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  1. That would totally redeem this coaster
  2. Lol if you keep thinking the same way I am I’m gonna have no choice but to dm you lmao
  3. I’m assuming this comment is reflecting back on the international street thread where the mods were overly involved and basically banned all photos. It was super controversial, and scared a lot of people for what this thread would become. Personally I’m happy they’re much more silent than they were in that thread or half of this would have been redacted
  4. Save the drama for yo momma @sixohdieselrage
  5. If this is what I think it is I mentioned the thought of a TTD type of a coaster, but what if they used the momentum of the drop for a few more elements instead of just returning to the station like the other models.
  6. I get your point, an improvement is an improvement so we should be happy. But if our giga that we’ve waited well over 10 years for doesn’t even rival the first giga built which was 20 years ago. and not to mention are in the same freaking state yeah and owned by the same company, yeah I’d say there is just cause to bit** and moan
  7. It was said like 40 pages ago that they would do clearing in stages. All I can think is this was an intentional leak and a distraction. We can expect to see footers in about 2 weeks and more clearing in about a month
  8. My hope is it’s a launch lift hill and going up around around 55-58 degrees
  9. Every time we are decoding it seems there are some sort of plans we look back on and either laugh at or say darn we had no idea what was actually in store. It seems like today is that crossroad
  10. There’s just no way that’s real. Millennium force is better than whatever that fake blueprint is. There’s no way we get a coaster that doesn’t even compare to one that was built nearly 20 years ago
  11. That’s literally my dream with this coaster! The first looping giga, the sob nod we all deserve but don’t know it yet
  12. I get that, but at the same time why would you invest around 30 million for it to just be a shadow of its relatives?
  13. Maybe I’m being hopeful, or maybe I don’t know long term plans, but if we’re getting a giga CF would be foolish to not plow a pass through that slim line of trees and use the SOB area. I mean it just makes sense. It would add at least half a mile of track
  14. Comparing it to the leaked Banshee blueprints they just don’t look the same. Just comparing The Racer to them makes it look like they were made from a different person and or program
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