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  1. COVID probably canceled the funeral, thus no tombstone.
  2. **religiously smashes Racer button** Racer ignited the coaster craze that eventually led to The Beast.
  3. Ehhh... Oktoberfest's theme is fine (I really like the German theme), it's just it really need to be more present. The only part of Oktoberfest you get a German feel from is the Festhaus and the square outside it. When you walk the path going from AZ to CM, there is not a single hint of German theme. As for AZ, there really IS no theme. The rides that do have themes, such as Congo Falls and Banshee, really in my opinion don't fit in the same area of the park. They are very opposite.
  4. Just personal theory, but they probably didn't know their birth year or their birth year wasn't recorded... idk if I am right but again personally guessing...
  5. Yeah but it was a minor event. It wasn't large event; it didn't take up a lot of S.C.. If you held an event on the same scale as the children's Halloween event in S.C. in November, I doubt it would be worth it.
  6. And the debate begins...I think it should be WinterFest.
  7. I personally disagree with this. First off, the park needs a bit of downtime to transition the park from Haunt to WinterFest. Yes, they do put up quite a bit of WinterFest stuff during Haunt (i.e. the candy canes in Tower Gardens, the tree out front, etc.), but remember the park also has to winterize the rides that won't be open during WinterFest AND they have to clean up all the Haunt stuff and put up the rest of the WinterFest stuff as well. Secondly, you suggest the event would be in Soak City. The problem with this is there isn't much room in S.C. to really do anything really worth bringing people in. In the summer yeah because of the water rides and when the kids halloween fest is over there it works because it draws families for halloween and such. I seriously doubt that S.C. could host an event between Haunt and WinterFest that would actually draw in crowds. Especially in November. In all honesty, I would like to keep it the way it is. Have the park close for the season and then re-open for WinterFest.
  8. Yeah...I think this would be a great addition to Kings Island. I can just see people faces when one of the trains just soars through the air on no track. Its like God gave up on Physics on this coaster...lol
  9. I can see it now... The History of Kings Island: The Ride
  10. Looking at the menu... The Death Dog description seems about right, very creative foods for the tricks, ooohhh they got hot cider... Definitely worth doing in the fall.
  11. Oh My God Its a stage set!!!!! Oh the humanity!
  12. How about... We demo BLSC and build the worlds longest Mouse coaster! Just an idea...
  13. "There's a thing in the Festhaus" Really descriptive @BoddaH1994. Really descriptive
  14. Couple of things: 1. I had no idea this existed. 2. I genuinely enjoyed it. 3. I feel like this could really work as the next dark ride theme for the park.
  15. Cool concept! Just seems a little...out of scale...to me that is.
  16. Ya know, I bet I could bring in a stick with a little pink or orange flag on it, put it in a random and viewable place in the park, and everyone would think that Kings Island is putting in a strata coaster......
  17. No not really. But judging by the report and looking at the pics of the area, I would say that you are gonna have better luck speculating the work on SOB's station than a county waterline project.
  18. All we need now is drones to deliver Coke FreeStyle cups (and slices of LaRosas pizza (and possibly a basket of Potato Works fries)) to tables and life will have reached a utopian level at Kings Island..
  19. Sorry for the double post, but the news story on WCPO is coming on after the break right now if you want to see it. EDIT: According to his report, the markers along Columbia Rd. are part of a Warren Co. waterline project and this was confirmed by Chad and Warren Co. So, off of this I think the only thing worth speculating is the work on SOB's station...
  20. It was said on tv, so I don't have a link for it.
  21. That is a good point. But I would suspect that Racer sould get a repaint (hopefully in original scheme) before 2022...
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