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  1. If they had just used good wood, it would have been the perfect candidate for an RMC coaster at Kings Island. What could have been.
  2. King Island is getting a brand new flat ride for 2019..
  3. If this is about being imaginative, there are rides I wouldn't mind relocated around the park. From a business standpoint, I don't see the benefit of moving any rides around within the park.
  4. 2018: Didn't go...First season in some time. Other parks were more enticing. Banshee is good but has lost its new ride appeal. I don't live close enough to abuse the season long meal plan. Diamondback is a great ride but has become repetitive as the premier steel coaster, it can use a compliment. A giga coaster would be a great investment for the park to put their coaster collection over the top 2018 was a cleanse, looking forward to a recharged 2019.
  5. You want to censor Son of Beast discussion? The ride that must not be named ❌ As for what I want, I want a Golden Goose!
  6. Mason Ohio. I guess they believe no rerides are the lesser of the two evils liability wise..
  7. @SonofBaconator Shouldn't you add backwards Racer to the poll options?
  8. Big props for sure! Ride ops that take pride in their work make the overall ride experience that much better.
  9. I wonder if John Matarese or WCPO will lose their Kings Island press credentials over this. (if they have them to begin with)
  10. I dont want to be impolite and not respond, but I've said all that I will on the subject. @139Signal27 What is this Oktoberfest "theming" that you speak of? A food court called Festhaus and a tucked away viking ship ride?
  11. See the referenced tweet. Kings Island has a lot going on already to need a parade. Luminosity at Cedar Point is nice but that's a different markert.
  12. I miss the good old days of getting to reride Diamondback with single riders. Me and Gary Coleman got our DB counts higher doing this.
  13. Super Nintendo World is going to overshadow all other attractions at theme parks imo. At least until someone builds a section with a Fortnite theme.
  14. Online news articles are all about clicks. They do whatever these days to get ad revenue.
  15. Ghoster Coaster was cool to see in the park, just not very practical as a ride.
  16. @RollerColt Yeah social media can be bad. Twitter is the worst. I dont even know how Im supposed to comprehend this tweet, let alone decipher it. Don makes his own blue ice cream hot cocoa is all I got from it.
  17. Kings Island knows how beloved and iconic Son of Beast was so they like to keep people thinking about it.
  18. King Cobra was actually a well done standup coaster. This was largely do to how short and sweet the course was. On the flip side was Mantis at Cedar Point. While the lift hill and first couple elements were enjoyable, somewhere along the way I'd start thinking it would be nice if the ride was over already.
  19. I think you'd be surprised. Also many places offer table shower.
  20. I think Kings Island should consider making some merchandise limited edition and be marketed as such. Doing so would increase the exclusivety and make the merchandise feel more like collector items instead of just nic nacs. Would anyone here sell their piece of Son of Beast track for the same price they bought it for? I doubt it.
  21. Invertigo is a coaster. It's located next to the front gate at KI. What am I missing here?
  22. I can see if it used the old Son of Beast station it being relevant. That doesn't seem likely to me with Banshee over there. The only other thing I can think of is the possible Giga having a single loop. If that becomes reality I will be jumping for joy and fist pumping at the same time. Can't say I blame the public. I was shown it by someone and almost believed it for a minute since I had been out of the coaster loop for a bit. I got on here and saw there was no thread about it so I knew it wasn't real. Seems like shooting people down about it on social media would be fun for the people that like to anoint themselves as unofficial moderators on here.
  23. Assuming isn't the same as speculating. That's why I specifically used terms that were indefinite. Speculating about something can be fun. Want to make a friendly wager? I predict the B&M project will be a Giga, what say you? If one of us gets it right, we can change the other person's signature on here to say what we want it to.
  24. @beastfan11 I said expected and maybe. I did not say confirmed anywhere in my post. Like you, I don't have the authority to say what's confirmed or not, until it is. What "project" are you referencing to and has it been confirmed??
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