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  1. I am SO excited to have a Schwarzkopf looper so close. The closest one currently would be Sooperdooperlooper.
  2. How about a ~135' GCI Titan Track with a infinity flyers, chain lift, 95° Drop, midcourse LSM boost, and 3 inversions?
  3. Maybe you are right. I definitely want to see it in the daylight tomorrow to tell if it’s actually new track or not.
  4. The new machines were gone today. Perhaps we will see them permanently installed next season throughout the park or chain.
  5. Honestly I would love to see a (ground-up) RMC family coaster.
  6. Disagree. Just rode twice and there was only one section of about 15 feet that was new- the dip in the helix.
  7. It appears that the park is testing new metal detectors at the front gate today. They look to be the Express model by Evolv Technology, and allow security screenings to take place fluidly and without bag checks. Traffic was flowing much faster through the security checkpoint using these new machines. https://evolvtechnology.com/products/evolv-express/ Have you been to the park and experienced the new screening process?
  8. I don't think the engineering was primarily to blame- Stengel (and company) went on to design the Intamin pre-fab wooden coasters. Seems like it was really just RCCA's horrendous accuracy and material quality that made it so rough. You can see pretty clearly in that POV (For example, 0:18) where the track just doesn't look quite... right; like they didn't have the best handle on how to fluidly fabricate curves.
  9. The ride ran test cycles all day today, with water dummies in every other row.
  10. You did not answer the question- how does replacing the defective piece of track solve the issue that caused the crack to develop?
  11. You are suggesting replacing a piece of track with another of the same design, using the same CAD files. How does that fix the source of why the crack was there in the first place (if there even is one)? If you are suggesting a manufacturing defect, then the replacement piece will undergo the same testing before leaving the factory as it did before. If it is a design flaw, as in the track piece needs additional reinforcing or tighter tie spacing, then that would no longer be working off of the original plans. You'd have to reengineer that segment and perform FEA all over again. Should we
  12. So, with the manufacturer being so close- you think it would be better/easier/cheaper to replace an entire section of track: Fabricate said track section from steel that CSF would have to have on hand. Perform applicable testing to the new track piece. Prime and paint a one-off piece of track to match the existing with paint that is likely a custom color. Hire a steel erector to mobilize, remove the existing piece of track, and install the new piece. Settlement and slight movement would make this piece difficult to line back up into the existing, even if it was manufac
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