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  1. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/april/the-aviation-pioneer-that-invented-kings-islands-monster Really interesting read!
  2. I think we should dial it back a little.....just sayin'.
  3. If I remember correctly, they did have chaser lights that went all the way to the end of the mall. I would like to see that return.
  4. They needed Vortex's steel to build machines to make stuff!!!
  5. Among other things seen include: -Diamondback is now faded to its current paint color. Thats all I see....for now lol.
  6. I would keep Congo Falls. Its a easy to maintain ride and it can be move to another location in the park.
  7. Just to think of how many inversions we lost in the last two years. We lost six with Vortex and five with Firehawk. That's 11 inversions in two years! Whatever we get next coaster wise needs to have inversions.
  8. Can't believe you haven't been Orion yet...... tisk tisk.....
  9. Oh, and add most of the attractions in Soak City since I haven't been there in YEARS.
  10. I've never been on Congo Falls, Zephyr, X-treme Skyflyer, Sling Shot, WindSeeker, Delirium,.....and thats pretty much it.
  11. Happy April Fools day if you clicked and panicked when you saw this!!! Don't worry it's not closing. Really. It's not.
  12. If they wanted to also, they could add flats on the paths towards the Eiffel Tower.
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