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  1. The train must be secured if the last car is past that line.
  2. No matter how rough a wooden coaster is or how much jackhammering goes on, I still generally find them fun. Grizzly at KD, Minebuster at CW, or Legend at HW come to mind- I usually get off laughing and thinking “that was so awful I need to do it again”. I generally don’t classify wooden coasters into my list of worst coasters; the roughness is part of the fun. My pick would be Vortex at Carowinds. There is nothing redeeming about it.
  3. Remember, one of those is a channel for fall protection harnesses. Banshee, Valravn, and Fury all have these. Diamondback uses a steel cable, but is the same concept. If you look closely at their lifts on POVs you can see it.
  4. I think it should be a full blown TSA checkpoint. Full body scanners, explosive detectors, the works!
  5. Rode Wonderland's this past summer. Yikes.
  6. How about a dueling launched S&S Axis??
  7. First run usually goes without trims so that they can be sure it will complete the circuit, then they will be dialed in to the design speed. Last thing you would want on the first test would be a valley due to overzealous trims.
  8. Vortex is my #1 most disliked coaster I have ever been on. I'm not sure a floorless conversion could even help it with a layout that is so short.
  9. Per RMC at IAAPA, the issue of loud lifts *should* be able to be resolved with new rubber tips on the anti-rollbacks.
  10. With inflation, that’s $10,600,000 today! Still a deal.
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