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  1. You forgot to mention the Viking Fury(325)'s repaint.
  2. Basically (probably) the (former) smoking areas. Smoking is now only allowed OUTSIDE the park.
  3. I think WinterFest is fine as is. The reason I go is to get some winter rides on the rides that are open and to take in Kings Island as a winter wonderland. Something you can't get the rest of the year. The sights and sounds alone are superb. On a separate note, going along with what @SonofBaconator has said in another thread, I really do hope that the park gives Oktoberfest more love. And thankfully over the last two seasons it has. We got the glockenspiel back in 2019 and Viking Fury got a repaint for 2020. I hope to see more done with Okoberfest and see it return to something unique in the park. *plays with the idea of a AE re-theme*
  4. Me when I hear Kings Island is finally re-opening: (Squidward is my other summer plans)
  5. Well, I know what i'm building at 2 am tonight!
  6. Me and the vices in my head when I hear Kings Island can re-open: Putin: Kings Island can reopen!
  7. What's wrong with The Racers? I don't entirely agree with your statement...
  8. I believe that title now belongs to Orion. It's much larger, faster, taller, and expensive than Diamondback. Also, can you provide an example of a "rickity clack clack roller coaster"?
  9. I dreamed that Kings Island opened tomorrow.
  10. "unsee the flavor" Bro...thats like saying: Anyway....How do y'all think this lawsuit will work out?
  11. This is fantastic news! I drove by the park the other day and noticed tents set up in front of the security check. It seems that Cedar Fair parks here in Ohio are gearing up to re-open very soon I imagine!
  12. They re-paint the engines every off season I believe. So indeed they do. I really like that the park invests time and energy into maintaining such a great attraction!
  13. But in all seriousness, the park doesn't have to repave the parking lot. I like it just the way it is.
  14. This is probably the best thing I have seen in like....years.
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