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  1. I can’t say I can recall ever seeing that!
  2. It’s a theme park. Of course it’ll be full of teenagers. I doubt they’re all loud and disrespectful. I doubt even close to a majority are. From working nearly every day at KI, I can tell you 99% of people just keep to themselves unless they have a question for me. I haven’t had any more rude encounters this season than I typically do in a season.
  3. Yes, sorry. They do various things around Carnivale.
  4. I normally have another job in entertainment and they told me that I can do something for Carnivale. They gave me the options of being a driver, a guide, party patrol, or a stilt walker, and I chose stilt walker. I didn’t even have any experience on stilts!
  5. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words!! And I’ll be there at haunt! Yes I am! For the first couple nights my calves and feet were aching quite bad, but now I feel totally fine after walking around on them. It’s just as easy walking on stilts as walking on the ground at this point.
  6. As someone in the cast, my days are ~8 hours long. I start by getting costume and makeup on, then I'm in the opening processions and out and about near bandstand until it's time for the parade, then I do that. After the parade I hang around bandstand until fireworks are over. When it isn't Carnivale time, I'm a tech in Entertainment. Most of the cast are in other shows / have other jobs in the park throughout the rest of the season.
  7. Mine seems to be one of the ones that's messed up, unless it's just on my end. I can't lie, I do miss the dots a bit.
  8. I'd say so, haven't seen the park that crowded yet this season. I've definitely never seen that many people watching the parade!
  9. The park taught me! I picked up on it rather quickly!
  10. You walk through a metal detector and they look in your bag. Sometimes they wand you and/or your bag as well.
  11. Great pictures! That’s me on the stilts in the background!
  12. Would that make someone a season assholder?
  13. Really glad to see that you guys enjoy the show! It’s definitely my favorite show that I’ve worked on.
  14. They had classic rock last week. Where did you hear the country in oktoberfest exactly? They only still had it in front of hanks and the freestyle stand week.
  15. They've been closing around 9:45 pretty consistently.
  16. I’m scheduled to 11:30 Saturday and Sunday so I’m sure they’re finally bringing back 10pm closes!
  17. I’ll be in the parade! On stilts! Definitely looking forward to that.
  18. The fireworks, I can even hear them from my house.
  19. With all of the things that have been added to (Or removed from!) the park since 2012, I thought this could be a fun thread to revive. Some of my favorite sounds are: * BLSC’s flame effect * WERD Radio * Banshee’s scream * Diamondback’s first drop
  20. Got some philly fries from Get Loaded (food truck) during my lunch break today, highly recommended. They’re so unhealthy but sooo good.
  21. I think I talked to you for a brief moment at Busker Jam after the show, you asked me if they’re doing a meet and greet I think. Sorry I couldn’t talk, had some stuff I had to do with some other shows.
  22. Hell must’ve frozen over because rivertown freestyle is open today!
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