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  1. If their will be a Madhouse. The walls will be strip down and the Benches for the ride will appear, also the crane for building it inside the Crypt building.
  2. Ok so it won't be The Beast sequel, or Centurion. What name can this ride be theme for that area?!
  3. I say HECK NO. That will be a maintenance nightmare than a madhouse. Look at dark kastle for a change.
  4. Your correct their are only 2 in the USA. And that is why I needed that to be their.
  5. But vekoma madhouses are dark rides. And also it will have a good collection of dark rides if they have Boo Blaster/FOF/Madhouse/Triotech.
  6. Maverick no. A Vekoma Madhouse for the crypt building
  7. So Their is more about that. I draw the layout of the Crypt building and made it so what will it look like. Each shows will be about 4 min. Their will have 2 group of 78 people inside the building. 1st group goes in and the 2nd group will go in once the 1st goes in the main show (madhouse part). That's makes the total ride time with safety checks is about 21/23 min. Is like a show at Kings Island, but as a attraction. How do you like that idea.
  8. well we will just wait for the 2019 season of legoland uk's madhouse and say that it won't be a problem.
  9. I was right about the Royal Fountain to be A Royal Show Fountain. But am I right of the small plants to be looking like the original style since 1972 Am I?
  10. Houdini at great adventure reopen in 2011. And they fix the ride, and now Houdini's Great Escape is still operating at Great Adventure. (go check it out some time)
  11. Don't go in the shed Thank you and good luck. You read the spoiler
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