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  1. Vortex is leaving after 33 seasons. We can't believe Vortex is leaving! But we will not miss the ride! Vortex gotten rough over the years. Arrow went out of business in 2001 and the park couldn't get new parts for the coaster so they had to make the parts in house. So when they announced Orion was coming to the park so it was time for Vortex to go. They put a lot of money and effort to keep Vortex up and running. So Vortex reached service life. All Arrow Dynamics looping coasters has a life span between roughly 25 to 30 years. We here at Steel N' Wood Riders finally said Farewell to this awesome Arrow Dynamics Looping Coaster. You will be missed! One more note! Vortex is very photo friendly so there fore that part will be deeply missed! We made a tribute video for Vortex!






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