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  1. Outer Limits and Face Off wouldn't really be missed. Face Off ain't bad except for the loop though. The ride that was Italian Job needs a retheme. Something not desolate.
  2. Can't we atleast have the funeral for Vortex before planning what to do with its' belongings? Some people just don't want two wait I suppose :p
  3. Wish I knew Vortex would have been leaving sooner or I would have gone to the park this year before Haunt. Orion is going to be cool I bet, just going to feel bittersweet with Vortex leaving. Viva Vortex!
  4. The rattle doesn't bother me. It's not a big deal imo, it's more nitpicking. What if someone said they didn't like the sound of Vortex's anti-rollbacks? Lol
  5. Great submissions so far everyone, but if @VortexBFForever doesn't win we riot. She has contributed too many awesome pictures of Vortex over the years to KIC not to win this!
  6. Area 72 doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, too bad they can't just call the area The Outer Limits.
  7. Another instant-classic thread from TombraiderTy. Cheers.
  8. Thank you for all the thrill over the years Vortex. Pourin' one out for ya old buddy.
  9. Making a coaster 200 something feet tall and most likely marketing it as a "Giga" This saves money on the front of construction, but do you think it will cost them in the back end? Or does this just imply they plan to go higher sooner rather than later?
  10. So are we saying it's a giga or not a giga?
  11. Looks like it would be a fun event for the little ones.
  12. Do all the little stuff people want, then build the world's tallest roller coaster. Everyone happy.
  13. People wanted it to be fake because they wanted it to be bigger, faster, taller. Seems obvious. How high can RMC build? Stay Tuned.
  14. Trees make Kings Island a great place.
  15. Not sure what's lefts to decode... What colour and what's the name going to be? (tiny potatoes) I like Dark Blue and Black for color like I saw in a YouTube video.
  16. Wow the shills going in on @brent People won't like me because I tell it how I see it, the new fountains seem certainly lackluster, even saddening to a lot of people. Reffernce the pic Bodha posted two posts above me, yeah they added lights all over International Street, which is neat. But a big swing and a miss on the fountain itself. What's next? RMC The Beast??
  17. There are 3 different mechanisms keeping you safe on Diamondback.. So you'd have to be really really really super duper unlucky to somehow not be safe because of the restraints. Diamondback is probably the safest coaster in the park aside from The Great Pumpkin Coaster. Diamondback is easily safer than any of the wooden coasters in the park.
  18. Speaking of Dennis Speigel, the man's got style! Kings Island is lucky he was involved in it's inception, no doubt. The park ought to let him name the new coaster imo. He's known for hitting home runs afterall.
  19. Vortex isnt sinking. Catcatastrophe avoided 8-)
  20. First off, I will decide whether to worry or not on my own accord. Thanks for the assurance though.. It's more about the location of the trim that might rub me the wrong way. Some enthusiasts seem to complain about every MCBR or trim. I am not one of those people
  21. I read this as though you are implying a 14 foot "extra" boost. More simplified is just considering this a coaster with a 300 foot drop. The relevance of 286 gets thrown out in a sense. I imagine Kings Island will refference the height of the drop much more so than the height of the lift hill when promoting the ride.
  22. OP could have came up with a better thread title. At first glance it appears as "Cleaning up Tower Johnny", which someone had to sadly.
  23. Airtime is one of my favorite ride elements, so having a trim on such a potentially nice airtime hill has me worried.
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