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  1. That has the potential to be really cool, but I see it as unlikely considering how much it would cost to completely re-track The Beast with this, and I know some people would protest if Kings Island touched The Beast. Still, cool idea!
  2. That is all true, but I am really excited to see what GCI can do with this. They already said at IAPPA that their new Infinity Flyer trains can handle launches and inversions, and I think that would be awesome. It would be nice to see GCI’s take on a hybrid, and considering Cedar Fair’s history with GCI, I could see them working with them if they want another hybrid considering the problems Steel Vengeance is causing for them.
  3. Looks like with the inclusion of the construction site on the map, that probably is why Flight of Fear is closed this year. Also, I cannot wait for Winterfest!
  4. Great pictures as always from Ohio Valley Coasters. It looks like we are about here on the "wave" turn judging by supports and banking: Photo Credit: Kings Island
  5. That is probably a little worse than the usual breaking-in problems, but I think Twisted Timbers is more reliable now.
  6. I do think RMC is learning from their mistakes with Steel Vengeance which is good, but I don’t know if that is enough to justify Cedar Fair working with them again anytime soon. Also, you are right, Twisted Timbers has had far less problems than Steel Vengeance had, but it did have the minor “breaking-in” problems that all coasters have. The only problem I am aware of that Cedar Fair currently has with Twisted Timbers is the loose articles and phone policy which is not RMC’s fault at all. It just so happens that Cedar Fair only has this problem with RMC coasters due to their aggressiveness. You never know, but the complicated loose articles policy alone could be enough for Cedar Fair to not work with RMC anytime soon.
  7. It is RMC’s fault 100%! They agreed to build the ride, and they were the ones who designed it. They should have engineered the structure in a way that it would not rip itself apart, but they failed to do that. If RMC cannot deliver on record-breaking attractions, then why should parks even bother building RMC’s when looking for record-breakers. They might as well get the tallest B&M Dive Coaster or something more reliable.
  8. I never said it was. It is, however, a problem that Cedar Fair has when it comes to RMC coasters, and at the moment, they really don’t have a good solution for it! But the stress and downtime Steel Vengeance is experiencing is most definitely RMC’s issue, and that is what is making Cedar Fair less likely to work with RMC in the near future coupled with Cedar Fair’s phone policy.
  9. I have heard on Reddit that RailBlazer has a few structural weak points where the trains are exerting a lot of unwanted stress on the structure. Steel Vengeance is putting a lot of wear on the structure as well, and Cedar Point is having a hard time keeping up with maintenance. Twisted Timbers actually seems like it is the better of the three, but it still has the phone and metal detector problems that Steel Vengeance has. I don’t think Cedar Fair is willing work with RMC again until they can come up with a solid phone policy where the line still moves quickly. Also, according to some people on Reddit, the problems with Steel Vengeance have caused RMC’s and Cedar Fair’s relationship to decline. I cannot find exactly where all of this was originally said, but I found this post that has some pretty good comments worth reading farther down!
  10. Why add an S&S when they can add a skinny new Intamin Blitz? LOL! But I would actually love to see an Intamin Blitz in that location. If not that then probably a Mack Rides launch coaster. I know some people are tossing around the idea of an RMC which I would be all for, but Cedar Fair’s relationship with RMC seems to have been strained after all the problems they are still having with Stell Vengeance, Twisted Timbers, and RailBlazer.
  11. Kings Dominion just announced Volcano’s closure this year, and they might be replacing it in 2021! This gives me hope that Kings Island will also soon have plans to replace Vortex!
  12. While this is true... 4 trains with 12 riders could potentially be the equivalent of Flight of Fear’s capacity with two 24 passenger trains which is not very good capacity. Also, it would be easier to stack four trains, so it could be even less than Flight of Fear’s capacity.
  13. I took pictures of it on the website during its last day of operation.
  14. I think O’Rourke is better for demolishing the rides as fast as possible. Kings Island hired O’Rourke to tear apart Son of Beast and Firehawk because they could do it quickly and it did not matter if it was carefully dismantled. Sky High coasters already has all of their equipment on site at the park, and the park might want them to preserve some pieces of Vortex for other Arrows in the Cedar Fair chain. Why hire O’Rourke when you already have another fully capable company on site to dismantle it? Sky High coasters also probably gave Kings Island a deal to do both projects.
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