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  1. So I've though about Haunt and what all has been said here (as well as another thread) and here are my thoughts: Kings Island's Haunt (or Fearfest when it started way back in 2000) has always been an event where the purpose was to take most of regular Kings Island and add a Halloween twist to it in the form of later operating hours, scare zones and scare mazes, and scare actors roaming a fog covered park. Boiled down, Kings Island infused with haunted houses (sorry if this sounds rather simplistic; I really don't know how else to say this lol) The point is that its supposed to be scary. Halloween is the holiday of fear. Scary and fear is not family friendly is most instances. A scare maze themed to a shopping mall overrun with zombies is NOT family friendly. Haunt in general is not a family oriented event and its not supposed to be. If families want to experience Kings Island during the Halloween season but do not like the gore of Haunt, there is literally an ENTIRE family friendly event that takes place 11-6 (which is a little over half of the operating day) on Saturdays and basically all day Sunday. So families with young children should plan accordingly or else not be surprised when 6 and 7pm come around. Kings Island literally advertises that Haunt is not suitable for younger audiences. Families dragging their kids around Haunt and then complaining about the intensity of it is just ridiculous. Its the same logic as bringing your family through Dent Schoolhouse and wondering why all of your kids have soaked pants and then blame the people who run Dent Schoolhouse. In this specific regard, Kings Island should not catch flak for the poor planning of families. Tricks or Treats Fallfest is family oriented. Haunt is not. Period. Anyways, getting to some more specific details, roaming scare actors have been a staple of Haunt since its inception. Having scare actors themed to their respective areas is the best possible use of that resource. It adds to the areal theming of each haunt area and it adds to the atmosphere of haunt itself. The fog at Kings Island is also a staple. Walking around the park when its covered in fog (with the scare actors roaming around) as well as getting the LEGENDARY night rides with the fog is something that only can be understood by experiencing it. To end this off, I know that Kings Island has been facing budget cuts this year. I will say its certainly affecting and has affected the atmosphere of haunt so far this year and in the last several years. All I can say is that hopefully Kings Island doesn't cut any more budgets and that hopefully in the near future they can raise budgets.
  2. So, to renew my gold pass as well as renew all season dining and add all season drinks and the all park passport, with fees and taxes its $415. I guess I'm going broke lol
  3. Also call me crazy, but is Flying Ace Aerial Chase getting a color scheme change? Going from orange supports and yellow track to brown supports and green track...
  4. Looks like in addition to a new family coaster, there will be a children's play area as well. Overall, this seems like a nice addition and some much needed love for the back part of Planet Snoopy, Do you think this is Kings Island going for the Golden Ticket Award for best kids area again?
  5. I will say this though. I am REALLY excited for Haunt this year not for just the spooky mazes, but for the night rides!
  6. On the one hand, glad to see Racer is as popular as ever. On the other hand, that's around a 15 minute wait for Racer. (Yes, I know its only running one side, but still lol) I was there Tuesday as well. Got my first Racer ride of the day before 11 so I didn't have to wait for one sided Racer lol. But after 8:30, it was more or less a walk on.
  7. I have no clue what took me so long lol, but I FINALLY swung into the Brewhouse and ate there. I went simple and had a Pub Burger. It was really good! I like just a little amount of grease on my burger, and whoever in Brewhouse kitchen grilled the patties nailed it. It was a pretty good burger and an absolute steal of a deal if you have the meal plan. Highly recommend!
  8. I was there on July 4th to see the fireworks. I have to say that it was one of the BEST firework shows I have ever seen! Hats off to Kings Island for an AMAZING show!
  9. From what I've heard, its still in the shop waiting to be put back together.
  10. I 110% support enhanced theming on The Beast. Get it right up there with Mystic Timbers and Adventure Express.
  11. I agree, the laser gun technology on Boo Blaster needs an update. I went on Boo Blasters a few days ago with my friend, and of the three blasters mine was the only one that worked.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that the name of the mine that The Beast is themed to?
  13. After finally getting a ride on Sol Spin, I have now had the full Adventure Port experience. Here are my thoughts: Cargo Loco: I love this ride! My friends and I always make an effort to get at least one ride on this every time we go to Kings Island. Granted, its just a simple tea cup ride, but I really enjoy it. 9/10 (Improved theming) Adventure Express: Wow. The theming on this is fantastic! Its right up there with Mystic Timbers (and I dare say even better). Ride wise, I'd say its running better than before. Still gives great laterals and the occasional pop of air time. 9.5/10 Sol Spin: First attempt at getting a ride on this consisted of waiting 30 minutes to get to the front of the line only for the ride to coincidently go down, but I won't factor that in my review. Ride wise, I think its unique. No other flat ride offers the sensation (for me, positive G's and a little floater air time at the top) that Sol Spin has, so its definitely noteworthy in that aspect. However, capacity is kinda low and it can take a long time to get through the line. I'd much rather wait 30 minutes for Mystic Timbers than 30 minutes for Sol Spin. Overall, I'll be generous and give this a 7/10. EDIT: I was also curious to see if Sol Spin would de-throne Shake, Rattle & Roll as my favorite flat ride. Shake, Rattle & Roll still remains supreme. As for Adventure Port as a whole, I would give the area a 9/10. The rides, coupled with the food, theming, and the atmosphere, offers one of the best themed areas at Kings Island.
  14. @TombRaiderFTW You're forgetting one last one: "Orion isn't a real giga coaster. Its only 287ft tall with a 300ft drop, which is bare minimum"
  15. My friends and I got some massive spins on the Kerosene barrel yesterday.
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