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  1. You do know that Kings Island won't add a coaster after 2020. (money)
  2. Is started to get close to announcement date. Keep guessing what name is for our giga.
  3. Oktoberfest might expand to Action Zone and make it like a Modern Oktoberfest.
  4. Calling Cedar Point. Put heavy train in GateKeeper next time.
  5. Now Cedar Fair got the best water park in the world in their lineup. That's cool!
  6. Well I am already ready with the thread when the announcement comes.
  7. Around August (where all coaster revealed.) I will show the official named of our giga coaster.
  8. Can I debunk it. That train have a floor their.
  9. Welp I guess we about to see a Theme Giga. I think?
  10. So the most vote by now is Orion. But the color of the track is still grey and black.
  11. Welp the vekoma madhouse is coming
  12. Here is a update. Don did tease 2020 with the Gregorian calendar, Common era, And most importantly, "Anno Domini" Which means fighting. So with that, the real name for our giga is called, "Orion"
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