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  1. A premier launch similar to west coast racers would be an excellent fit since they don’t have a racing coaster.
  2. One can only hope for however I’d be surprised if Thursday nights are actually popular enough to justify being open.
  3. Wonder if they’ll just build a new picnic area or perhaps maybe even dorms?
  4. At the bottom of the blog it provides info about chefs plate “The Food and Beverage Team here at Kings Island are so excited to present all this wonderful food for you to enjoy beginning this Saturday through Aug. 1. That being said, we will be postponing Chef’s Plate until after Grand Carnivale. Thanks for understanding!”
  5. Also wouldn’t surprise me if they’re too busy preparing for grand carnival to do chef plate this week.
  6. I assume that the limited music selection is just due to the park cutting costs on music licensing? Could this also be the reason there is no more music being played in the shed?
  7. I had no idea squishmellows are so popular, they look like regular stuffed animals to me.
  8. Except for the fact that Orion’s blueprints are in the queue of the ride. I don’t think the park really cares that much about old blueprints given the fact that they’re public record. I’d be willing to bet money that the blueprints showed in the video are for a new addition or attraction.
  9. Maybe it slightly contributes to it, but to be honest I think lack of enforcement of the no line jumping policy is more to blame for an increase in line jumping.
  10. Wow really exciting information, a flat ride would be excellent back there! Thanks for sharing.
  11. I’m not going to lose any sleep for an executive quitting his job due to a pay cut (assuming that’s why he quit). I’m sure if he stuck with the company he’d probably end up with an even bigger compensation compared to his 2019 pay. Most of the time executive compensation is related to company performance so it shouldn’t have come as a shock an executive in an industry heavily effected by economic downturns would experience a pay cut.
  12. There’s a lot more people I’d rather give sympathy too than an executive who was earning 700k a year. I seriously doubt this pay cut would have lasted that much longer. I have no doubt that he’ll probably be able to find an extremely way paying job. Can’t say the same for the vast majority of people who lost their jobs this pandemic.
  13. To be fair it’s a lot easier for a private company to make these massive investments compared to Cedar Fair. For starters since Cedar Fair is a publicly traded Company and because of that short term growth is prioritized often times over long term growth. Additionally FUN has to spend a substantial amount of their net profits on dividends, due to the structure of the company. Finally Herschend parks in general seem to have a lot higher revenue per park compared to a lot of the fun parks. If Cedar Fair spent 500 million at just one park the chain wouldn’t be able to invest in Capex for the other parks.
  14. Neat idea but I think there are 3 major flaws with doing this at KI 1- The city of mason is way less dense then the San Francisco Bay Area. Because of this any entertainment area at KI would get way less foot traffic compared to CGA 2-there is no major tourist attraction nearby to attract visitors to this shopping area / entertainment area. Anyone visiting the mason for entertainment is already going to be going to KI. Compare this to CGA where a major football stadium is right next door to draw guests in 3- Due to generally favorable weather in the Bay Area the CGA entertainment area likely would be able to attract visitors to the outdoor venue year around compared to Ohio where the weather isn’t usually all that great. I agree having another source of revenue besides the park is a good idea (for example hotels, sports parks, golf etc) however the CGA model really just wouldn’t work at Kings Island
  15. Not sure if the pandemic has effected wether or not the dorms are open but the park does indeed have dorm. https://local12.com/news/local/one-team-village-kings-island-building-dormitory-for-employees-will-cost-only-65week
  16. B&M isn’t some massive company that needs to sell 10 coasters a year to stay in business. Considering how much their rides cost I’m sure they only need to make only a few coasters a year to operate. Furthermore for all we know the company maybe only wants to make 3 or 4 coasters a year. I know in years past B&M had a pretty sizable waitlist.
  17. I mean the likely reason for the cut hours is due to the wage increases, which was caused by insufficient staffing. Doesn’t mean the park lied about anything.
  18. Could be worse, Fury has the parks junkyard under the first drop.
  19. I agree, this seems to be mostly a one off incidence. If this keeps happening sure institute new policies but this situation really seems to be blown out of proportion in some respects, especially with the video calling it an “extremely violent brawl”. While having fights in an amusement park is despicable, this fight didn’t seem like it put any guests in danger besides the ones engaging with the fight.
  20. While line closing sucks, I’d be way more okay with it if the park was transparent that they’d be closing the lines at a certain time.
  21. Price increases that were current experiencing in large part seem to be due to strains on the supply chain throughout the world in addition with increased demand. Other countries, Such as Canada are also experiencing increased inflation. Once the supply chain meets demand consumer hopefully will go down or stabilize. Increased wages are not a bad thing for the economy, when people have more money they spend money which increases companies revenue.
  22. I definitely could see a slight increase in the price of season passes. Season pass holders in general tend to be very loyal so a $10 price increase might not turn away that many customers, especially since there’s a payment plan option.
  23. That is false, none of the vaccines are 100% effective. Although you’re vaccinated there is still a chance that you could become infected. Because of this I don’t find the appeal of potentially standing next to an unvaccinated person for hours that appealing since they could still infect me or others.
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