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  1. The Post was on the Cedar Point Season Pass Holders Page. Unfortunately due to his and other toxic comments that followed they deleted the post all together
  2. Very true. We live in a digital age. That's why the age old saying still applies. If you don't want something quoted in a major newspaper do not say it at all.
  3. That's the thing. If you post on the internet it is for all to see. This wasnt a chat or a DM, it was a response to a Facebook post. You gotta sleep in the bed you have made.
  4. Wow real cringe bro. Imagine having such a toxic outlook.
  5. The point of Kings Island/ Cedar Fair being self insured is irrelevant. The real factor here is Liability, I am sure Kings Island's legal counsel is the one that pushed for the webcams to be off until the ride has been topped off.
  6. Hello, Yardboss Campbell here. Just wanted to fill you guys in that I had to disable the webcams while I renovate my shed's living space. I promise I will give Kings Island back the remote to the webcams after this is done. Projected completion time of my renovation is shortly after they top off Orion. I apologize for the delay and thank you for your continued patience.
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