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  1. Fury AND Leviathan didn’t have trim brakes in their animation so don’t get your hopes up. Apparently on the blueprints, there’s a trim on the huge camelback hill. But, at least there aren’t as many trims as Leviathan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Carowinds is adding the longest mat racer in the Southeast and they’re getting Grand Carnivale for 2020 https://www.carowinds.com/explore/2020 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Red Force at PortAventura World in Spain
  4. That was back in May but Ok Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. This isn't a review but apparently the support columns for the inverted columns and the 2nd launch are wobbling a lot. I don't know if that's an easy fix or not. I still think they'll continue ties with Mack Rides considering all they went through before cutting ties with Intamin Per Carowinds Connection, "Has anyone noticed the extreme wobbling and ossilation in the support columns for the inverted top hat and 2nd loop? It leaves a sound too when the columns wobble up against the fence. The cross bracing columns wobble the most and their only job is a force member (like a truss). I believe the reason this is happening is because those cross bracing columns are not one continuous column, they are two separate bolted together; and it has to do with the slenderness of the columns. The columns are very skinny and the base they are attached to on the track has a small surface area (bearing capacity) . A little moment is needed, just like a bridge, but this is a LOT of movement. This might impact the quality of the ride in the future." "Yea they do move a ton, I noticed this opening weekend. That column all on its own at the second loop especially. I’m just going to keep my trust in the engineers at Mack rides. They make the big bucks for a reason. They are the engineers, I’m not."
  6. I can't give you much information, but I can tell you that Copperhead Strike has been breaking down a lot. But, that's probably because it's a new launch coaster and needs to break in. The best restaurants at Carowinds are either Harmony Hall near Intimidator or the new Blue Ridge Country Kitchen near Copperhead Strike. Also, Chickies and Pete's in the Carolina Boardwalk area has good food. That's near Carolina Goldrusher and Carolina Cyclone. The lines for Copperhead Strike have been pretty bad because of the smaller capacity, and the fact that it's the newest attraction. MAKE SURE TO GET A FRONT ROW LEFT SIDE RIDE ON FURY AT NIGHT. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. LOL
  7. Exactly, people are saying it's be the tallest giga in the world just by beating Fury 325. But, Red Force at Ferarri Land is 367 feet.
  8. I would say that Carowinds has the better food, but KI has the better landscaping.
  9. Yeah, it's kind of landlocked. The area around it(Fort Mill) has a lot of company warehouses on all sides of the park. It's definitely doesn't have as much land as KI. Copperhead Strike isn't near the parking lot.
  10. Since Cedar Fair is picking up their theming, and theming is pretty expensive. CS is amazingly themed. Do you think KI's giga might have amazing theming but would have to sacrifice being a longer coaster than Fury 325? If that happened, would you be fine with that?
  11. CS is still having problems. Per Carowinds Connection, "Well CS not having a good day. In 2 hours they ran more empty trains than full ones and finally they shut it down. Headed to have some rotisserie chicken and drown my sorrows in the hot sauce" "Was at the park yesterday and CS did the very same thing. I waited out by the lockers with about 50 other people waiting for it to re-open and while observing the empty trains running, it was almost as if the two launches couldn't get the train thru the full circuit. It was odd to say the least. It finally opened about an hour later after running what seemed to be 30 empty trains."
  12. Where would you guys put a Multi-Launch Coaster on your KI Priority Coaster List?
  13. In my opinion, Maverick isn't really a similar ride to it.
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