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  1. If you look on the right side slightly below the center line, you can see one of Blue Racer's cars
  2. Hopefully nothing essential with KI gets iced because of the pandemic...
  3. Just one question: Do I have to answer in the form of a question?
  4. If the cables fail on the Eiffel Tower, that could be considered a "Drop Tower". On a serious note, I personally don't see a reason to have a third drop ride. There's Kite Eating Tree for the kids and Drop Tower for the thrill seekers. I don't really see a common ground for "family-thrill seeker drop ride" so to say.
  5. Is there a limit for how many times I can smash the AZ button?
  6. I'm genuinely curious to see what this would look like...
  7. I still stand by my previous statement. Lemme just put a fake marker in Planet Snoopy real quick and.... Planet Snoopy STRATA COASTER
  8. I think this is a really good question. If anything, I don't think this question is asked enough. Parks (I imagine) draw more GP than enthusiasts, so whatever the park adds to Vortex's plot will (probably) basically be something the enthusiasts want along with something that will attract the GP. I could be wrong, but this is my prediction. On a side note, the more I think about this, with regards to Vortex's plot, I am beginning to think of it as "dead space" (so to say). I can easily see why the park decided it was time to take out Vortex, but the issue to me is what could you put
  9. Those are some amazing pictures @Gordon Bombay! Especially with 35mm...very nice.
  10. We need a new water ride. Boom. Said it. On a serious note, water rides are worth the investment if they work well with the park they are in. An amusement park farther north probably won't have water rides to the same degree as parks farther south. If anything, parks more north probably don't have any water rides (if they do, I would imagine they are a small number) whereas parks farther south probably have more than one or two water rides. Climate (probably) plays a big role in water rides because parks farther north have a limited time span for operation, especially wit
  11. Just what my small yard needs...a monorail....
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