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  1. I believe they got damaged by wind, unfortunately.
  2. What kind of grocery stores are you shopping at?
  3. Why do we keep reviving 10+ year old threads…?
  4. Holy necropost! I was two years old when the last post was made to this thread, now nearly 20 years later it “lives” again…
  5. Please remember that it is opening weekend / preview day. It’s associates first day back or even their first day in the park at all. Of course they’re going to be slow, they’re still learning how to do their jobs. It’s opening weekend, there’s going to be lines, there’s going to be tech problems from systems being overloaded, there’s going to be crowds.
  6. I think we need a WinterFest thread...
  7. Time for the yearly preseason “Everything is a walk on, nobody is here!” post!
  8. Oh wow, I’m really excited for this one! It’s been in need of an overhaul for so long!
  9. I don’t think that blueprint means anything, people are reading into that too much, imo. All the blueprint shows is some paths and a couple buildings. I’m sure it was just added in as part of the background.
  10. I saw it open once during the summer, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The corner game was open for most of haunt, pretty sure it was open a lot during the summer too. Not sure about Winterfest.
  11. The floor used to be that weird yellow color and was all torn up.
  12. Looks like they deleted the blog post. Strange. It was working earlier.
  13. Looks like I was correct. Can’t wait to see what other improvements they’ve made!
  14. I think that's next to the Skyline patio near Dodgem.
  15. I'll definitely be there! (Probably working but come say hi!)
  16. Finally someone else that remembers this! Every time I've brought this up, nobody believes me. Even some of my coworkers can't believe that KI used to have that.
  17. Coasterstock is in may, it's sold out.
  18. I’d be all for having less mazes if that means a bigger budget per maze, I’d love to see some extremely high quality & high tech mazes make their way into Haunt. There’s some really cool technologies out there that are specifically made for haunted attractions that I’d love to have in the mazes.
  19. I personally hate this completely family oriented approach that many parks are taking. We have a kids event, the adults need something too! Haunt shouldn’t be for kids, and definitely shouldn’t go away. Every year, haunt seems to shrink a bit, and it worries me.
  20. NOT a fan of this at all. I can’t even express how disappointed I’ll be if this happens at KI. I’ve been a scare actor there for 7 years and losing haunt would be terrible.
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