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  1. If PKI is the only park in North America to allow snapping on the Flyers, they could certainly keep the flyers and use them as a possible marketing point. It very well could draw more people into PKI. It would be sad to see them go.
  2. Technically, they still could be the same person. Most ISPs nowadays change their IP addresses quite frequently, that or the same person has access to multiple computers.
  3. I think the poor people in Entertainment have a stalking problem. TunedInIsTheBest, Bobbee, missymay04, who next?
  4. I think Ive made some really stupid comments so me.
  5. Couldn't they hold it at Timberwolf or at International Showplace. All they would have to do is hold it between the Tuned In shows or hold it on weekends when House of Blues doesn't have anyone scheduled for Timberwolf. It is a very feasible idea, especially since the bandstand in front of the tower has stuff for Star Search all set up, they could just use the mixing board they have there. It wouldn't cost hardly anything except for a little more electricity and maybe a couple of associates. Most rock bands have their own equipment. I see this as a real possibility for 2005. The only thing that might kill it off before it even starts is the bands themselves. PKI might not agree with the lyrics of today's upstart bands, (vulgarity, innuendoes, etc. etc.) All they would have to do is prerequire set lists and a copy of all lyrics just to be sure they can preserve their precious family oriented reputation. In all honesty, I can see it for 2005.
  6. You seem to have a bit of a problem with double letters, actually, accuse, offended, misspelled. Start reading the forum rules, double check your posts. It is quite strange, TunedInIsTheBest had identical grammar and spelling errors as you. *cough* Stalker *cough*
  7. Didn't TunedInIsTheBest write the word actually as "actuly?" I too believe that this person is TunedInIsTheBest.
  8. Personally, I would hate to see the zones go. The zones help us in merch when guests ask for directions to a specific ride or eatery. The parade soundtrack did provide a nice break in the movie music during the day. I know the shops around the parade route got slammed every day after the parade passed by. Plus it was fun to watch. Star Search Live was definately a bad idea. Its ok to hear a song once in a while but when four out of five contestants sing "Proud to be an American" It gets old really quick.
  9. PKI used to have a five star restaurant. International Restaurant. It was located above the front gate. Look up before you exit PKI, the crystal chandeliers are still hanging up. From what I've heard, Pete Rose, Marge Schott, Jerry Springer, and various other celebrities ate there a lot.
  10. There was one morning they were testing the soundtrack, it kept cutting out on Spongebob. Sounded like he was being censored. Twas funny for us in Emporium.
  11. I drive approximately 40 minutes to get to PKI. I live in Covington, KY.
  12. I love Dippin' Dots, MMMmmmm. Too bad, I was in the park today with no money.
  13. Funniest thing I have seen is a couple of employees walking on the red carpet by the Guest Relations kiosk pretending to be royalty. It was quite humorous.
  14. We get a ton of guests asking for maps and where to get the WOW tickets in the Emporium. The sign on the building says Siemens Message Center and (I think) Park Directory or Guest Information.
  15. Don't forget, you can get a blueberry ice cream cone at Paradise Island snack bar behind the Eiffel Tower before you enter into Rivertown. If you don't want to have to maneuver around a bunch of young children. Also, don't they have the blueberry ice cream at Ice Scream Zone in AZ? My recommendation is the Dippin' Dots. I love them.
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