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  1. Except most in this area will insist this is fake news...
  2. Sally’s Seaplane is my guess...
  3. Every dept. has an interest in discarding or rationalizing negative feedback as efficiently as possible. That is why I never complain to management. Ever. I assume the criticism will fall on deaf ears. But I will say nearly every experience we’ve had in the Brewhouse has been disappointing this year. But then again, you get what you pay for. What do you expect from the type of restaurant that will give you 2 meals a day for 6 months (if you are so inclined) for around $100! I’ve had the same experience with the honey mustard... but honestly, I am pleasantly shocked that the chicken tenders and “barrels” even found their way to my table in under 30 minutes. Also, if it’s not a typical serving job (where tips are involved), I just assume going in that the staff isn’t going to really take pride in their jobs, and couldn’t care less if a hungry family/dude is happy. I just go in expecting to be disappointed, and my very low expectations are met every time! Then we go ride Mystic Timbers and have fun! Also @IndyGuy4KI, while it’s not my nature to take the same tact as @fyrfyter did with Don, your response was a bit draconian.
  4. Hi, I think you’ll be fine on everything except maybe Drop Tower. My wife has very similar proportions (just a bit shorter), and she is okay on everything (though Drop Tower is a bit tight). If you want to be sure, you can try out the test seats in front of some of the Coasters. So don’t worry, and have fun!
  5. Ha! I too am disappointed. So the first two visits of this year, our 9 year old was a little skittish of any of the bigger roller coasters. Ergo a large number of rides on BLSC at the beginning. I am proud to say that In the beginning of May, she rode Banshee and it is now her favorite Coaster. We are working hard to drop BLSC in the rankings. I do keep a running list in the Notes on my phone, just of what was ridden, how many times ridden, and who rode it. But the other responses here are full of ideas that I hadn’t thought of.
  6. This is a great point. Will incorporate it. Thanks!
  7. Hi - I’ve been lurking on the forums for just a little while. My family and I have Kings Island season passes this year and I, like my true obsessive self, have created a spreadsheet to track our visits, rides, meals, and overall trip value. 1) Just wondering if anyone else has similar tracking mechanisms they would like to share; and 2) Here is the Read Only link to my spreadsheet. I’m not great with excel so I’m sure it’s inefficiently drawn up. Let me know your thoughts/suggestions https://1drv.ms/x/s!AklRwRpH_Q5PuGsfnBI4MsHuOurD
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