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  1. Doubt a festival will be an anchor. The season long meals are probably the biggest anchor aside from roller coasters and the kid stuff.
  2. Why dont you have your good coasters open for Winterfest?
  3. I dont know whats worst the lady or you choosing to ride the ride by yourself instead of with your kids.
  4. I thought this thread was recent and was worried Kings Island was not being smart with their money. There not Disney or even Universal.
  5. People treat Backlot Stunt Coaster like there moped. They dont like talking about it, but they sure like to ride it even if its not the best to look at.
  6. Thread title cracked me up. Its like asking if Kings Island will always be little brother. Lets hope not!
  7. If its a B&M it should be good no matter what it is....Big & Massive
  8. They could take out the tunnels at the end and add a few inversions to modernize and improve it.
  9. First thing I notice is Son of Beast not being there anymore. That coaster was impressive.
  10. Some rides could used moved out of the park. Ive never seen an actual line for the carousal and the Scrambler and Monster are carnival knock offs.
  11. Coney Mall could make a killing if they served alcohol improved the games and did away with the silly smoking sections.
  12. Ill take anyones ticket that they dont want no problem.
  13. Flat rides are better for carnivals and wannabe parks. There mostly just fluff and pretty much always outperformed by roller coasters.
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