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  1. I think what we all need to realize is the curve in Virginia and here in Ohio are drastically different, Virginia was very late in ordering any kind of measures to prevent the spread of this virus and their expected peak is mid to late may while ours is Mid April this explains Virginia's Governors actions, but Ohio is expected to be just about at the end of the downslope of the curve by this time.
  2. If you actually read what I wrote, you'd know that I said we were missing 10-15 days of the park being open, not that this is a 10-15 day event. I personally have not heard of any instance in which they are converting NFL Stadiums into Hospitals and/or Medical Facilities at least not within the state of Ohio.
  3. So, I don't quite understand what we're worried about just yet, yes the parks have delayed/postponed for a bit but the entire season being scrapped isn't happening, if you think about it, we're only in likelihood if things stay the way they are now, which according to the graph I saw on another thread (which doesn't look bad) Things look okay for a mid may opening, and we only lose about 10-15 days of the park being open assuming they go straight to full time.
  4. We're not talking about a restaurant, the entire season is 9 months (Including Haunt + Winterfest) Cedar Fair will not miss the opportunity to make money off of being able to open for it. Because when they do open, people are going to look for a place to go after cooped up forever. KI is the perfect place for that and CF and KI know that, they won't miss that opportunity.
  5. So, I just want to make a point to the park closing all season, it doesn't make any economic sense, the park is going to try and get any and all business that they can once this passes, Dr Anthony Fauci a few days ago indicated that just because this thing could be around til August or July, did not mean the Restrictions would apply during that time. Another important point to make as to why this doesn't make any sense is that people are still working at the park and the parks departments are still training new employees and continue to do so in anticipation of the season, so there is no intention of closing the park down for the entire season, a small delay, yes that is completely possible, but KI will not miss out on the entire season.
  6. With everything in mind it seems that the most rational line of thought would be a mid May opening so about a month delay considering the CDCs Guidance.
  7. I am doubting this, They may have a late opening but they are already losing a lot of money with that, I don't think it's realistic for parks to shut down a whole season, especially this one with Orion, the gathering restriction wont be there forever. As soon as we are in a place where people can go to the park, Cedar Fair is going to capitalize on that, they won't shut down for the entire summer season.
  8. Have we thought about the possibility of if we do get a late opening (I am fairly certain the park will open at some point despite others commentary) that it may be possible to make august a full time month and/or add some weekdays to Halloween Haunt? Just a thought.
  9. I know, I work at it. Haha, but trust me it isn’t even close.
  10. I think we’re all over reacting a little bit, yes, the virus is a concern and is bad we should all listen to the WHO and CDC but what is going on now is temporary I don’t believe it’s realistic that this lasts months. Kings Island has shown no sign of a delayed opening other Cedar Fair parks? Yes, however if KI does open late I don’t think it will be by much.
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