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  1. I think the color of the train should be Red/White/Blue, like with the entire Area 72 building colors are.
  2. The answer is revealed. 1. True: It was the 1st. 2. True: WindSeeker at Kings Island opens in April while other Cedar Fair parks open WindSeeker at may. 3 False: You guys felt for that, It's 18 years since Snoopy won, Now Dollywood Wildwood grove wins the ticket. 4. False: Not all arrow coaster end their life 35 years of operation, Corkscrew is one of them. 5. False: 3 ride model made it back to Kings Island. The Bat/Woodstock whirly bird/Kings mills antique autos. 6. False: You done good, It's former location is where the Park is by the time it was removed dude to Safety. 7. True: You can find it terrible (literally) and bloody, but perfectly fine with some minor injuries. 8. False: A.C.E. is blaming Millie for this, but it's not. Like I say they spend their money on theme/land use/song/and aspect. (And yes i'm not forgetting the restroom.) 9. False: Haunt, is not the 1st, It's Winter-Fest with it's Lovely lights. 10. True: For people who don't know, Yes it was trade marked for Cedar Point, Talk about holding on until the end. I hope you like my question, More of it coming soon, Be prepare! See you guys when the end is near.
  3. Today at 6 pm the answer will be revealed.
  4. Yea, they can used the pre-show to tell what is going on, They tell you the safety the test and the story of the ride, that should be cool.
  5. I think is some type of pre show building
  6. It's simple, Guest if it's True or False, Answer will be reveal until I decided too. Good luck!
  7. It snow, but it melt that quick, global warming is coming to us.
  8. Hey turns out that the end of the world is not gonna start with a meteoroid storm, but will be a Coronavirus. HELP!
  9. I going to point out one thing, It's illusion base ride, Your going to fell like you in floor 100 below the temple. the finally is you getting back up to the surface (Aka floor 1) thus completing the illusion.
  10. We cannot spread P.VS.Z. rides all around Cedar Fair, Go tell the 2 mascot who is waiting for their own dark ride (Spyro/Crash)
  11. I know i'm still craving for a madhouse, but here's a side view of it.
  12. KONGA KONGA KONGA KONGA KONGA KONGA KONGA KONGA MATO, MATO, MATO, MATO, MATO, MATO, *African pounding chest* WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO KONGAMATO! (Make sence for a wing coaster don't you think?)
  13. It's time for the trick track to be built.
  14. All I got to say the track between the drop and the support is going to be one insane head chopper.
  15. Cedar Point's calendar have's been revealed.
  16. Can you allowed multiple choices to make it easy.
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