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  1. It does not seem like a good idea to stop Haunt if it keeps ranking in the top three special event in the Amusement park world. https://www.dayton.com/local/kings-island-haunt-named-top-park-halloween-event-in-usa-today-awards/DNQZWQUCGZCNVN6ZQ5LOZX3YNQ/
  2. Most do it for the PR. Every time the news (Cincinnati/Dayton/C-bus) brings up a vac site they will mention Kings Island. the thought is (obviously) it can/will create revenue.
  3. I thought that somebody said the park was not doing sell outs this year because of the limited time they would be open.
  4. 1) An indicator that KI prob will not open this year is that Mr. DeWine was asked about sporting events for this year. Mr. DeWine said that he did not see any large gathering being allowed till next year maybe late next year.. I think he said that yesterday or Friday. When he made this comment he said sports, concerts and large gatherings. I think an amusement park falls under large gatherings. 2) I live in Ky. I know someone on the NKY Board of Health. The people making decisions on this pandemic right now at every level are very much worried that this bug is gonna come back in the fall. Then we will have to go right back where we are now. 3) i would not expect anything big or at all at any park no matter who owns the park for a few years. The Vortex area might stay empty for a while if KT has not paid for whatever is going there. Cedar Fair and Six Flags are taking a big hit by not being open. I am fine with no season at all. Come back in 21 with a full season and now worries about the COVID 19. https://www.cleveland.com/open/2020/03/gov-mike-dewine-recommends-canceling-college-classes-banning-fans-from-sports-games-to-stop-coronavirus.html
  5. What crane compnay are the Zeus and Artimus from. I know they are Lieberherr cranes but what company name is on the side.
  6. I am 6'3" and 280 290. I usually ride just the coasters at KI. The Beast, The Racer, Mystic Timbers, & Amazon falls are tight fitting but doable. The Diamond back and The Bat i was fine in. The Banshee is iffy. i noticed the last time i rode the the Banshee i noticed that there is a sign for person of larger size should be in rows 4 and 5. I have rode Drop Tower once and i am too big for that ride. The Flight of Fear is also kind of tight. i never rode Firehawk. i do not ride The Racer that much
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