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  1. I don’t think Cedar Point is going to get anything out of this world for their anniversary. I think what they do get will be informative to what we can expect for Kings Island anniversary.
  2. More clearing could still begin later on potentially.
  3. This is what I’m thinking. Other scenarios involve entering via the old SOB area or maybe removing Action Theatre. I’ve always felt Action Theatre is a prime spot of land for something to be placed there in the future.
  4. This theory is the most believable I've heard. It's been a floating rumor for a bit now, so I suppose we shouldn't necessarily be surprised by this short layout if this rumor is true. Don’t coasters take years to design? This isn’t a generic coaster.
  5. Same. It just seems too curious that the plans popped up just minutes after someone posted the footer blue prints.
  6. I’m even more skeptical following last nights debacle. Two people with no history on KIC posting information and then disappearing. We were shown last night someone can post false information that looks real just by being good with a computer. What’s to say that’s not the case here?
  7. Unless this ventures off into the old SOB area.
  8. Amusement Insiders Amusement Insiders posted a new video and he talked about the land clearing. He said there’s no need to panic because every project he’s ever observed always clears land in stages. So basically friends, don’t worry. Everything isn’t as it appears.
  9. Steel Vengeance and Maverick for sure
  10. Here’s an idea. Maybe the words “Polaris” and “Orion” are the names of the trains for the new coaster. Is there a third name trademarked too?
  11. Is there any reason to believe it will not go over Flight of Fear? Also, Action Theatre seems more cleaned up outside than usual? But I could be mistaken.
  12. Would the ride potentially go out that far?
  13. WindSeeker provides excellent views. There appears to be clearing in the old Son of Beast area too. Also, when riding The Beast you can see some clearing as well. I imagine they are rerouting maintenance roads.
  14. Closed today? That means I was part of the last group to ride it. I was at Kings Island last night and headed to Firehawk sometime after 10. Upon arrival it was closed but testing was being conducted. After a few minutes we got to go on. 2 - 3 trains went before me. We boarded the red train and had an amazing night ride on Firehawk. However, the train never made it into the station. We were stopped on the final break run entering the station. The yellow train got stuck at the beginning of the lift hill. After waiting 30 or so minutes we all had to be manually evacuated from the ride. Bittersweet knowing that the first time I’ve ever been stuck on a rollercoaster (Kings Island is my home park, been going since early 90s) was on the last ride ever for Firehawk and was manually evacuated. If you think about it, Firehawks last ride was never completed.
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