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  1. In general, I feel like Kings Island is better staffed this season than years past. I know this wasn’t the case earlier in the season, but I think the wage increases convinced a lot of people to apply who wouldn’t have applied otherwise. At the beginning of the season, the park was moving people from different departments all over the place. LOL! When Rivertown Freestyle is basically open everyday now, that says something about staffing. Some of the midway games have been closed all season, but I think that was more of a cost-saving decision than not being able to find workers.
  2. Why do you assume Kings Island will be getting a dive coaster next? I think there are some other great options that will be even better fits for the park. A dive coaster would be popular though.
  3. The lines really aren’t too bad on the average Tuesday or Wednesday. Orion’s line also doesn’t get too long on most weekdays. That really goes for all rides. You can expect the lines to be 30 minutes or less on average. The rides that will have the longest waits are Flight of Fear and possibly Invertigo due to their low capacity. If the weather is really nice like in the 70, though, it may be pretty busy. The cooler it is, the busier it will be.
  4. Do you think we will see an announcement regarding plans for Kings Island’s 50th anniversary. If so, when do you think it will occur? I think it depends on the scale of the celebration and if there is a new attraction. I assume if there is one it will be when Gold Passes go on sale.
  5. Was this past Saturday the busiest day of the year?
  6. I think it is a good idea to expand the fall operating calendar. I am not sure we will also see Thursdays added like at Cedar Point, but I would not be opposed. I am also really glad that The Tricks and Treats event seems like it is here to stay. I like it better than Great Pumpkin Fest because it is not just limited to one area of the park, and it seems like there is more to do (and not just for kids). I also hope we see a lot of entertainment offerings for Tricks and Treats, Halloween Haunt, and Winterfest. Maybe, just maybe, the Kings Island Theater and Festhaus will house shows once again. It would be cool if we see a Winterfest parade like the one Carowinds debuted in 2019.
  7. I totally agree with this. I feel like most people prefer the front on Orion which is understandable, but the back row is my personal favorite. The drop is insane in the back row, and that final dive before the brake run is also really good in the back. I understand that you feel a greater sense of speed in the front, but I just can’t get enough of the back.
  8. I misspoke. The theming on Kings Mills Antique Autos is luckily not in too bad of shape.
  9. I agree that this is a real problem throughout Kings Island. Maintenance let Adventure Express’s theming deteriorate year after year, and they just fixed it this year. Mystic Timbers and Orion are Kings Island’s two newest rollercoasters, yet the theming upkeep has been minimal. Why pay for a custom IMAscore soundtrack if you aren’t going to play it? It is also worth noting that almost every single light doesn’t work on Banshee’ lighting package. In addition, while this doesn’t have to do with any rides, the Christmas lights lining the rooftops are in horrible condition. The lights on the Diamondback Trading Post, the Kings Island Theater, the Train Station, and parts of the Miami River Brewhouse are entirely out. I really hope Kings Island addresses these issues sooner rather than later.
  10. I doubt this would be for a new ride, but a structure like this would look cool as a picnic pavilion or an eating area within the park.
  11. I heard that Kings Island was having trouble keeping the store stocked. Squishmallows are incredibly popular, so it was probably hard to get orders in.
  12. I agree that it seems like Adventureland did not run the their rapids ride up to the standard Cedar Fair and Six Flags run theirs. As far as I know, Intamin River Rapids rides in the Cedar Fair and Six Flags chains all have multiple towers located throughout the ride with employees that are watching the course at all times (and sometimes spraying guests). I know most rapids rides are run like this, but it is crazy if Adventureland didn’t have any employees watching along the course. I know their may be a few “blindspots” on White Water Canyon at Kings Island, but the course is still monitored pretty thoroughly. I also don’t mind the seatbelts on White Water Canyon at Kings Island. You can literally unlock it with one hand in two seconds. I do think all seatbelts on river rapids rides should be easy to undo in case of accidents like this.
  13. In 2019, you were allowed to enter The Beast’s line right up until 10:00 PM. This year, you can still be in line for The Beast and ride after the fireworks, but you have to enter by a certain time.
  14. I don’t really like this policy. I liked when you used to be able to enter the line up until 10:00 PM and ride after the fireworks. Orion closes the line at 10:00 PM, so why can’t The Beast do the same? The Beast’s line closed at 10:00 PM last year after all. 15 minutes doesn’t really make that big of a difference. It is one thing to try to have everyone off before the fireworks, but now they allow some people to ride after the fireworks as long as they are in line by 9:45 PM instead of park close.
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