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  1. I mean... aren't all inverts floorless?
  2. Really wouldn't be too hard- might have to beef up the footings on either side of the hole, but then you'd just run a steel beam across to catch the columns that are removed. That service road access is done just like this. Seclusion, on the other hand, is a different story.
  3. There is some construction happening in Coney Mall- pavers have been removed just outside the Kill Mart building, with what appears to be a concrete pad poured. Sheets of plywood cover the slab to protect from recent rain. Thoughts?
  4. I really liked this movie when I was there a few weeks ago. The films for the 4D theaters are produced/licensed by a company like SimEx Iwerks: https://simex-iwerks.com/shows/yogi-bear-4d-experience/ They really do have a lot of shows that they license! https://simex-iwerks.com/shows/see-all-top-4d-experiences/
  5. The building near the front of the complex is the maintenance building, which is not necessary to open the resort. My comment was regarding the delays up until this point- not necessarily why this week didn't proceed as planned.
  6. Materials have really been a challenge this year. Lumber has been well covered, but things like insulation, copper wire & pipe, even the plastic pool lounge chairs are experiencing manufacturing delays/shortages.
  7. Camp Cedar *should* (barring any major issues) be opening late this week….
  8. I wonder if a Screamin' Swing would fit in there. I kind of doubt it, but that's never been done before (to my knowledge).
  9. @DonHelbig does this mean my wish is coming true?!
  10. If they made a chain grease scented candle I'd buy it.
  11. Those went fast. Less than 5 minutes to sell out.
  12. I am SO excited to have a Schwarzkopf looper so close. The closest one currently would be Sooperdooperlooper.
  13. How about a ~135' GCI Titan Track with a infinity flyers, chain lift, 95° Drop, midcourse LSM boost, and 3 inversions?
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