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  1. My question is how does the park plan on dealing with kids/teenagers who have been dropped off at the park with say $50 cash on them and they don't have a credit card? If everything is cashless, then how are they supposed to purchase food, drinks, etc. since they don't have a card?
  2. If you look closely, you can see the new track on Racer!
  3. Ok it is INDISPUTABLE that, clearly, the best part of this ride is that the track just straight up ENDS. You don't go back to the station. The ride ends before its over!
  4. ThE Eiffel Tower NeEdS tO bE dEmOlIsHeD aNd RePlAcEd WiTh A sTrAtA cOaStEr.
  5. My top 5: 1. Racer 2.Adventure Express 3.Racer 4.Scrambler 5.Viking Fury 6. Did I mention Racer? Anyways, Racer.
  6. Last off season, they were filling the back half of the tracks with sand to cut down on noise. Wonder if they could be modifying that in some way...
  7. I just love how I can see a partially demolished SoB in the lower right hand corner.... Also, whats with axing The Bat? Did I miss something lol?
  8. If you look on the right side slightly below the center line, you can see one of Blue Racer's cars
  9. Hopefully nothing essential with KI gets iced because of the pandemic...
  10. Just one question: Do I have to answer in the form of a question?
  11. If the cables fail on the Eiffel Tower, that could be considered a "Drop Tower". On a serious note, I personally don't see a reason to have a third drop ride. There's Kite Eating Tree for the kids and Drop Tower for the thrill seekers. I don't really see a common ground for "family-thrill seeker drop ride" so to say.
  12. Is there a limit for how many times I can smash the AZ button?
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