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  1. So I live very close to here posted about this in my instagram and had a response by one of my close friends who said that she saw it headed twords Wright Patterson air force base. So it is somewhere down there most likely. No clue what is doing near there but I'll let yall know if I see anything.
  2. I'll let yall know if I see it laying someone's front porch (sorry for the multiposts)
  3. Weird cause I live so close ti there and havent heard a word about it. Idk what it's doing there cause from knowledge and (I've lived here my whole life ) ive never heard of any kind of refurbishing factory up there
  4. Holy jesus I live like a mile from there! I'll keep yall posted if it comes back through
  5. It's only partial I believe
  6. The only reason I chose a SoB related name is because with the teasers last year even though that's a while gone now, I have an awesome name but GP probabaly have no clue what it means. The name is Outpost 425. That's just because i personally liked that name but reasonably I like Orion. Other than that I would want Orion because of the hunter in mythology. And the deer related statement in a blog post that I'm sure yall have seen.
  7. Backwards racer, SoB themed roller coaster would be awesome if they named it something like Outpost425 or Outpost325, king cobra of some sorts, or sky ride
  8. Yours is so much more organized than mine lol
  9. Yeah same I'm very close to miamisburg as well
  10. I like the addition of the figure 8 turn around. Would love to see that at KI!
  11. That's what I thought because they have ohio hydraulics on the contract
  12. Yeah the license plate was from Utah so tour probably right. it was a nice surprise to see so I hope I see more!
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