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  1. Just looked at Diamondback cam and saw the log flume is up and running.
  2. Ok, here are my suggestions for each area of the park: ALSO, I know these are critiques about the park, but these are somewhat my predictions for future renovations and such INTERNATIONAL STREET: -Find a way to include original themes into the buildings, like a new German shop or something unique (keep in mind several of my suggestions were taken by the I-Street renovation) -Find a way to re-open the 50ft platform on the Eiffel Tower Action Zone: - Find a way to establish a central theme. What I mean is in my mind's eye, Action Zone is a cluster-bomb of rides that didn't fit anywhere else in the park because of themeing. There are SOOOOO MANY different themes like Banshees theme and Congo Falls theme, its just wow. Great rides but lack of theme. OKTOBERFEST: - I think to a certain point that Oktoberfest has been nothing but abandoned by the park (other than the Glockenspiel return and cosmetic updates to the Festhaus). I say this because the area hasn't received a single ride or attraction in probably over 20 years (maybe even longer). Not to mention the fact that literally almost all original themeing is gone. The Bier Garden is now a burrito shack and Festhaus has literally no German food whatsoever (except for Winterfest, which was pretty decent). So, my recommendation is the revival of the German theme of Oktoberfest. - Remove or relocate Sling Shot. Personally, I wouldn't be sad to see it go because you could probably find one at literally any other amusement park. But, for Cincinnati, this is probably the closest one without driving 3 hours someplace, so at least move it to Action Zone. ( I have nothing against Sling Shot, I just think the land could have been used for better purposes) -Add a new Bavarian Beetle in place of Sling Shot. - Expand Oktoberfest between Adventure Express and Racer and in the process add some German themed flat rides or another small coaster.There is definitely room for one going between Adventure Express and Flight of Fear into the woods behind it. X-BASE: - First off, this is a toughy. The only way X-Base could expand is if they remove the maintenance sheds and/or expand out to where Firehawk used to be. - Add a giga or launch coaster. Adding one of these to X-Base is probably the best thing to do if X-Base (as an area of the park) is to keep a substantial flow of people. And in the process add a couple of extreme flat rides CONEY MALL: -Won't say much regarding Racer except for keeping it high maintenance and pray for a return of the original color scheme. -Kings Mills Antique Autos- I made this a separate thing because while I did anticipate a return of the Antique Car ride, I was surprised to the fact it was made only a quarter mile in length. Personally, I think it would have been better to find a way to have utilized then Dinosaurs Alive trail as the route. But then again, the park could use that as a future expansion to the ride. But in a sense it would potentially interfere with a possible new giga, so yeah. -Renovate Vortex. I have heard from so may people on how rough Vortex is and how maybe its time for a light renovation. -Remove or relocate Back-lot Stunt Coaster. I feel that the ride doesn't really fit a "coney" theme but more as to a home in Action Zone would make more sense. As for what would replace it, I would say another small coaster, probably wooden. RIVERTOWN: -Similar to the situation with Oktoberfest, Rivertown has lost its theme a little bit. In recent years that has changed a bit but it would make more sense to bring back maybe a few western ideas to the place a bit. -Let Rivertown re-annex the gosh darm log flume!! IT DOESN"T REALLY NEED TO BE IN Planet Snoopy!!!!!! Planet Snoopy: -In reality, I don't see anything wrong with Planet Snoopy. It has a great selection of rides for kids of all ages to ride, it has earned the park awards for its popularity, overall, it doesn't really need to change. Kings Island MAINTENANCE SHEDS: -I'm messing with you on this one Again, these are to most critiques about the park and what can be improved. But at the same time, I see them as my predictions as to what the park will update/renovate next.
  3. Hey, just took a look at the cams and saw a crane near MT. Probably putting another train back on the track.
  4. Oh boy! Former employee stories! And you sure bet I got several! Before I begin, I want to make it clear that I don't work at the park (yet). My dad did in the late 70's and early to mid 80's. Here it is: 1. It was my dad's second season at the park (1979) and my dad was a I believe he was a food operations manager for a lot of the restaurants. But on a particular day he was working at Thrillburger (which was demolished to make way for Coney BBQ and was recently Coney Potato Works) and was directly across from Sweet Tooth (which was a candy and sweets shop and now houses a Subway). On that day he was working and suddenly about 4 or 5 security officers were rushing to Sweet Tooth. About a minute later they were dragging one of the employees away in cuffs. Curious, my dad asked what was going on and the security guard answered him. He said that this guy had tapped the hot water boiler to Sweet Tooth with a garden hose and was spraying the people on Red Racer as they went by and it was The Racer crew who had called security because the people who came back after the ride were drenched in scalding hot water. Imminently, my dad knew who it was and when my dad told me this story he said the guy who did it was a bit mentally unstable. 2. This next story takes place at Sweet Tooth. My dad was working with several people manning the stand. All of a sudden, he hears this girl screaming. He runs to the front and he sees this girl passed out on the floor and there's blood over part of her shirt. He calls the F.A.S. and they were on their way. Next my dad investigates why she was bleeding so bad. Apparently, this girl was pouring a guest some ice cream and the ice cream machine got froze up. She one of her fingers up the spout into the machine and tried to un-jam the stiring blades. Well, the good news is she got the machine fixed. The bad news is she had part of her finger cut off! So, when the Medicart (that's what they called it I was told) arrived, they put her on the stretcher and they said there was a chance they could reattach the part of the finger that was cut off. And to (I guess) keep it preserved, my dad fished around the ice cream machine for the girls finger and poured some ice cream to keep the finger cold! And my dad to this day still remembers sanitizing that ice cream machine! So yeah, these are a couple of stories of Kings Island that my dad told me. Enjoy!
  5. I remember when my dad worked at the park in the late 70's, early 80's, and late 80's he said people would sneak through a hole in the security fence. He said it was somewhere in the woods between The Beast and the railroad. He also told me that park security was so confused with all the attendance numbers and stuff like that. But, they eventually found the hole in the fence and sealed it up.
  6. I would imagine we would see new tables and chairs along with some umbrellas for those tables to make up for shade. They would probably be spread along the wall and I could see maybe see a grouping of them in the enclaves near the restaurants.
  7. Guys, this is going to be perhaps one of the best seasons yet. We have so many new attractions like: Return of the Antique Cars Return of Glockenspiel Renovated I-Street New collectible pins Miami River Brew House 40 years of Beast 10 Years of Diamondback 5 years of Banshee Can't think of much else. But yeah, this season is gonna be great
  8. That is correct. There was new paint on the floors to both the 265 and 275 platforms
  9. My question is do they actually sound a siren for severe weather/tornadoes?
  10. I saw the video Kings Island posted on Twitter and I like what they have done. The new walkway, new trees, its all looking good. As for the old trees I will kinda miss them, I mean, they provided some shade but you couldn't really see around too much. I sure hope the pedestals to the Royal Fountain are staying put. I 100% agree with @Imperial79, they are iconic. But overall, its lookin' good!
  11. @Cedar Fair Fanboy, I hate to shot your plane down, but I hope you realize that you made a claim based off an artistic representation of the park. Not every detail on the map is to scale or actual appearance. Take for example DB, the map shows its WAY taller than the Eiffel Tower when in reality it's smaller. But on the other hand, I understand what you were trying to say. I am excited to see the "improved" IS, but keep this in mind next time. EDIT: So me being the dummy I am, I literally read to the argument over the fountain and replied to it and for some stupid reason COMPLETELY FORGOT to read the rest of the thread. YIKES!!!!! I had no idea this had stopped until AFTER I originally posted this. Just goes to show that you gotta read everything before you post, huh? So, Lesson Learned.
  12. COUGH* COUGH* rim shot COUGH* COUGH*
  13. I guess that's fair. To lighten the mood, here is a random KI picture: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/52/90/a5/5290a5a0f8a0e6878b6b8e99a091752d.jpg
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