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  1. Can I debunk it. That train have a floor their.
  2. Welp I guess we about to see a Theme Giga. I think?
  3. So the most vote by now is Orion. But the color of the track is still grey and black.
  4. Here is a update. Don did tease 2020 with the Gregorian calendar, Common era, And most importantly, "Anno Domini" Which means fighting. So with that, the real name for our giga is called, "Orion"
  5. I looked up what Don tease. And I will confirm it can been Orion.
  6. If it dose then that will be having it's underground tunnel
  7. Hey guys. Since their will be a Behind the scenes tour at The Racer. We can see what is going on with "Orion"
  8. Cedar Fair trademarked the name Orion and Polaris. But which one do you pick. Give me the reason why and tell about the theme and anything to go along with that ride's name.
  9. I rather see a Vekoma Madhouse in the crypt building.
  10. Dude paramount parks is not doing theme parks in the USA cause of CBS not manage a theme park.
  11. It dose look like is legit after the Trademark Orion is their.
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