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  1. They also have much more in store for 2020: https://www.cedarpoint.com/play/events/150th-anniversary
  2. I for one am very happy that they're expanding the water park, and on top of that they're adding a new restaurant! It's sad because I've already seen so many people complaining that KD isn't getting a new coaster like BGW is. Like do people not see the construction site where Volcano used to be?
  3. I mean any coaster over 300ft is a massive coaster. Especially considering there’s only 5 of those in the world right now.
  4. You mean not have an open announcement where a bunch of people are going to boo your new attraction? Yeah that sounds crazy why would they do that
  5. The Beast’s is still the best imo, but Big Bad Wolf’s is pretty good too: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=2ahUKEwiIyZyAqe7jAhVGvlkKHabZCrcQwqsBMAB6BAgMEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fm.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DE65_94zfXbs&usg=AOvVaw0NFRXVwyW4h15FC8jCRswl
  6. No kidding, every time I rode it there was some small part of my brain that was begging me to hold onto something XD
  7. Yes I believe you are correct on both accounts. Also I'm pretty sure KD does not own the land behind Twisted Timbers. However they do own both the large chunk of land by the water park and a chunk of land behind Grizzly where DA used to be. Since KD already has another wave pool, I highly doubt that they're going to "Upgrade" or renovate the extra one thats been SBNO, a partial expansion with two or three new water slides is much more likely for next year, nothing crazy expensive, followed by their next coaster in 2021.
  8. I agree, although I'll be curious to see if they start any land clearing/grading this coming spring(since they already have markers down). That'll give us an idea if 2022 will see something even bigger and badder
  9. This coaster looks like its gonna be insane. I'll be there for preview and opening day to ride it so I'll be sure to give you all the scoop on how good it is. I'm beyond excited for it (and now its time to ramp up speculation for 2021/22 haha)
  10. Well at least they posted the announcement video. Pantheon is gonna be awesome.
  11. Wow, live stream crashed right before they could announce anything and its still not up
  12. It's really interesting to see how two parks that have coexisted next to each other for so long (KD and BGW) are really about to start competing. Between MMXX, KD's new water park addition, Volcano's replacement, and BGW's Project 2021, things are getting interesting over here in VA...
  13. At least in biblical terms, Alpha and Omega are synonymous with each other and God. All different words for the same thing. EDIT: Revelations 21:6 "And he said to me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end."
  14. Yep, as someone who currently lives 40 minutes from BGW, I'm beyond excited for whats coming next year. It's going to be huge.
  15. And on the 7th day, Don rested, and it was good.
  16. They have the same structure supports sitting behind Twisted Timbers at KD for the exact same kind of building.
  17. I thought maybe a NASA-themed giga would be pretty cool. Blue track with alternating red and white supports. With the trains painted or designed to look like space shuttles. Each train could have a space shuttle type of name too. It would also compliment Racer and Coney Mall really well too.
  18. As much as I love the idea, I don’t how well that would really translate over. The existing support structure probably wouldn’t be able to be used for B&M’s track, and the overall design is just simply different. They’d basically have to build the ride from the ground up, and at that point you might as well spend the money on a new coaster and not rebuilding a smoother copy of something that is already there. However Vortex still runs well, and devours people, and I see no reason that it will be replaced in the near future barring anything major breaking on the ride.
  19. Honestly, with how ungrateful a lot of people are acting about this, I think you guys need to be reminded how fortunate KI is to get a coaster every three years. Do any of you remember the fact that the other parks like Dorney, Michigan’s Adventure, and World’s of Fun haven’t gotten anything of note in several years? KI is very spoiled to get so many new coasters in such a short time span, especially considering it’s proximity to Cedar Point. And the fact that they’ve added so much more to the park besides the coasters(like all the refurbishments this year), is something that not every park gets. Some of you need to grow up and realize that you can’t just have a 9,000ft coaster because you want it. Everyone’s been demanding a giga for years, and now you’ve finally gotten one but you’re going to complain it’s not good enough. Not to mention how disrespectful it is to the park itself that went out of their way to request this from Cedar Fair in the first place.
  20. Anyone at the park see any other work being done besides the little plot next to Racer?
  21. You’re right, someone on here visiting Carowinds anytime soon?
  22. Apparently this was found at Carowinds...
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