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  1. I have the same thoughts, Season FL is going to be very helpful this year. It sounds like the anticipation is going to drive long lines. I’m not nervous though, I think CF/KI will handle it well.
  2. From what I understand there was one at the beginning of the season before park open and I read somewhere on here a second one happened around the July/August timeframe I think. I never got any emails either & those windows I just got from posts I read.
  3. I missed the window(s) in 2020, I think there were 2? So, I had to buy this year but it will be worth it.
  4. I feel lucky I got one for this year, I feel with the increased excitement and anticipation of this season one will be very handy to have. They are still available through Carowinds if someone wants one, just be sure to buy the all parks one of course.
  5. Got mine as well, this will be my first Coasterstock event. I had a ticket for last year though and am happy to get one for this year.
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