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  1. I have a feeling that there's an element of what we in Computer Science call "Security through Obscurity." How many people are going to show up at City Hall and ask for plans? Apparently, not many until recently. I suspect after this incident you'll see a reevaluation of those policies.
  2. Hey, fair enough. I'm actually pretty new to "decoding." I don't ride coasters; in fact, they terrify me. I just came upon this mystery and started posting.
  3. I might be the cause of this. I suggested checking with the appropriate office. At the time, I was under the impression that it would be Warren County, and it turned out to be Mason, but nonetheless, I suggested just going and asking for the plans. Pretty much anything that is being built requires filing of plans, which are public record, and cannot be denied to someone requesting them. It just seemed obvious to go and ask, to me. It's entirely possible people had thought of this on their own, but all the plans that leaked came after my suggestion. Edit: Ohio is somewhat unique in that building codes, and the subsequent permitting, is handled more locally than most states. It's usually up to the county, the township or the city, to handle permitting and enforcement. I speculate that no one thought to go and ask for plans before, because it's too obvious, but I could be wrong.
  4. I demand a POV immediately. We've all been patiently waiting this most accurate recreation.
  5. DMX seems like an unusual choice for such an installation, given it's low-power, lack of error correction and limited practical cable runs (without repeaters) of 1000' (which, in practice, is really stretching its capabilities). I would suspect something like ArtNet instead. But I'm just being pedantic, as I totally know what you intended. Haha
  6. Perhaps its themed after the obscure, 1987 Matthew Broderick and Helen Hunt film of the same name.
  7. I vote for something interesting. I'm going to go with an alien theme; lime green track, black supports. Lime green, purple and black trains.
  8. It's also worth noting that S&S has purchased Vekoma. Case Study: Steel Curtain. It's a weird S&S/Vekoma type record breaker. Depending on Steel Curtain's success, S&S could become relevant again. However, like I said, CF already has a 5 year plan.
  9. I don't know. I just think CF is beginning to play the longer game, especially for it's more revenue generating parks (of which KI is in the top 4). We've seen an increase in theming effort, we've seen impressive designs and great rides coming more frequently. CF definitely has a 5-year plan for all of their parks, is seeing the benefit of such expansion, and for KI, I expect this coaster is the third of perhaps a 4-part accelerated expansion plan (Banshee, Mystic Timbers, "Polaris," and whatever is next). This is purely speculative, but I have a lot of experience in growing major businesses, and I know how talented people execute growth.
  10. I still believe this coaster will be one of two announcements. I cannot explain why I believe this, it's just a gut feeling.
  11. Totally unrelated to this thread, but tangentially related to the above post. I just want to share because these systems are so cool.
  12. Yeah, but they can only really be very gentle turns or taken quite slowly (relatively). Humans don't tolerate high negative Gs nearly as easily as positive Gs. All the blood slamming into your head at -4Gs is a recipe for a killer headache at best, and an aneurysm at worst. Most humans lose consciousness at between -2 to -3Gs.
  13. I seriously doubt outward sideways ejector airtime. It's much more realistic to interpret those lines as the right rail moving under the left rail (inward-facing) as you enter the right hand turn, rather than the right rail moving above the left rail (outward facing).
  14. I'm onboard with this. My gut is telling me that there are dual attractions inbound in some form or another. Perhaps not even in 2020, but for some reason, I think something else is coming. It could be as simple as a retheme of FoF.
  15. It's strange to me that people reference Red Force. Sure, it's technically the tallest giga I suppose, but it's certainly not the tallest coaster. Having the tallest "giga" at that point becomes very arbitrary. It's like saying "I'm the tallest person under 6', at 5' 11.99"." Absolute records are much more interesting. Show me a 470' B&M full-circuit coaster with over-banked turns, airtime hills, etc., and I'll be impressed. I'm quite certain such a thing will be built at some point. It wasn't that long ago that 200' was insane, and we already know a 470' drop is totally doable.
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