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  1. You’re right, someone on here visiting Carowinds anytime soon?
  2. Apparently this was found at Carowinds...
  3. As in they sent it out a week before? Or you got it a week before? Asking because I’m in Virginia and I would be really disappointed to say the least if my stuff didn’t get here in time before my flight to Ohio that Thursday.
  4. As of right now they only go from underneath where Diamondbacks turn before the splashdown is back to The Beast’s entrance. Of course they could end up adding more before the park opens.
  5. It could be that he's just composing a unique score for KI's parade. He's done scores for Disney parades before so it wouldn't be crazy to think that this is what he was working on.
  6. You know that paint scheme looks very similar to SoB's original trains. I wonder if they looked at this when they were creating the theming for SoB during its inception.
  7. Make sure you put in your will who you want to play you in it.
  8. Me and my dad bought our tickets today as well. Can't wait for what I'm sure will be an amazing weekend! (Followed shortly thereafter by a trip up to Cedar Point)
  9. Coming in 2020... The world's tallest, fastest, and most buck-wild coaster in the world: Gigadeer! presented by Bass Pro ShopsTM
  10. Like directly from your residence? Or are you going to fly/drive there and walk in? Are you coming back? The people need to know lol
  11. With the deer thing being mentioned in the KI blog, me and a friend were joking about if we got a giga themed around deer, with a pair of big antlers on the front car of the trains. Honestly though, although it wouldn't really be practical for X-base, it actually would be interesting to say the least.
  12. Outside the box... Interesting choice of words since they just said that the SoB Crate's status is unkown
  13. Yes! Me and my dad will be there for sure! This will be my first coaster event at KI since we did BeastBuzz back in 2004(The Beast's 25th anniversary year), so it seems kinda fitting that we'll be there to celebrate The Beast's 40th.
  14. Maybe for those with the meal and drink plan they'll give you points every time you actually use it? And I would assume attendence would work the same as well. The real question here is would there be a difference between passholders? Like if you had a platinum pass, would you have one grand total of points from any park you visit that could be redeeemed across all CF parks? Or would you have a seperate point total for each park that was only good at that specific one? I would definitely prefer option 1 here, but depending on how they rolled it out it might not happen until the program (with success) existed at every park.
  15. I do agree that it does seem as though the Haunts have been toned down a bit in some aspects to be more appealing to a wider range of people. I think Haunt/Fearfest was never really meant to be family-oriented (hence why they have the stuff during the daytime), but if this is what they're going for, maybe they could have some kiddie haunts over in Planet Snoopy, or something along those lines that's "scary" enough for kids who actually want to participate in Haunt, and then make the actual Haunts more adult-oriented like they've been in the past.
  16. Y'all think they'll close tonight because of the rain that's coming?
  17. I wonder if it’s just the phrase “drop-off” that’s the hint, or if there’s physically something they put at the drop-off area out front for people to see...
  18. Chad Showalter just tweeted a hint about a future attraction:
  19. Virginia Beach, but anytime I come home to Cincy a drive up to Kings Island is always a must
  20. I need help, my eyes are still rolling I can always count on WCPO for a hearty chuckle.
  21. I actually like this a lot. Shooting Star (or something along those lines) sounds perfect for a Giga coaster in X-base.
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