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  1. Also interesting to note that Firehawk’s Transformer and Transformer pad has been left in place. I would assume it’s intended to be reused for something, whether that is a coaster, flat, or other building isn’t possible to say from that. It is still significant that it’s still there, though. Most of the other site utilities seem to have been removed, so it would have made sense to go ahead and remove it as well, but it was carefully undisturbed. I’m sure that some of the storm drains were left as well, and that is what we are seeing with some of the cones out there.
  2. It is the transformer that powered the ride/lift motor. No sense in removing it when something may go there that uses 3-phase 480V service....
  3. No, there is definitely a new building going up. I thought it looks like a bridge or maybe a small pole barn.
  4. Taken through the gate for the corn maze under racer. You can see the clearing here... I don’t think ET is open but I will look.
  5. I also just noticed that there is a structure being built back in the woods already, it looks like a bridge or a small pole barn.
  6. There is an insane amount of clearing. Active construction. Most of Dino’s Alive trees are down. Saw this while riding Racer. It stretches behind racer from the maintenance buildings all the way to the action theatre. I will try to get a photo... somehow. But I think this all but confirms it. Too long and narrow to be a Dive Machine.
  7. No, a THIRD cone. If it wasn’t confirmed, it is now.
  8. Here is all I can see through the fence. I’m not tall enough to get over it, even jumping. No teasers, no posters, nothing over here. All I can see is the dirt and some cones which I assume are marking/covering some storm drains.
  9. I can’t see anything through it....
  10. On that topic, I found out something interesting when visiting the PTC booth at IAAPA. The steel cables that run across the back of KI’s PTC trains are not a manufacturer recommended practice. When talking with the folks there they hadn’t ever heard of a park doing that, and thought it must be something the park decided to do. Perhaps someone here has an idea of why the park maintenance department came up with that? Here is a photo of what I am talking about:
  11. I would love to see an S&S coaster at a Cedar Fair Park sometime in the future. If Steel Curtain does well, it could very well be possible we see them building a lot more non-free spin or pneumatic launch coasters. With that being said, their first go at an LSM coaster wasn’t exactly the greatest success. Cedar Fair does have to buy a lot of spare parts from them as it is, so the relationship is already there.
  12. We did Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster. With a groupon it brought the cost down to about $11pp.
  13. Went past CSF today.... lots of track sitting outside. Appears to be the right size for a hyper/giga. Take a look and tell me what you think. The track is a dark red/brown color. I’d assume this is for a 2020 attraction. Photo taken safely from the street (legally).
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