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  1. @teenageninja, you were right. They are putting up a sign on that says CARNIVAL Sorry for the bad image quality.
  2. Here is another look of the work on the 50ft platform today (6/12/2019)
  3. So, I was looking on the Kings Island weatherbug camera this morning at about 8:20am and this: I wonder if they are doing a painting job or something else.....could we find that out?
  4. Has anyone else noticed that France only has a small house while Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany have entire sections? But then again.......France has the Eiffel Tower........
  5. ***Insert reasonable meme here***
  6. I honestly would like to see a return of more original flat rides as well as a return of the German Oktoberfest theme to Oktoberfest
  7. As far as Boo Blasters: Historically, I have noticed on the maps where the paths are colored what area it is, BB (or just the building in general) seems to float back and forth between the kids area and I.S. Also, I think that BB should not be re-themed with P.S. Kings Island needs some sort of haunted house and the E.V. building is a perfect home for it. But I do agree that it probably needs new anamatronics (not sure if i spelled that right) and equipment as such.
  8. In my opinion, the reason people are scared is because if the floor breaks, there's nothing to break your fall except the roof of the 50 ft platform or the ground. Ya know, I wonder if you jumped of the 265 ft platform if you could find any way to make a landing in the Oktoberfest pond!!.......idk..... that certainly would be pretty wild!!
  9. @139Signal27, I didn't notice the boxes during Winterfest......does anyone think they could find a picture to prove that these boxes were on during Winterfest?
  10. A new Bavarian Beetle sounds in order.
  11. I read this thinking: Ya know, that sounds so awesome we need to try that lol jk
  12. New pistons have been put on the trains this year. I wonder why.....
  13. Has anyone else noticed they put new pistons on the trains this year?
  14. I am somewhat disappointed that they couldn't find a way to put the fountain lights on the nozzles instead of putting up ugly towers with the lights.
  15. Not only that, but Beast takes very little out of the trees and the nature, so yeah.
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