a bulldozer or something that cleared out some trees near the service road entrance I believe. In addition I also saw a lot of activity near Banshees pretzel roll and the woods by AE.
  5. Talk about a rip off, $450 and you don’t even get admission, really? I agree the $200 option seems like the better deal by a wide margin. Also, nothing says “All Access VIP” like waiting in hour+ long lines after the tour is done.
  6. This ride is almost certainly not being removed due to what happened in Orlando. Firstly it’s a totally different ride model so there’s no shared design flaw between this and the Drop Tower. Ignoring that fact, the investigation isn’t even over, it’d be extremely questionable to remove every ride from a manufacture before the investigation is concluded. Based off of the ride models Wikipedia page Kings Island appears to have one of the oldest operating slingshots, however at this moment it doesn’t appear like any Funtime slingshots have been removed due to reaching the end of their service life. As such that makes this sudden removal of the ride more interesting.
  7. No it has not operated at all this season.
  8. Winterfest offers a ton of up charge attractions that certainly help mitigate the aspects you’ve talked about here. Ice skating, carriage rides, igloos etc all offer revenue for the park. In regards to the waterpark when I don’t see the issue including it with admission, if the park really wanted to they could easily charge extra for it ad the waterpark is already separated.
  9. What video? Also again it’s plausible that it’s a case oF mistaken identity given how dark it is at Winterfest. For instance this season during Winterfest I was accused of filming on a ride even though I hadn’t. Not saying they’re innocent.
  10. All I’m saying is I’d be willing to forget this awful logo exists if the park used their original logo instead.
  11. I used to hold this exact same opinion about Xtreme Skyflyer. Then I actually rode and I’ve now fallen in love with the great. It’s probably my 2nd favorite ride in the park tbh. I think that it’s location in Action Zone is fine given there’s plenty of other rides (Invertigo, congo falls) that would be better candidates for removal.
  12. At least with Orion they didn’t take out all the trees around the perimeter of the ride unlike Diamondback.
  13. Bizarre they would sell tricks and treats tasting cards before releasing the menu. Menu looks decent this year.
  14. More operating days would likely be necessary. As others have mentioned on other thread having haunt be on Thursday days also would be a good way to potentially raise attendance. Additionally they’d probably need to find a way to boast Winterfest attendance. From limited personal observation KIs Winterfest seems to get significantly less attendance then some of the other parks.
  15. Haunt is almost certainly going to happen, brings in way too much money. Also I don’t think the threat of covid is really going to scare off a large amount of Kings Islands clientele to be honest.
  16. I don’t think this story is getting much media attention as a rollercoaster incident normally would. This is based completely off my own personal experience but none of my friends (who know I’m into rollercoasters) have mentioned the accident at all to me. If most guests aren’t that aware of the incident then I don’t think the rides popularity would take a severe hit. Personally speaking, I’m not eager at all to ride TTD anytime in the near future.
  17. That Eiffel Tower shaped French fry thread has now made me wish that park brought those back.
  18. Wow that’s surprising that it was permanently canceled. It’s even more surprising when you consider one of Cedar Fairs primary to grow revenue was to extend the calendar year. Wonder if any other parks will remove Winterfest.
  19. To be fair they also now have a chicken restaurant toward the front of the park.
  20. Tbf weren’t the antique cars teased just a few days before the announcement?
  21. Website with more information https://www.sixflags.com/fiestatexas/attractions/dr-diabolicals-cliffhanger Seems like a great addition to the park
  22. Has anyone else had trouble finding hand sanitizer inside the park? This has probably become one of the worst aspects to my trips to Kings Island. From personal experience nearly every hand sanitizer station I try to use is empty. It’s especially disappointing that even the stations located in or near the restaurants are usually empty.
  23. I mean Orion costs just as much if not more than Fury 325 (which I believe had cost around 30 million dollars). Doesn’t exactly scream hyper coaster budget.
  24. Had no idea that the rails were red and not black.
  25. The article says one of the attackers was in his 20’s, not sure what a chaperone policy would have done at all in this situation. As Brenthodge mentioned there’s a lot we don’t know about this situation.
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