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  1. I haven’t insisted anything I’ve just stated the fact that Zimmerman previously stated the company looked to make larger investments into 4 particular parks. If it were up to me I’d spend invest the money into Kings Island and a few other parks in the chain that continue to be neglected.
  2. Of course they’d keep investing in their main parks but my whole point is that the 30 million dollars it takes to build a giga coaster could be better spent else were.
  3. https://www.toledoblade.com/business/2018/05/06/Dealing-in-the-thrill-Cedar-Fair-CEO-excited-about-Point-s-future.html toward the bottom it states they plan to look into growth opportunities at the 4 previously mentioned parks.
  4. From what I understand CedarFair previously stated they planned on investing a large portion of money into Cedar Point, Carowinds, Knotts & CGA. I still think it’s likely KI will get a giga in 2020, guess we’ll be able to make a better judgment on how likely it is based off of Wednesday earning report
  5. True but if They were to spend that 30 million dollars else where it could result in a larger return on investment compared to investing that at Kings Island. There’s no denying a new giga would increase the attendance but the question CedarFair is asking is if that 30 million dollars will be better spent else where
  6. I’d say 2020 but considering CedarFairs recent attendance decline a 30 million dollar roller coaster might not be something they opt for.
  7. I’d say nighthawk at carowinds might go considering they’re getting copperhead strike the ride won’t be that important to their lineup. I hope this years bad earnings / attendance is a one off occurrence or else I could see a lot more being removed.
  8. I hope not, nothing better then a B&M roar. Do Diamondback or Banshee have sand in them?
  9. I mean that commercial is decent but the original Bat commercial & Beast commercial put it to shame in my opinion. But still better then the annoyingly chatchy fun & only commercial.
  10. I thought someone already confirmed the celebration was going to be only one year?
  11. I never got to ride this ride sadly but it definitely seemed beloved. It’s was where Boo Blasters currently is right?
  12. Really interesting that’s how they chose their names, I had just assumed Rob picked them.
  13. Construction companies often have mobile offices used for projects.
  14. Yeah it looks pretty close from that angle, granted you never get to see due to FOF building.
  15. I mean considering CedarFairs attendance is down id seriously doubt they’d chose to shorten the season. Furthermore I’d assume Kings Island has invested a lot of money into buying the winter fest equipment and choosing to end it after just 2 years would be an incredibly foolish investment. Winter fest is almost certainly profitable for the park so I’d say there’s a 99% it’s coming back this year.
  16. I completely agree. Since they’re building dorms back there maybe there’s potential to add a camp ground since they’re building the infrastructure required for something like that.
  17. Not to seem rude but I seriously doubt that many people would notice if the ride is 20 feet taller then the tower. Furthermore the ride wouldn’t be right next to the tower either.
  18. I managed to find that photo online. But it’s the one from KiExtreme so you’ve probably seen it.
  19. So when CedarFair builds a new rollercoaster how early do they copy right the name?
  20. If it really is a giga coming in 2020 then them starting to tease it wouldn’t be that surprising.
  21. I believe it’s the new Cedar Fair logo.
  22. Can anyone confirm they aren’t willing to produce the parts? I feel like They’d still be willing to make the parts but since there’s not a lot of flying Dutchman’s the parts just cost a ton of money. I feel like that’d be the more likely situation rather then the fact they won’t make the parts.
  23. Yeah but was paramount known for making good decisions....
  24. Further more it’d be pretty stupid of them to have repainted The Bat if they had intentions to remove the ride. Firehawk in the other hand is just sitting there with chipped paint.
  25. Also considering the fact Kentucky Kingdom is a small park it’d make absolutely no sense for them to even touch this ride.
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