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  1. Lucky me, i'm joining A.C.E. now and that happen.
  2. Cedar Point's calendar have's been revealed.
  3. That will be the same with Orion.
  4. Can you allowed multiple choices to make it easy.
  5. That's just my though in my mind, but it's a good one. I want you guys to predict what to come in that area if you agree. Here's my Prediction. Rides: Renamed of Drop Tower and Congo Falls. Falltrum (Drop Tower in German)/Rolling Hills (Inspire by Germans who rolling down the hill into a muddy bottom (sometimes) because their drunk.)/Back drops on most rides in OktoberFest. (Not including Banshee/Sling Shot) Shows: Slap Dance Stage, Next to Rolling Hills' Entrance/Festhaus: Love And Honor Polka, A 9 min. show in the Festhaus with polka dancing included. Food: Sausage in OktoberFest's Festhaus. Theme section: The Original will be looking like the past OktoberFest, While in Action Zone it will be the modern OktoberFest. Do you like my idea, Reply and thanks for your support. Goodbye.
  6. (Not being offensive.) That's what you want with your own baby.
  7. In my opining: In every Cedar Fair fashion. Fast-Lane plus works on New Rides or New Coasters every year. Orion will have Fast-Lane Plus, And Antique Autos will be just Fast-Lane.
  8. It come's spiraling out of control.
  9. Hey guys I am helping out with the logo of Orion and decided to use the 2nd logo and try to make it into a free custom Orion logo. You can thank me for that.
  10. You've been waiting for this for so long, but it will be a restroom in AREA 72
  11. And also is called a Reverse Treble Cleft
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