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  1. I do think their retracting Racer for the 50th year of K.I. just in time.
  2. ^ We don't know until we see a flashing light on the launch.
  3. I've been on all of the flat rides. (Except for kids rides)
  4. Some scenery news on Area 72. The left light post behind F.O.F. gate is completely wrecked by a meteoroid, and it's landed next to it cover by chain linked fences. Banner on the same gate have been put up. Their is some type of symbol and letter on the sign behind the vista-point support. (You can only see it up close if you look down, or go into the queue line for Orion.) Shads been supported and soon to be color. "That's all over."
  5. The Banner on the giant door from Flight of Fear
  6. keep a eye on Kings Island map, It might change soon.
  7. Who know's, maybe they will have speakers on the lift hill and break run to add the experience.
  8. And yes I think "dark blue" have a grey restraint.
  9. Now we need black (or dark blue)
  10. Here are the official color for each of the trains. Blue/Grey/Black
  11. That was Orion flying to the back of The Beast
  12. Well soon Oktoberfest will transform.
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