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  1. For roller coasters, they have two different shops. They have the wooden roller coaster shop where the trains for Racer, The Beast, Mystic Timbers (after Winterfest), and Woodstock Express are taken to. And for all the steel roller coasters there is also a shop. During the off season, the trains on all the roller coasters in both shops are disassembled completely, cleaned, inspected, and then reassembled for the next season. For flat rides, as far as I am aware of, most if not all the maintenance is done right there at the ride. I know that Monster is virtually disassembled at the end of every season and I believe the logs in the log flume are taken out and stored in the picnic grove as well as other parts to other rides. The buildings these are most likely maintained in are the buildings on the north side of Racer outside of Area 72. And the steam engines on the KIMVRR are maintained in the engine house on the railroad. The buildings at the front end of the park are office buildings as well as warehouse space for other departments of the park. Fun fact: If I remember correctly, I saw somewhere where Kings Island spends a good $100,000 on just wheels for the roller coasters.
  2. Despite the fact I have to flip my laptop over to see the view right side up, those views are fantastic!
  3. More track work? Even smoother ride next year? God I love The Racer. Just make sure they paint the new track so it all matches lol
  4. Coney Mall is technically 50's themed. Remember, Coney Mall is themed after how Coney Island looked in its heyday. Personally, I feel the Mall should be extended to the turnaround on Red Racer, add a few flat rides, and use the rest of Vortex's old spot for a new coaster. I also feel that BLST should either be moved somewhere else in the park (like to Area 72 with a retheme) or removed entirely so that its land could be incorporated into a new coaster that also takes up some of Vortex's old spot. And maybe add a new skyride that traverses the length of the Mall.
  5. Eh, I would not like this lol. What's the point of the ride then if you're not experiencing the ride itself but rather a reality outside of the ride and in VR?
  6. If you look closely at the still frame here, you can see someone standing in front of the Kings Island sign. Imagine of his photo was taken at that moment. What an absolute rare pic he would have lol Also, dang I had no idea DT was having a huge lightning issue this year. Definitely explains all the downtime and early winterization.
  7. No it didn't LOL Looking back in this thread, I now think something along the lines of a Coney Mall skyride going along the strip is the best option now. @SonofBaconator had some good illustrations as to what that could look like.
  8. Here is something else to consider: Looking closely at the concept art, I can see a few (what appear to me as) Palm trees. What kind of landscaping changes could be done for the retheme?
  9. Ngl this what telling a drunk person to build a Ferris Wheel would look like But on a serious note, this honestly looks really fun and I can't wait to ride it!
  10. My genuine thoughts: When I first learned of this, I was a little shocked. Oktoberfest is one of the original areas of the park, and seeing it go is a tiny bit sad, for me at least. However, this isn't the first time an area of the park has been rethemed (just look at the kids area and all the rethemes it has gone through in 50 years). I've made a thread and several others on here have made threads on theming in Oktoberfest and I think we all agree that the theming in Oktoberfest has been very lacking for many many years. Frankly, considering the rides already present, this re-theme not only makes sense, but I honestly like the concept. This will be the first major update to this area since 2002, and AE is getting refurbished theming as well. Im excited.
  11. Maybe they could do two skyrides. One over the original path now that Sling Shot is gone and a second over Coney Mall.
  12. Ah yes, The replacement upcharge attraction for Sling Shot.
  13. Back in late June, I was in line for The Racer shortly after Blue side shut down and they only had Red side running. Because of this, a small line formed that maybe (just maybe) you would have to wait 5-10 minutes to get on. There were two security guards standing off to the side just chatting by the entrance. And there were these two girls that line jumped half of the line. The security guards witnesses this and they confronted them. After maybe 2 minutes of arguing, I kid you not, they line jumped the rest of the line despite being told repeatedly to stop by security. Well, they did get their ride on Racer. And while they were riding, the security guards went to the exit and waited for them. And after that I'm not to sure what happened. But its like really- you cant wait 10 minutes like everyone else let alone buy a FastLane pass if you're that desperate to get quick rides. Like sheesh... But to address you, @ROBBE1, I am sorry your experience at Soak City wasn't good. I've only ever been to Soak City maybe once or twice but that sounds rough. To answer your question, I think its fair to point out that there are mainly two kinds of people who go to amusement parks. There are enthusiasts/people who enjoy amusement rides and there are just people who are there because its something to do (Some people refer to these people as GP, or General Patrons. I know someone may argue with this categorization, but for the purpose of this explanation, I'm going to use the label of GP to make this simple). Enthusiasts/people who enjoy amusement rides go to parks more frequently than GP's do. And usually, Enthusiasts are more in the know of park policies and what you can or can't do. Im not making the point that GP's don't know park rules and whatnot. But what Im trying to say is that I would partially agree that a handful of GP have that "entitled" feeling that you speak of. I don't think a chaperone system would be the best way to tackle the issue of rowdy guests. Don't punish people who did nothing wrong. From what I have heard, the tip line is working well.
  14. Rode The Beast a few days ago, here are my thoughts: The first drop into the first tunnel and the left-hand turn is wonderful. The transition is very smooth and the banking on the turn is great. The trim breaks before the dip and in the shed hit hard, especially the closer you are towards the front of the train. I will say that the work done to the helix is really good. Its smooth, it feels great, and the helix (to me) is the best its been in years. Overall, I'd say the work done to The Beast is very good.
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