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  1. I can faintly see them today. Definitely hard to tell with the sunrise.
  2. It looks like the temporary support for the lift hill came off this morning! Much earlier in the construction process than the other B&M giga's.
  3. I would like to confirm that FOF has 6 blocks but currently only utilize 5. Station to the first inversion. First inversion to the block brake. Blocks to the "slow down"/ ready brakes before unload. Ready to unload. unload to waiting's. waiting's to station. The transfer block is in between the "slow down" brakes and the unload station. The ride is currently not programmed to ever stop there.
  4. I believe Flight of Fear's roughness comes from the trains and therefore would be a much cheaper fix than track replacement. I don't see FOF going away anytime soon due to the fact that it is indoors and is not exposed to the elements. Invertigo is out in the elements and we have already seen the removal of boomerangs in recent years due to maintenance/ low ridership. I think it is safe to say that Invertigo is pretty low on the GP's favorite rides list and therefore would be on the chopping block before a ride such as BLSC.
  5. Vortex. With seemingly nothing ready to take its place it is a terrible time for it to meet its demise. TRTR. The best theming in the park just taken away to become...... a hunt maze. SMH
  6. To me it seems way to early for us to get another coaster that soon after Orion, but considering the timing of Vortex's demise this is the only way I can see it all making sense. If the next ride doesn't come until 2023 then the land sits for a year when Vortex could have operated.
  7. Because they don't have anything replacing it right away. They did that with Firehawk to get people to ask what is next. But with Vortex they don't want any speculation by the GP just yet. That's my guess.
  8. OLFOF96

    Decoding 2020

    I was able to read it and can confirm it is 100% just theming for FOF. It is just filled with direct references to the preshow.
  9. OLFOF96

    Decoding 2020

    After aligning the leaked layout to the satellite image on google earth I can confirm that north does not match up with the footer blueprints at all. This leaked layout is almost entirely facing south where the footer blueprint is facing east. Not sure if this means anything.
  10. OLFOF96

    Decoding 2020

    Sadly I don't think that the leaked plan shows the area where the new structure is going. We cannot determine anything by that method
  11. OLFOF96

    Decoding 2020

    Correct me if I am wrong but from the photos I have seen the footer in question on fury and leviathan are not at an angle and it is the spine that is angled to match the footer.
  12. OLFOF96

    Decoding 2020

    I have realized a mistake in my measurement. I was measuring from the front of the station to the top of the lift because I knew the transfer track was not before the lift like fury based on the info we have. What I did not realize is that despite this fact there is still a straight section before Ls1 and Ls2. I apologize for throwing these numbers out there and giving people false hope.
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