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  1. You know, I was thinking we can repaint Woodstock Express back to yellow like when it first opened. Also does fit well with Woodstock.
  2. If Premier rides can renovate there LIM trains, it will be possible, but no. Cedar Fair never work with Premier rides that I know of.
  3. This in the bottom page. https://darkridedatabase.com/madhouses-iii-that-is-illusion/
  4. Dark Ride Data Base did talk to Vekoma about the future of the Madhouse. They confirmed that another one is being built in a theme park. It's either Kings Island or Legoland California will get there's.
  5. I did hear that Cedar Fair do allow it, if you ask for there permission that is. You can only use camera with Heavy duty straps on the chest or arm. Nothing on the due to clearance level and the height limit.
  6. Should we tell him? Dave 'n' Busters: "Wait."
  7. I prefer a Madhouse in that building, but time to close that forum.
  8. "What ride did KI make the biggest mistake in getting "ride" of?" Grammar error, but also removing the original Antique autos and Phantom Theater is the biggest mistake that Kings Island or Paramount did.
  9. Already discussed. Also there is my Theory in that building.
  10. The work behind Coke is the new exit and queue line for Adventure Express.
  11. If they had the cost to change the train, Scenery, And special effects throughout the ride.
  12. I though your talking about Starbucks
  13. No it's just move down a space. (Edit: The error is fixed.)
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