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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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  1. Fox19 is a reliable channel to watch. Turn it on on your TV to see. Seems pretty clear.
  2. I just heard on a commercial that Fox19 will have the announcement live.
  3. @FUN&ONLY! Yesss. I am feeling extremely nervous and excited at the same time!
  4. We’ve been waiting for many years for this thing and it is FINALLY happening! I’m so excited! I wish I could be there but I’m kind of happy to avoid the rush haha
  5. I doubt it but that sounds like a good name for a ride. Or just “Project” anything.
  6. That actually sounds like an interesting name for a coaster. I wouldn’t use it for this one, but Gyroscope actually sounds pretty nice lol
  7. Thank you for this information. That confirms 99% that this is Kings Island teasing.
  8. The person who posted this comment’s name though. Brauregard Chamberlain? What the h*ck? I refuse to believe that is a real name. Has to be teasing by the park.
  9. Yeah lol probably but maybe the park will do something interesting soon.
  10. The petition is only 20 people away from the next milestone! I wonder what will happen after that!
  11. I signed the petition. All of these reasons in the bottom seem sketchy to me. I wonder what number they are waiting to hit before they do something...
  12. With this very large land clearing and the thickness of the track seen, it is clear that the giga is much more likely to happen than not to happen. The markings on the track pieces are also showing that it is a hyper/giga, and it is definitely not a hyper. Giga is in the future!
  13. We need a giga as the next coaster.
  14. That means they have plenty of space. I think that we could easily see a giga here. I just hope it is a giga. I would be willing to wait until 2021 or even 2022 for this but I don’t want them to give us a wing or dive because although they are great rides, they are not the stand out ride that we wanted. Kings Island has gained a reputation for trolling the enthusiasts with the way that they drop clues and lead us in certain directions that will not end up happening. All I’m saying is that they might be tricking us with all of the leaks and “clues”. I just hope the clues are true and that they
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