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  1. I did edit on Phantom Theater layout and this is how's it go.
  2. Outpost 5's Exterminator is the named that pop up in my head
  3. The day is the day Volunteers are needed at Kings Island at 4 p.m. until we let people into the simulator at 5 p.m.
  4. Wish that CHAOS appear in Kings Island in the 2024 season
  5. They are bringing oktoberfest back to what it was (Except for the burrito place)
  6. What about a RMC Wooden coaster, we haven't seen one in a while.
  7. And let's forget about the look of Area 72, OHHHHH MAN! That's so awsome.
  8. ^ And yes it's not going to happen until I think is May 14 or 21.
  9. I do think their retracting Racer for the 50th year of K.I. just in time.
  10. ^ We don't know until we see a flashing light on the launch.
  11. I've been on all of the flat rides. (Except for kids rides)
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