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  1. F.O.F. will return once area 72 is finish, and also if they built a Vekoma Madhouse nor Triotect XD Dark Ride, they will open during Winterfest.
  2. I glad I went to Vortex, and I don't like the head banger, but still I miss that arrow looper.
  3. EEK soon before winterfest the lift might be done!
  4. Kings Island and Cedar Point haunts are bringing a lot of crowds to the park then wasn't expecting. How was your reaction to all of that?
  5. They did put a giant top spin in their, you can picture how well will it be.
  6. Six Flags: "We are going to buy you for less money!" Cedar Fair: "Do you want to go bankrupt?" Six Flags: "No" Cedar Fair: "Do you want our parks" Six Flags: "HECK YES!" Cedar Fair: "Do you have theme" Six Flags for the last fricking time: Cedar Fair and Everybody: "No you can't not forever!"
  7. Hey guys I just notice this but, Zombie mall is having a connection with KILL mark?
  8. Incorrect, Gold pass can go to winter fest anytime they want.
  9. HEY THEIR ANTIQUE CARS! WELCOME TO WINTER FEST! (Edit: Flight of Fear isn't on the winter fest list for this year, because of Orion and the construction of the new AREA 72)
  10. Believe it or not, The lift motor will be in the station.
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