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  1. Here’s some photos from CSF circa 15 minutes ago.
  2. I just *tried* to use the restroom next to Vortex and WindSeeker- I was greeted by fecal matter smeared all over the floors and the walls. The stench was unbearable and left me running out of there retching. I told someone working at WS to call park services. You couldn’t pay me enough to clean that up... At the park and otherwise, what is the worst thing you’ve seen done to a restroom?
  3. L13R’s piers have been poured. The rebar cage (which is DENSE) for L16 has been placed, but doesn’t have forms yet. L13L is formed up and looks like it has either just been poured or will be shortly. Piers also appeared to be in place for L16L-R and for much of the beginning part of the layout and the helix. The earth drill is out near The Beast shed, and it looks like it has been busy boring holes out there. Exciting stuff!
  4. I'll be going this evening. Stupid work
  5. POV released today- This thing looks like it HAULS. I’ll be there next Sunday to try this bad boy out!
  6. I'll be there tonight around 7 if no one gets there before then.
  7. I rode Copperhead Strike 3 times this weekend. My first ride was in the back row, my second was in the middle, and my third was in the front. Out of the three, I think the front was my favorite. The hangtime in the Jojo roll is fantastic. I'm still not totally sure what exactly happened in the shed, but it was very well done nonetheless. The theming as a whole pretty well blew me away- it was so immersive as you walk back the queue that you were pretty well isolated from the rest of the park. This was my first time on a Mack that wasn't a wild mouse or a bobsled, and I must say I liked the restraints. It was a little weird at first having to raise my arms up to lower the restraint, but after the first ride it was pretty easy. It felt like a minimal restraint compared to a normal shoulder harness, and I would probably say I like it better than Maverick's. It's hard to compare Maverick to Copperhead strike- they truly are totally different. This is more about hang time and is not as intense, nor as fast. With that being said, there are some awesome pops of airtime and some really cool laterals. The second launch is really cool, as a launched airtime hill is pretty unique. The inversion that follows the launch is easily my favorite part of the ride. The bad (which really isn't much) is all operational. I was there on a Saturday afternoon and a Sunday morning, and the operations there were about as slow as I have seen. There is a handy countdown timer on the screen in the station that tells the operators how long they have to dispatch, which they were missing by roughly 45-50 seconds every cycle. The greeters at the entrance were doing a great job at having people try out the test seat, so no one I saw was unable to ride. Hopefully as time goes on they will get the ride closer to the theoretical capacity. Overall, I would give the ride and experience an 8.5/10. Definitely worth checking out and riding as much as you can.
  8. Theming is back up, as of today.
  9. If I recall, Music in the Parks is also held there.
  10. An indoor SkyWarp would actually be really cool.
  11. In my experience, this leaves the rice very cold depending on how long it has been sitting. Days when there is a line and the containers don't sit for very long it tends to be less of a problem.
  12. Someone said it earlier, but I really want an Enterprise back. I loved Witches Wheel at Cedar Point and Volcano at Kennywood, and recently rode Scream Xtreme (Zamperla Endeavor) at KK. I'd love to see them bring back a Skylab sized Enterprise, as we'd need the capacity. Another great ride is the Zamperla Hawk, like Kennywood's Aero 360. Similar to the old Intamin Looping Starships, but with higher capacity and two counter-rotating pods.
  13. Yeah, I didn’t see anything either just now.
  14. This may not seem like a big deal.... but it is! I can see the utensil and napkin dispensers now!
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