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  1. The park appears to have changed their operating hours until June 10th to 8pm closes.
  2. Problem I see with this though is, what prevents an adult coming in with them, dropping them off and then leaving. I can’t really see how anyone can prevent that.
  3. So on the note of this chaperoning thing, should that be the route the park decides to take, how would they even enforce this? Seeing as though they are understaffed literally everywhere and are contracting out security right now? Any thoughts on how they might do this?
  4. While I understand the frustration of everyone involved and maybe I am reading it the wrong way from some of us here discussing. I don't think blaming the park is the right way to go about this, they hold some responsibility obviously. However, they can only be so proactive with what they have available to them, beyond that it is how they react to that which we will see.
  5. I think one thing is pretty clear here and this is more in response to some of the things I’ve seen elsewhere rather than here really but still Important. this situation got out of control so quickly it isn’t fair to blame the employees for this, does Kings Island have some responsibility yes, however a lot of these kids it was their first or second weekend at the park working. security is understaffed and it’s important to understand that a lot of them are new. The employees always ask for your patience the weekends up to full time season for that reason. my point being not that I think anyone here is, but that it isn’t as simple as blaming the employees for what occurred, I actually think they did brilliantly given the unfortunate circumstances.
  6. Thank you for posting this, I worked alongside Guil in Security it is a very saddening loss for our department.
  7. Yes, I will mention especially coming through the Health Screening, We did our training today. It will be different the first few weeks we will most definitely need peoples patience, we want you in the park, but please make sure to be patient with us as im sure all of you here will be.
  8. According to an article I read they want to open up immediately or at least have the permission to do so. An attorney for Cedar Fair stated that they’d have to see if two weeks was sufficient.
  9. Depending on what happens tomorrow with the hearing scheduled. I’d bet we see a lot more from the park after that.
  10. Agreed being Security in the park I am likely to be on high alert I have to be careful about what I can and cannot say in an public forum, however I do know that people who do not follow the rules will be dealt with. I am worried about people getting aggressive over the mask thing, because It is a divided subject hopefully like you say it isn’t horrible but I am worried that information won’t be spread and people will be ill informed and then we have to clean up the mess left behind.
  11. He can say whatever he wants that doesn’t mean it is necessarily true, if that were the case I don’t believe they would have filed suit.
  12. Oh it is finally over, Thank God, I truly believe that he would not have made this announcement today if they had not filed that lawsuit.
  13. Just heard on my Local News Station that there is indeed a press conference.
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