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  1. How many are willing to bet this is about the speculation of the markers? "I hear fifteh dollas! Fifteh dollas! Can I get sixteh dollas? SIXTEH DOLLAS? Whats this sir, Ninte dollas? We now have ninte dollas! Can I get one hundree dollas?..."
  2. JUST IN FROM WCPO.... At 4pm today (9/2/2020), John Matarese will speculate on something being hinted at the park... tbh idk if this relates to the markers but I have a hunch it is so I posted this here.
  3. Just saw this in twitter from Chad: The playlist of Haunt is from Kings Island and yeah....it says what it says...thoughts?
  4. Yes. I think I speak for pretty much all of us when I say Diamondback desperately NEEDS a new coat of paint...
  5. I think KI employees. They were wearing white painting clothes and I remember awhile back I saw people painting the Rivertown arcade building wearing the exact same clothes these people were.
  6. While surfing recent Kings Island videos, I saw that maintenance had people over at the water park painting some of the slides. I can imagine if Soak City opens for the 2021 season, it will have a new coat of paint...
  7. Thought I would start this thread early lmao. With Labor Day right around the corner and the seasonal closing of Kings Island coming soon (November 1st this year), what do we all think will happen in the off season in preparation of the parks 49th season? First off, with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, I think at this point it's pure speculation. Who knows what impact the virus will have leading up to the 2021 season. Second, I would assume the park would begin to prepare for the 50th season in 2022. As to what those preparations would be, I would assume more cosmetic work. The Eiffel Tower needs a new coat of paint, as does Diamondback AND Racer (prefer Racer war repainted to its original color scheme), and other things I cant think of right now (lol). Third, there is no third....I ran out of things...to think of....oh dear... But yeah, what do y'all think?
  8. I honestly feel an RMC like this would fit in great at the park. But judging from the POV, it seems a tiny bit tame.
  9. I mostly agree that we don't need a giant wheel, but putting it in Planet Snoopy?!?!?! Please God no.... I'd say either put one back in Oktoberfest or somewhere along the Coney strip ^^^^This
  10. Definitely better this year because they have the fountains fine tuned. Yeah, its shorter, but the improved effects make up for it 110%.
  11. I can see it now....the Eiffel Tower is transformed into the worlds largest Bier Stein..... German music and Bavarian themes....the food....Paradise... Seriously, Kings Island must do this fr.
  12. Believe it or not, it didn't stop. By chance I got an AMAZING blaster (in a car and seat I will not tell) and I was able to hit all of the targets. Some of them multiple times.
  13. I haven't seen it yet. But just by looks, it seems like what I like to call a Sharknado Show. Whereas its so bad its good.
  14. My highest score on BB was 3270. Did that back in 2016. Every time I ride, it seems like I either get close to it or not at all lol. But I havent given up.
  15. Going off what @brenthodge said, this is steps in the right direction. Glad that the park is beginning to pour some love into Oktoberfest.
  16. Why listen to them? There's more important issues. Like why is LaRosa's pizza better at Kings Island than at the restaurant?
  17. They really need to get the band organ up and running. Its such a nostalgic part of the carousel and the CD track just doesn't have the same effect.
  18. You forgot to mention the Viking Fury(325)'s repaint.
  19. Basically (probably) the (former) smoking areas. Smoking is now only allowed OUTSIDE the park.
  20. I think WinterFest is fine as is. The reason I go is to get some winter rides on the rides that are open and to take in Kings Island as a winter wonderland. Something you can't get the rest of the year. The sights and sounds alone are superb. On a separate note, going along with what @SonofBaconator has said in another thread, I really do hope that the park gives Oktoberfest more love. And thankfully over the last two seasons it has. We got the glockenspiel back in 2019 and Viking Fury got a repaint for 2020. I hope to see more done with Okoberfest and see it return to something unique in the park. *plays with the idea of a AE re-theme*
  21. Me when I hear Kings Island is finally re-opening: (Squidward is my other summer plans)
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