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  1. You are right on the team themed roller coasters here and the Reds are a bigger part of Cincinnati history than the Bengals. On the topic of the river theme, having some references to the steamboats and the Roebling Bridge would make for some unique waterpark theming
  2. It would be interesting to have every nfl market have a coaster themed to their local team the same way Kennywood has Steel curtain. Not necessarily all S&S coasters. Off topic a little bit from roller coasters, I was thinking about how Cedar Fair has given a few water parks in the chain unique themes like Cedar Point Shores and Carolina Harbor. The only local theme I could come up with to make the KI Soak City would be Ohio river themed.
  3. I know its unlikely its just an idea I've always thought would be cool. I did not intentionally base it off of Orion but you're right it is pretty similar.
  4. I have always had the idea of having a station above the parks entrance. I made this Strata coaster design to not have to remove Congo Falls and Invertigo. I made the layout fit a B&M and kept it simple. I assumed if B&M designed a 400 foot coaster there would only be a few elements. It could be named Guardian or something like that.
  5. I just won $20.20 off admission. I have won nothing else in the weeks I have entered. I was wondering if there were other secondary prizes to the ticket of a lifetime?
  6. Perhaps the lift hill is around three hundred feet and not much taller because park officials do not want a lift hill taller than the Eiffel tower which is 315 feet tall. They could want to keep ET taller than their coaster collection. I just feel they might not want a coaster taller than the centerpiece of the park. Just an idea.
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