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  1. You're not wrong. Here's the deal. I'm just ****ed that Cedar Fair let me find out by a push notification that my favorite roller coaster manufacturers most beautiful ride at my favorite park is being demolished. I hate to be that guy but Cedar Point wouldn't be dealing with this, they get to keep corkscrew. And if they took corkscrew down they would probably get some world record smashing coaster. My heart is just heavy ladies and gents. I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to get over the fact that I have such limited time to go see my coaster. I’m with you, I live in Wisconsin now and there’s no way I can make it back to ride this gem one last time. I’ve never marathoned a ride like Vortex, the inversions were all so perfect to me every time. I guess I’ll have to get my last ride via YouTube
  2. @collin.klopfstein I can’t help but feel like where the large hill is after the turn around would be a perfect spot for a loop (right after the small bunny hill) Thanks for putting that thought in my head buddy lol
  4. Collin you have been so clutch and dedicated throughout this summer decoding. You sir are the best!
  5. Conflict makes me awkward.... so let’s talk about a tomb raider revival
  6. So I don’t know much about trademarks but wouldn’t the name Polaris already be trademarked by the Atv company or can they coexist?
  7. Looks like announcements are getting sent out soon
  8. After watching the video of Galactica it brought a thought to my mind. So we all were thrown off by the use of Firehawk and Invertigo for the first teasers. What if, and that’s a BIG IF... they found a way to use the galactica style trains that load as an invert and then lay down. And turn Invertigo into a flying boomerang and BOOM immediately expand its life another 5+ years.
  9. For those desperate for teasing Holiday World is started teasing for whatever they are building
  10. Litrerally every time this dude is asked for pics there is some excuse. Not to be that guy but over the last 30 pages since he appeared and claimed he could get pics he has yet to deliver. Stop feeding the trolls please
  11. This is off topic but way back someone made an rmc model of The Beast. Can someone do that for SOB? I can’t atop wondering how epic that could have been
  12. Lol get your eyes checked cuzzie, it is... never mind I just read that in detail. Idk who Tom Braider is but I would pay a lot of money to see him and Laura Croft fight
  13. RIP in Peace Tomb Raider
  14. I know it’s a long shot. But I’m still in denial of the blueprints this is based off of. It just seems the ride is basically over as soon as the drop happens. It’s just so uneventful
  15. That would totally redeem this coaster
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