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  1. Thanks for pointing it out. I literally did not notice that until you said something.
  2. Lets take one last look at the park map with Vortex on it. (credit: Kings Island park map)
  3. I remember reading they used to put the horses on the second level of Moonlight Gardens to reduce the chance of them floating away in a flood. Don't know if they were doing it before the '37 flood or if they started doing it after.
  4. I think its amazing that this ride gets attention since it is a gateway to the past and a ride that has served generations. I wish the Wurlitzer organ was operating more often. I love the sound of it and it makes me feel alright inside tbh.
  5. I am: 1. Laughing because I just think this is funny/ total bs (trynna not complain); and 2. Intrigued by what it means by "focused on another area of the park".
  6. I believe that can be confirmed. All but one if I am looking at the cams correctly.
  7. Im betting on track work being done next week.
  8. Here is food for thought: How do you think they are going to demo the corkscrews and the loops? All at once or one by one (individually)?
  9. Or work on the emergency lift and/or anti-rollbacks.
  10. Felt cute, changed my profile pic.



    Might delete later.....

  11. Looks like they are preping to remove the transition from the corkscrew to the batwing.
  12. You mean the emergency lift on the second largest hill, right?
  13. For photo opportunities. This is a really dumb explanation for this, but in a way it kinda looked like a heart and idk relationship photos.
  14. The hill with the tarps on it has an emergency lift hill on it. To my knowledge, its rarely used during regular operation. but there are anti-rollbacks on that hill as well as the turn around and right before the brake run.
  15. Probably doing track work or work on the emergency lift/anti-rollback
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