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  1. Maybe they could do two skyrides. One over the original path now that Sling Shot is gone and a second over Coney Mall.
  2. Ah yes, The replacement upcharge attraction for Sling Shot.
  3. Back in late June, I was in line for The Racer shortly after Blue side shut down and they only had Red side running. Because of this, a small line formed that maybe (just maybe) you would have to wait 5-10 minutes to get on. There were two security guards standing off to the side just chatting by the entrance. And there were these two girls that line jumped half of the line. The security guards witnesses this and they confronted them. After maybe 2 minutes of arguing, I kid you not, they line jumped the rest of the line despite being told repeatedly to stop by security. Well, they did get their ride on Racer. And while they were riding, the security guards went to the exit and waited for them. And after that I'm not to sure what happened. But its like really- you cant wait 10 minutes like everyone else let alone buy a FastLane pass if you're that desperate to get quick rides. Like sheesh... But to address you, @ROBBE1, I am sorry your experience at Soak City wasn't good. I've only ever been to Soak City maybe once or twice but that sounds rough. To answer your question, I think its fair to point out that there are mainly two kinds of people who go to amusement parks. There are enthusiasts/people who enjoy amusement rides and there are just people who are there because its something to do (Some people refer to these people as GP, or General Patrons. I know someone may argue with this categorization, but for the purpose of this explanation, I'm going to use the label of GP to make this simple). Enthusiasts/people who enjoy amusement rides go to parks more frequently than GP's do. And usually, Enthusiasts are more in the know of park policies and what you can or can't do. Im not making the point that GP's don't know park rules and whatnot. But what Im trying to say is that I would partially agree that a handful of GP have that "entitled" feeling that you speak of. I don't think a chaperone system would be the best way to tackle the issue of rowdy guests. Don't punish people who did nothing wrong. From what I have heard, the tip line is working well.
  4. Rode The Beast a few days ago, here are my thoughts: The first drop into the first tunnel and the left-hand turn is wonderful. The transition is very smooth and the banking on the turn is great. The trim breaks before the dip and in the shed hit hard, especially the closer you are towards the front of the train. I will say that the work done to the helix is really good. Its smooth, it feels great, and the helix (to me) is the best its been in years. Overall, I'd say the work done to The Beast is very good.
  5. I have a theory. Granted its unlikely to happen, but one can dream... Maybe the reason Sling Shot was removed is because perhaps (just maybe) the sky ride will be returning. The north station was about where Sling Shot is, and the south station is still standing, so it is a possibility.... Just an idea....
  6. I'm actually crying rn it looks so good!
  7. I AM LEGIT CRYING TEARS OF HAPPINESS RIGHT NOW!!!! I am beyond happy to see this. Seeing the original color scheme come back to Racer is a dream come true. I can tell this season is gonna be great, but this...this just made it better.
  8. It really is so great to see the organ being restored. The speaker play over really just isn't the same as the real thing. So glad!
  9. So it's true... *sniffs* Racer is getting re-painted.... *sheds a tear of joy* In all seriousness, I am VERY happy about this news. The Racer definitely needed it and considering its being re-painted for the 50th, its even better.
  10. My question is how does the park plan on dealing with kids/teenagers who have been dropped off at the park with say $50 cash on them and they don't have a credit card? If everything is cashless, then how are they supposed to purchase food, drinks, etc. since they don't have a card?
  11. If you look closely, you can see the new track on Racer!
  12. Ok it is INDISPUTABLE that, clearly, the best part of this ride is that the track just straight up ENDS. You don't go back to the station. The ride ends before its over!
  13. ThE Eiffel Tower NeEdS tO bE dEmOlIsHeD aNd RePlAcEd WiTh A sTrAtA cOaStEr.
  14. My top 5: 1. Racer 2.Adventure Express 3.Racer 4.Scrambler 5.Viking Fury 6. Did I mention Racer? Anyways, Racer.
  15. Last off season, they were filling the back half of the tracks with sand to cut down on noise. Wonder if they could be modifying that in some way...
  16. I just love how I can see a partially demolished SoB in the lower right hand corner.... Also, whats with axing The Bat? Did I miss something lol?
  17. If you look on the right side slightly below the center line, you can see one of Blue Racer's cars
  18. Hopefully nothing essential with KI gets iced because of the pandemic...
  19. Just one question: Do I have to answer in the form of a question?
  20. If the cables fail on the Eiffel Tower, that could be considered a "Drop Tower". On a serious note, I personally don't see a reason to have a third drop ride. There's Kite Eating Tree for the kids and Drop Tower for the thrill seekers. I don't really see a common ground for "family-thrill seeker drop ride" so to say.
  21. Is there a limit for how many times I can smash the AZ button?
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