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  1. I remember reading they used to put the horses on the second level of Moonlight Gardens to reduce the chance of them floating away in a flood. Don't know if they were doing it before the '37 flood or if they started doing it after.
  2. I think its amazing that this ride gets attention since it is a gateway to the past and a ride that has served generations. I wish the Wurlitzer organ was operating more often. I love the sound of it and it makes me feel alright inside tbh.
  3. I am: 1. Laughing because I just think this is funny/ total bs (trynna not complain); and 2. Intrigued by what it means by "focused on another area of the park".
  4. I believe that can be confirmed. All but one if I am looking at the cams correctly.
  5. Im betting on track work being done next week.
  6. You definitely have a point. Closest thing we have to a jungle theme now is Congo Falls.
  7. If anything, Kings Island should get a Bengals themed ride. Similar to a jungle theme.
  8. Here is food for thought: How do you think they are going to demo the corkscrews and the loops? All at once or one by one (individually)?
  9. Or work on the emergency lift and/or anti-rollbacks.
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