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  1. ^ so that's 5 days of side affects if you got 2 shots
  2. What I hoping for is the return of CHAOS from the former park Opryland. (At least I'm hoping it will happen cause Vekoma is now doing Custom rides, I know is off topic at all but I just wanna speak out.) But for a RMC Layout it's got to be a Wooden or a Hybrid.
  3. They can't tear it down cause of the restaurant, but they can over hall it.
  4. Is it possible for that to happen, if yes, what's your opinion on it? Should we see outpost 5 return and trying to kill The Beast? Or should we see a Brand new theme that we didn't see in the park? What's your opinion?
  5. I went though it. and I've talk to the security about it, and look at their tablet, it's suppose to be a touchless metal detectors, If theirs a gun, it's shape like a >L<.
  6. phantom theater really is heating the subject (literally).
  7. They could add 3 new rides for the 2022 season. 1 returning ride/1 returning ride model/1 new ride
  8. lets be honest, I think is parking expension.
  9. It's a surprise to see it don't you think?
  10. Yes but, it's not a good idea to have a vr simulator ride. Look at battle for eire.
  11. I did edit on Phantom Theater layout and this is how's it go.
  12. Outpost 5's Exterminator is the named that pop up in my head
  13. The day is the day Volunteers are needed at Kings Island at 4 p.m. until we let people into the simulator at 5 p.m.
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