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  1. I’ll be honest, the first time I rode an Intamin ride, I was severely underwhelmed. When I went on the Eiffel Tower, I got no airtime. Please melt into B&M!
  2. It is kind of sad how Intamin used to be one of Cedar Fair’s “go to” manufactures and now Cedar Fair never uses them anymore. I think Intamin is trying to make a statement with all of these new rides they are putting in. I am sure if Cedar Fair ever works with them again, Intamin will go all out to try to make the best ride they can and as reliable as they can, so Cedar Fair will continue to work with them.
  3. How bad do you think the crowds will be tonight, considering there is a heat wave moving in?
  4. I was just kidding @Maverick44! I have a lot of respect for Intamin. Honestly, if I could choose any coaster to put at Kings Island next, I would want a modern Intamin Blitz. The concept you made in the Invertigo/Congo Falls area a while back was amazing. Now we just need Cedar Fair to make amends with them...
  5. Sorry for the double post, but what is all of this nonsense! Why raid Area 51 when we can raid the Intamin HQ? Who’s with me?
  6. Cedar Point will also get rid of Wicked Twisted while they are at it! LOL!
  7. You guys are talking crazy stuff with having rides removed from other parks and being added to Kings Island. What the park most likely will get is a simple relocation of the overrated Steel Vengeance, so Cedar Point can use its former location for a new B&M Dive to replace Valravn. While they are at it, they should scrap Maverick (no one likes it anyways), so Cedar Point can get the largest B&M Dive coaster ever. I am joking! LOL!
  8. I cannot go on the 15th either. I am kind of bummed but still excited for the announcement nonetheless.
  9. I must say, the fact that the ride experience can vary so much on this rollercoaster is incredible. It is also a very compact coaster, so it could fit where Invertigo/Congo Falls is. The only problem I see is how the park could run multiple trains on it...
  10. I actually believe this slightly more. It is a Thursday after all, so it is following the trend!
  11. Did the park at least fix the broken canyon blasters?
  12. Remember what happened when someone posted the leaked layout on here before they deleted it right away. Many people thought that it was fake, but it ended up being real. I think within the next week or so, the park will put posters on the fence saying when the announcement will be and send invitations for the announcement to local news stations. Although there might not actually be a full-out teaser campaign, I could see the media invitations and announcement description to “hint” at the theme. I have attached a picture of what the posters on Mystic Timbers’ construction wall said prior to the announcement...
  13. Hid it doesn’t say “concept” or “prediction” in the video title, the GP assume it is real!
  14. @Maverick44 is not being annoying. I don’t know why people let someone talking about a rollercoaster manufacturer to get to them so much. If anything, he adds character to the forums which I enjoy. And KIC is a place where everyone is supposed to share their views and opinions on rollercoasters, so I say he did nothing wrong. You did nothing wrong @Maverick44!
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