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  1. Steel Curtain’s track was completed today! Let’s hope testing goes well and we get a speedy opening. I can’t wait to ride this one.
  2. I think you're referring to how they use the variable frequency drive- it slows you down at the top of the lift so you can hear "Don't... go in... the shed..." then speeds back up to send the train over the lift. I think it's that action of speeding up so quickly that makes you feel like you are being flung over the top. EDIT: To answer the question, yes. B&M uses ABB DC motors on their lifts, coupled with a DC Drive. You can really notice it traveling up Banshee's lift, if the previous train has not cleared the block yet, the lift will slow down until the train is safely in the brakes.
  3. Looks like the forms for the top of some of the transfer track footings are in place. Should pour those this week. Also, I know RE Middleton was on the NOC, has anyone seen if they are working on this?
  4. The earth drill has been moved over to where (I would guess) the base of the drop or the final helix will end up being, to the right of the existing maintenance sheds.
  5. Here is yesterday at about 8pm if that interests you...
  6. One section of the fountain lights unfortunately stopped working... I noticed it yesterday and took the ground level photo, took the second from ET today. Hope it gets fixed soon!
  7. I believe that this is a subwoofer (as I just walked past it). Better low end coverage when I’m the ground. While it looks sloppy, I get why it’s placed on the ground. Some of the new light trusses have new JBL CBT speakers mounted to them, and these supplement them.
  8. Craftsman electric trenched from an area near Adventure Express to put those conduit runs in. Their excavator is still just out of frame.
  9. In case anyone was curious....
  10. Can’t really see the stakes in this picture but the rebar cages are in the bottom left.
  11. Just rode racer- the station footings have all been staked and the rebar cages are on site. I’d expect to see drilling start this week.
  12. This just gave me a good laugh!
  13. The wire mesh was placed in the slab formwork for the building next to Racer yesterday. I'd guess that the slab itself is getting poured today.
  14. Thank Alan Schilke for those first two examples next time you see him
  15. Spiegel was commenting on the original foundation plans, not the leaked full layout. I think he was saying it could possibly happen, not that it was with any certainty. He’s called “Mr. Theme Park” for a reason. Look him up.
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