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  1. No access pass required. Just walk on as much as you’d like.
  2. I find the problem to be less about transitions, and more about vibration. I feel like I’m in one of those mall massage chairs whenever I ride. I’m not sure if that’s a ride vehicle or a track issue, though I’d imagine it’s the latter. The Premier trains aren’t trailered either- if they were, it would probably make those transitions a little more tolerable.
  3. This was a conversation that the separator was having with the people next in line to get a seat assignment. Not over the PA, but loud enough to where a large portion of the queue could hear it. @DonHelbig this same employee was also driving Blue Racer earlier in the day and was asking people in line over the PA “Raise your hand if Orion is overrated”. Sorry, I do not have a name.
  4. Thunder run is a great ride- Kentucky Kingdom really takes care of it.
  5. I listened to a ride op on WindSeeker drone on and on about how Orion is subpar and basically a hyper, only 287ft, etc. Getting a little old at this point.
  6. There is a pretty neat little show in front of Zephyr called “The Scrub Club”, doing covers of pop songs with a cleaning spin. They have face shields and other cleaning supplies as props.
  7. That's about the time I left- just couldn't take the heat much longer. There wasn't really anywhere to get a drink refill besides restaurants, so the lines moved pretty slow.
  8. Admins, a temp ban may be in order for this sort of insolence.
  9. I’ve managed to get close without FLP, missing only SteVe and Valravn. It’s definitely possible.
  10. Is that a batwing, cobra roll, sea serpent roll and a cutback? Delicious.
  11. Using sod everywhere would be pretty expensive- they'd probably use it in the areas near the station and hydroseed the rest.
  12. I would agree. Probably just getting broken in though.
  13. Yes, to the right of that is two storage tracks. The control panel for the transfer table is to the left of the track right before you go into the themed area.
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