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  1. I have my dad's two yearbooks from Kings Island. Both are Kings Jesters from 1977 and 1978.
  2. I just like how I get on here and this is the first thread I see unread. Nice... Interesting. Care to share?
  3. Yes! I absolutely love that the park is putting so much time and dedication into maintaining and preserving The Racer. I think with track work for this 2020-2021 off season, I bet we get a fresh coat of paint during the 2021-2022 off season!
  4. It was a good idea for a new kind of coaster, but the rides design was more or less poor.
  5. COVID probably canceled the funeral, thus no tombstone.
  6. **religiously smashes Racer button** Racer ignited the coaster craze that eventually led to The Beast.
  7. Ehhh... Oktoberfest's theme is fine (I really like the German theme), it's just it really need to be more present. The only part of Oktoberfest you get a German feel from is the Festhaus and the square outside it. When you walk the path going from AZ to CM, there is not a single hint of German theme. As for AZ, there really IS no theme. The rides that do have themes, such as Congo Falls and Banshee, really in my opinion don't fit in the same area of the park. They are very opposite.
  8. Just personal theory, but they probably didn't know their birth year or their birth year wasn't recorded... idk if I am right but again personally guessing...
  9. Yeah but it was a minor event. It wasn't large event; it didn't take up a lot of S.C.. If you held an event on the same scale as the children's Halloween event in S.C. in November, I doubt it would be worth it.
  10. And the debate begins...I think it should be WinterFest.
  11. I personally disagree with this. First off, the park needs a bit of downtime to transition the park from Haunt to WinterFest. Yes, they do put up quite a bit of WinterFest stuff during Haunt (i.e. the candy canes in Tower Gardens, the tree out front, etc.), but remember the park also has to winterize the rides that won't be open during WinterFest AND they have to clean up all the Haunt stuff and put up the rest of the WinterFest stuff as well. Secondly, you suggest the event would be in Soak City. The problem with this is there isn't much room in S.C. to really do anything really wor
  12. Yeah...I think this would be a great addition to Kings Island. I can just see people faces when one of the trains just soars through the air on no track. Its like God gave up on Physics on this coaster...lol
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