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  1. Haha I see myself in that. I’m in the orange lift working on the fountain lights.
  2. Talked to this guy tonight. The Beast and Orion signs sold within 10 minutes. Probably going to buy myself one soon!
  3. Yes. They’ve been working on it when the park is closed during the week for a while now.
  4. Yes! I believe it appeared on Saturday night, I remember going to Coney to slide and noticing it when I got there.
  5. It was up last weekend as well!
  6. I saw that one while I was working the other day, I really love the look of it!
  7. On Saturday we (Outdoor scare actors and sliders) got put inside mazes shortly after opening due to the rain we got.
  8. I wouldn't quite call Factory of Terror a Cincinnati area haunt, but it is a fantastic haunt. Worth the drive! I've only been to Land of Illusion this season and probably won't get to go to too many more haunts, I'm scaring at KI this year as usual. That's one thing that kind of sucks being a scare actor, you don't get to go through too many haunts because you're always working when they're open.
  9. Dip of the month is in Brewhouse right?
  10. Oh man that sounds so good. I'm working tomorrow so unfortunately won't be able to get it.
  11. When is the last time the tower was painted?
  12. I believe this issue has been fixed now. I’m glad because it was directing a whole lot of people to security post 2 at the employee entrance, backing up traffic and creating lines. It even made me late for my shift once.
  13. I can’t say I can recall ever seeing that!
  14. It’s a theme park. Of course it’ll be full of teenagers. I doubt they’re all loud and disrespectful. I doubt even close to a majority are. From working nearly every day at KI, I can tell you 99% of people just keep to themselves unless they have a question for me. I haven’t had any more rude encounters this season than I typically do in a season.
  15. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
  16. Yes, sorry. They do various things around Carnivale.
  17. I normally have another job in entertainment and they told me that I can do something for Carnivale. They gave me the options of being a driver, a guide, party patrol, or a stilt walker, and I chose stilt walker. I didn’t even have any experience on stilts!
  18. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words!! And I’ll be there at haunt! Yes I am! For the first couple nights my calves and feet were aching quite bad, but now I feel totally fine after walking around on them. It’s just as easy walking on stilts as walking on the ground at this point.
  19. As someone in the cast, my days are ~8 hours long. I start by getting costume and makeup on, then I'm in the opening processions and out and about near bandstand until it's time for the parade, then I do that. After the parade I hang around bandstand until fireworks are over. When it isn't Carnivale time, I'm a tech in Entertainment. Most of the cast are in other shows / have other jobs in the park throughout the rest of the season.
  20. Mine seems to be one of the ones that's messed up, unless it's just on my end. I can't lie, I do miss the dots a bit.
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