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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I realize my aversion to kiga being named Polaris is REALLY specific to me, and the concept of using the name of the North Star is cool. I still just can't get around the mall thing.
  2. That's exactly why I can't stand the name Polaris. I don't want a big bad 300ft coaster to be named like a MALL. It's not anywhere near intense enough but it's looking more and more like I'm just gonna have to resign myself to it. :/
  3. It's weird being a part of a major Cincy media related thing, but having no connections to all this KI stuff. Would kill to be a part of the clues and stuff they do with actual news outlets, but alas that doesn't happen.
  4. I know we're still more than 24 hours out from the announcement, but I can't stop refreshing this discussion. I halfway expect there to be some sort of leak before the announcement lol
  5. This is just an honest question, I genuinely have no context for the park's long term plans, but why wouldn't they want to mess with the entrance to the park? IMO, the park is feeling pretty well rounded right now, especially with the addition of the giga next year. There are ride types KI doesn't have of course, but it doesn't feel like there's anything desperately missing from the lineup, nor is there any specific area of the park that really needs a big new attraction without removing an existing one. The only thing that kinda sticks out like a sore thumb is the entrance, it feels real
  6. Had a great trip to KI last week! Got in 20 rides, and everything was walk ons. I even walked on to front row on Banshee and Mystic! The park itself was great too, they're putting a lot of effort into landscaping and what not and it shows. They even had some poor guy crouched down by the lost phone phone display in the DB queue pulling up a couple weeds lol. It was my first trip of the year and probably my only one for 2019, but I'd love to make it back for Haunt if possible. If not, then the next time I'm at the park, there'll be a giga there which is wild to think about. Here's a short video
  7. I actually don't mind the name Candymonium. Yes, it could be more intimidating, but it's unique and really fits well with the park. I would cry.
  8. Whatever the final stats are, I know it's going to be a really fun coaster that will bring in good crowds for the park. Maybe I'm too hung up on superficial stuff, but I'm already not thrilled with the blue/white color scheme so I'm REALLY hoping that the name doesn't end up being Polaris or Orion. Neither sounds intense enough to be attached to such a big coaster, especially given the context of all the teasers, and Polaris just makes me think of the Polaris mall in Cbus. ANYTHING but those names lol.
  9. Spent a full day at the park yesterday and couldn't have asked for a better day, walk ons for every ride! I got 20 rides in and probably sat out another 10 that other people in my group did. I didn't see anything new and noteworthy for the construction, but it was cool to finally see the posters in person and get a peek at the construction site. People are definitely buzzing about the new coaster, every other conversation I overheard was about the new giga! I'm cutting together a short video of the day and I'm kicking myself for not getting any footage of the posters or construction.
  10. so cool!! and i actually just used a wendy's coupon for my most recent trip ti ki lol
  11. i mean. fof is definitely a cheesy alien ride. i think a great coaster with a bit of a cheesy robot theme would fit right in.
  12. this old logo is so flippin cool - a ride themed to a giant chrome robot woulda fit perfectly in xbase!
  13. oof this is so hard - i have the most nostalgia love for beast, get the best adrenaline rush from Diamondback, and have the most fun on Banshee and mystic. i think i'm gonna have to go with Banshee though; best combination of awesome ride and short wait times!
  14. ha! just posted about my 8/19 trip when I saw this post. I can indeed confirm that Mystic Timbers was down - got stuck in the shed for 20+ minutes!
  15. I know this trip was a month ago now, but I'm new here and saw this forum and thought it would be a good way to introduce myself! Dayton area born and raised, grew up on trips to KI, but absolutely HATED coasters until about '09. Now I've done a complete 180 and can't get enough! Spent the day at Kings Island on August 19th with my mom and brother, which is notable because, while my brother loves coasters like me, my mom had sworn off coasters since "feeling like she was going to die" while riding SOB in '00 or '01. Our ride count was pretty good considering we were only there for a
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