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  1. Time Traveler seems like it would make use of a lot of Voban.
  2. Still wondering why a brewhouse wasn't put in Oktoberfest. The park truly does care about the original theme of each area anymore.
  3. No one knows truly how the ride will feel without riding it first. So, in my opinion, I believe it will not be that intense based on the information provided to me about the ride. I am allowed to have an opinion before riding it first in this situation because no one has ridden it. This is not the same as someone trashing Time Traveler when everyone that rides it loves it.
  4. But here you are defending it as being a great coaster without having ridden it yourself. All I am saying is that a POV is all we have right now and based on that I doesn't seem that intense.
  5. The POV of Copperhead Strike shows it has a lot of hang time on all of its inversions (I know this because of the extended time the train is held upside down.). You experience more hangtime when the train barely makes it through the inversion (Or if it is a zero-g stall, etc.). Therefore hangtime does not give you +g's and +g's is what most of us call intensity. Although intensity doesn't automatically mean a coaster will be good, in my opinion, it is a step in the right direction and is the type of coaster I would like to see at the park.
  6. 2022 seems like a good year for a major park renovation. Bring back elements of the park from the grand opening in '72. Although it seems they are already doing this for 2019 there is still much they could do in the future. I don't think it is out of the question to see a Giga/ new coaster in 2020.
  7. I can understand this comparison because after my first ride on MT on media day I called it the Maverick of the woodies. My opinion has changed slightly, however. I do agree that Mystic has great pops of airtime and quick pacing it doesn't have the G forces and intensity of Maverick. Copperhead Strike from the POV seems to lack G's more so than mystic along with its slower pacing. Edit: This is not to say that Copperhead Strike won't be an awesome coaster. But it will have a different appeal to it than a Blitz. Copperhead Strike will exceed in hangtime and I am excited to ride it!
  8. Skyride and 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower are among the more realistic I want back but as for dream things I would want back. Zodiac for sure. Tomb Raider the ride (With all the theming as original). Scooby doos Ghoster Coaster (Favorite ride as a kid). Phantom Theatre. Original Antique Cars!
  9. I would love an Intamin Blitz in the park but Mack multi-launch coasters just aren't thrilling enough. They made major improvements with Copper Head Strike but until mack can make a coaster as intense as Maverick I will wait.
  10. I heard this back in 2014 at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I decided to make it sound like an advertisement for comedic effect.
  11. Havnt you ever rode WindSeeker and felt like something was missing? Does it ever feel like you need more of a thrill? Well, wait no more because new for 2020 WindSeeker 2! Built on the site of action theatre WindSeeker 2 will offer an experience identical to WindSeeker 1 but now they will race! Cheer on your team to see who can be the first to the top!
  12. We have been wanting more live entertainment for awhile at the park. This is a super cool and unique way to do it!
  13. Even though they built WindSeeker feet from the FC pad and it looks fine.
  14. I know it is a bit of an over-analyzation but why would change that part of the map unless something changed there in the park. Looking at the new map it seems we are going to have a more updated dining area than before. I understand this does not mean this is fact but it is an interesting bit to look at.
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