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  1. Jokes aside, I hope he continues to fulfill his corporate position out of Kings Island. I really hope he doesn’t get relocated to Cedar Fair’s corporate offices in Sandusky or Charlotte.
  2. Small things like this go a long way!
  3. Halloween Haunt and Winterfest are not included for regular pass holders which is not new. If you have a Gold or Platinum Pass, though, you get admission into Halloween Haunt and Winterfest.
  4. In terms of the buffets, COVID-19 does not seem to spread surface to surface as much as it spreads through air particles. However, there is a risk with indoor dining in general and indoor theaters. With that being said, there are many restaurants and theaters open where COVID-19 is a similar threat. Kings Island is not the only business with these risks. In addition, waiting in the indoor queue for Flight of Fear or eating in the Festhaus are similar risks, and Kings Island has allowed them all season whether it is the right decision or not.
  5. This is surprising, but it could always be announced at a later date given that the floats are already at Kings Island. Or the website might not be fully updated yet.
  6. That is actually a really solid lineup! Is there anything that Kings Island actually did cut since 2019? I did not notice anything personally. It is nice that Flight of Fear is also back! Also, the hours are slightly increased this year with the park opening at 4:00 PM on Saturdays!
  7. As much as I would love for Area 72 to see some additions for next year, I don’t know how much sense it makes with Kings Island’s 50 anniversary in 2022. If Kings Island adds any new ride, I think they would bring back an old ride. An Area 72 expansion would be really cool in the future, though.
  8. I know @Oldschool75 said something about soil samples being taken in the back of Area 72 behind Orion. Maybe it could be a new flat ride or dark ride in Area 72 for next year?
  9. I agree that the International Showplace is looking a bit rough. It is kind of an eyesore, and I hope Kings Island gives it some love for next year.
  10. I think this new policy at Kings Island was too allow for quicker dispatches on rides where the seatbelt really didn’t do much. Very few rides actually need a seatbelt in addition to the actual restraint, so Kings Island probably felt like it was safe enough to eliminate seat belt checks on these rides. Really, rides like Orion and Mystic Timbers probably don’t need seatbelts either. However, when the seatbelt is the only restraint on a Drop Tower, it really needs to be checked.
  11. From earlier posts, it seems like the crowds picked up a little as the night went on, but those waits aren’t too bad for Halloween Haunt honestly.
  12. Good point! An RMC raptor at Kings Island would be pretty low capacity. If we’re lucky it would be around Backlot Stunt Coaster’s capacity with its 12 person trains. I also doubt Kings Island would be able to operate a raptor like Six Flags does because of IROC. Anyways, when you consider a B&M 32 passenger train, each train that is dispatched holds 4x the amount of riders that the 8 seat raptor trains hold and almost 3x the riders that the 12 seat raptors hold. Even a 24 passenger train like on Mystic Timbers holds way more. A raptor just doesn’t seem plausible in my opinion. Kings Island really needs something with a higher capacity.
  13. I hope Vortex gets a gravestone this year!
  14. I think Chef’s Plate has been a great addition, but ever since it debuted, I don’t know if I have ever seen Wishbone Grill open when it is not a Chef’s Plate day. If anyone has seen it open this year when Chef’s Plate is not going on, please let me know, but I wish Kings Island would open it up again.
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