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  1. I got a good look at the track and station work that has been done so far from Beast’s lift tonight. That shade of blue
  2. One of my absolute favorite parts of haunt. The random fireballs always make me smile.
  3. There is so much track back there!! Also a second crane is on site, larger than the first but still not one that is tall enough to erect the lift.
  4. I tend to agree. I really liked the look of Shake Rattle & Roll before the LED refit, even if some people thought it looked dated. Each arm being its own color was also really cool. I really dislike CP's Monster after it was redone. The LEDs and the goofy faces on each pod take away from that retro look that KI's still has. I truly hope ours does not get the same treatment.
  5. Many rides at KI received new Quincy QGD screw compressors in the 2017-2018 off season. Most rides I have seen use Quincy, though some also use Kaeser or Ingersoll-Rand as well. Each ride has its own compressor. Rides like Skyhawk or Power Tower at CP (driven by compressed air) use multiple Ingersoll-Rand compressors to provide the higher air volume. Vortex was one of the rides that received a new compressor- it went down this season for several days, and in that time a portable Kaeser compressor was brought in and patched to the pneumatic system while the Quincy was repaired.
  6. After the announcement concluded and people were leaving this was the song they played. If this were to be the ride's theme (or something similar) I would be extremely happy. It fits the theme so well: driving, fast, and very space-y.
  7. Several ride operators have been telling guests it is named Polaris.
  8. What components of the ride are actually made by B&M overseas? I had always thought it was just the trains, but what about the gearbox for the lift motor? If they do make that, it would make much more sense to arrive now versus the trains.
  9. It's not a new park bench or trashcan! Seriously though, I am so happy for them. I think this is a great addition to the park. Adding another coaster, however small, is always exciting!
  10. Makes sense to use the transfer track for a reveal since the ends are painted and not just primer. Looks a little better. Other rides that have had track at the announcement (not just KI), what type of piece have they tended to use?
  11. Taken about 3 minutes ago.
  12. "Teasers will only come from the park's official social media channels" Maybe it's not a teaser, but you can't say its not related.
  13. Let's call it Flight Deck or Afterburn....
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