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  1. Just saw this - Had a lot of fun chatting with you guys on the podcast. Thanks for having me on! and now that we have verification of land clearing, LET THE FUN BEGIN
  2. They cut down the trees?! Why?! Man, those trees were the best. Used to love sitting under them on a hot summer day and chill out by the fountain. They made that area really pretty. Wow I’m shocked they took them out.
  3. Wing maybe? Doesn’t look big enough for a giga
  4. The fact that we have no verification of additional land clearing around the Firehawk site makes me think that they're gonna jam a dive machine into the Firehawk site. God, please no...
  5. refresh... refresh... refresh... I NEED TO KNOW
  6. Link? Super confused, this seems like a super weird thing to be policing and I’d like to read the explanation if there is one.
  7. Why would that be? It looks like it’s a shot from a plane, nothing illegal about it It’s near the top of /r/rollercoasters right now.
  8. Found on Reddit. Firehawk officially all gone, queue and exit seems to be left entirely intact... hmm...
  9. I could load up my No Limits project for my Beast Unleashed coaster and take a bunch of screenshots of different color combos lol
  10. I said I'd deliver, and I'm a man of my word so here's some more speculation material. Unless someone has a wicked good telephoto lens, we're not reading that tag on the spine. Looks like it might just be a barcode anyway. Can't decipher any of the writing on the spine, could just be QC stuff/notes from manufacturing. Who knows if this is for the KI project. I have my doubts. Kinda looks like a dive machine track or a hyper based on the turn radius on some of the pieces. Could be for Hershey Park's hyper or Yukon Striker.
  11. That could be for brakes as well. There’s a lot of hydraulics involved in friction braking/mag fin braking. From what I recall, the early B&Ms weren’t filled with sand because they didn’t really foresee the noise issue. Raptor is one of the last ones to have no sand in it. Raptor is deafeningly loud. There’s no doubt in my mind that Banshee has sand in it. There’s no way to significantly dampen the sound with lighter trains/baffles inside the track or really any other design feature of the track. It has sand in it, for sure.
  12. Really hope we see a tunnel on this giga at some point. I hope it's a loud one too, like The Beast. For as much criticism/hate I lob at The Beast, that blast of insanely loud noise on the double helix is incredible
  13. I love that you guys were able to find a resident fountain expert for this episode. Super fitting. I think "mini Bellagio fountain" was a super accurate prediction of what we'll probably see.
  14. That is an awesome lil video. The video editor in me wishes they would have color graded that footage though
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