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  1. I dont relate them to s.o.b. returning. Bur something cryptic tying all thrm together.. S.o.b., a.e., M.T., F.o.f.
  2. Its the weird almost biohazard / radiation symbol right? It is on some theming inside f.o.f. as well as The Beast and Mystic Timbers
  3. Im old but not so old i forgot what Ive done. It wasnt the timberwolf walk way.. The raised concrete walls from the "canal" were incorporated into the deco. ... I read the definitive ki haunt post.. There were several errors and omissions not enough to engage in arguing over if i find photos ill post them
  4. Im not a fan of the paper cups i tried them and ended up switching back to the bottle
  5. I find that very odd indeed. Ki may be the proving grounds
  6. Drums of the dead = KI no longer wants tonpay SDC to use the Blood Drums brand
  7. Sadly i think you are right. I will always hold my season pass but this may be our last year for the haunt
  8. 1. Phantom theater 2. FearFest (it was actually scary)
  9. Im a little skeptical for Drums of the Dead... Looks like they are trying to rip off blood drums and use basically the same consept with out paying SDC to license BD.
  10. Does anyone here remember when they used the drained Congo falls for the scarecrow theamed haunted attraction Corn Stalkers? They only did it one year, I thought it was a great use of space and it kept the fog centralized. My KI group really obly go for the haunt..the lack of new haunted attractions and the installation of winterfest deco while the haunt is going on not to mention the no boo glowing things is QUICKLY killing the spooky vibe. Back when my group started going to the haunt (2001) there were tons of scare actors romers and haunted attractions through out the park... Even halloween themed prizes at most games.. And it was SCARY. There were even signs that said the park was not necessarily child friendly after 7pm. Can anyone shed some light on to why its been so watered down?
  11. Yes!! The haunt is my fave time in the park
  12. Ok how does one get that job
  13. That's a great idea... Cause I need another reason to give KI my money
  14. So weird being you see this type of ride at carnivals and fairs operating in the rain when they shut down most other carnie rides.
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