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  1. When Kings Island announces Orion:
  2. I mean, Chad DID confirm that it wasnt going to happen, but hmmm......you might be tbh......
  3. Chad Showalter confirmed on Twitter that the park animator used the only cgi version of Racer they had in the video and the Blue Racer was faced backwards.
  4. How many people are watching the live stream? I couldn't make it there so lol just wondering
  5. Idk if this is relevant or if anyone else has pointed this out, but on Twitter they are using the hashtag #TEOTWAWKI. I think it stands for The End Of The World As We Know It. Correct me if im wrong.
  6. Can we all agree that this specific forum has become one of the most OP thing on here?
  7. I think Racer needs to be re-painted to its original color scheme and a good re-tracking job as well.
  8. I would say remove Sling Shot or put it in between International Showplace and that path there. Those would be prime spots to me.
  9. I know this is random and a little of topic, but did anyone else notice this painting (it just looks odd and it caught my eye....)
  10. @teenageninja, you were right. They are putting up a sign on that says CARNIVAL Sorry for the bad image quality.
  11. Here is another look of the work on the 50ft platform today (6/12/2019)
  12. So, I was looking on the Kings Island weatherbug camera this morning at about 8:20am and this: I wonder if they are doing a painting job or something else.....could we find that out?
  13. Has anyone else noticed that France only has a small house while Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany have entire sections? But then again.......France has the Eiffel Tower........
  14. ***Insert reasonable meme here***
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