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  1. I was able to read it and can confirm it is 100% just theming for FOF. It is just filled with direct references to the preshow.
  2. After aligning the leaked layout to the satellite image on google earth I can confirm that north does not match up with the footer blueprints at all. This leaked layout is almost entirely facing south where the footer blueprint is facing east. Not sure if this means anything.
  3. Sadly I don't think that the leaked plan shows the area where the new structure is going. We cannot determine anything by that method
  4. Correct me if I am wrong but from the photos I have seen the footer in question on fury and leviathan are not at an angle and it is the spine that is angled to match the footer.
  5. I have realized a mistake in my measurement. I was measuring from the front of the station to the top of the lift because I knew the transfer track was not before the lift like fury based on the info we have. What I did not realize is that despite this fact there is still a straight section before Ls1 and Ls2. I apologize for throwing these numbers out there and giving people false hope.
  6. So if we use 452 we get a height of 379.27ft and if we use 453 we get 380.11ft. So based on your super accurate measurements the lift would be 380ft tall. Correct me if I am misunderstanding.
  7. So I overlayed the layout image (PM me to see the image bc mods don't want it on here) and got a new more accurate measurement of a 408ft long lift which would make the drop ~340ft.
  8. This is the placement I have for the start and top of the lift. I got this info from the layout cad file that was leaked and can verify it is accurate to that layout. Now I understand that footer coordinates are more accurate however if we look at the lift hill of fury we can see that no support touches the ride at its maximum point. I don't think that it would be 100% accurate to say that the tallest supports footer is right under the tallest point. As stated before there are differences in Leviathan and Furys supports and maybe our will be different as well. I am just showing a different point of view and calculations. I will admit 355ft seems a bit too high but that is the answer I got.
  9. Could you tell me how you got your measurement so I can see where I may have gone wrong?
  10. So I was examining the original leaked layout and noticed that it marks the tallest point on the ride. I then decided to overlay the layout on google earth and measure it out. It is also apparent on this document that the transfer track is behind the station not before the drop like fury. The measurement I got from google earth was 435 ft long. Then using the 40-degree number we just confirmed we get a lift of about ~355ft. Feel free to try and replicate my results for accuracy.
  11. It still wouldn't even be the tallest and fastest in Ohio because of TTD. I just don't think we have an accurate idea of height yet. I still think 340 is possible. (Maybe I am being nieve)
  12. The most confusing part to me about these plans is that the Dino path is still there. Maybe this was just an overlay on a map of the park this year and not for 2020. Take from that what you will.
  13. I stand corrected. In that case, I would prefer the stadium style but I think the 4 per row is more likely.
  14. Personally, I would like 4 seats per row because I would love to wait half as long. That being said the stadium-style seats make for a better ride experience.
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