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  1. Possible to be something not Peanuts sure.. But I think it's more likely to be turned into a Peanuts theme than all other possibilities combined. I'm kind of surprised by your skepticism, but maybe you're just playing devils advocate? Either way the current attraction needs some sprucing up I think we can agree on that.
  2. Everything you stated still doesn't mean there isn't a correlation between increased KI attendance and profits @Honorarius . Yes they would like to squeeze every penny out of you, but there is only so much they can do in certain markets. Example I'd say Cedar Point makes more on average per guest than Kings Island does. A giga would make me visit much more frequently from my wagon wheel residence. On the flipside, I am not a fan of season long dining. IMO it leads to lower quality food service while also putting extra non-spending bodies in the park on weekdays. @chugh43 I wouldn't take what I hear from "some people" as true across the board. Sure some people will buy their pass and not have much else to spend in the park that day. But logic would say that since they bought a season pass, they will be back for more visits..and who knows, maybe they will bring some money with them when they do. (People usually get paid every week or every other week.)
  3. Do you know where they rank attendance wise? What about the park makes it mystique to you?
  4. Do you want me to message you and ask if it's OK before starting a thread next time?
  5. Outside of Kings Island and Disney, which North American park has the most mystique to you?
  6. I can see the signs and ads now.."New for 2020: bathrooms in X-Base" Three hour waits opening day! @Beast Guy Need meaning should/will help park prosper.
  7. Does Kings Island need a giga or do you think it will be fine without one?
  8. I agree Boo Blasters will change to something Charlie Brown related within the next 2 seasons.
  9. Id like to see water and flamingos put into the blue circle.
  10. Send in the concrete trucks. It's time to expand Action Zone!
  11. So what are the chances Kings Island gets giga coaster?
  12. I wasn't expecting so much Son of Beast talk in The Racer thread ..I think Racer > Son of Beast. Glad they are restoring classic ride.
  13. I like the policy because the kids won't have to be sad riding by themselves
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