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  1. My favorite is either Orion or Mystic Timbers... I really can’t choose! I got some seriously great rides on them both this last weekend, and they are both some of the best coasters in the WORLD. I can’t really say anything bad about any rides at Kings Island because I get enjoyment out of all of them. If I HAD to pick a least favorite ride it would probably be Flying Ace Ariel Chase not because it is rough, but just because it does not do a whole lot. I still enjoy it for what it is though, and it really is a hit among young kids.
  2. This is so true. Orion is just pure fun, and it is definitely an elite coaster. It holds up on its own compared to other giga coasters, and it is a really solid ride. People who trash it can’t say the ride is bad, but they are just jealous that their home park doesn’t have something as good.
  3. That really is not bad at all with COVID-19 restrictions. I know the park was probably going for Fury 325’s insane 30 second dispatches when opening, but that is not really possible with sanitization and other restrictions. By any chance, do you know why Orion’s queue was closed off early today? Will this be the policy going forward?
  4. It probably will be, but that is no excuse for the park closing the line 40 minutes before park closing. In the past, guests were able to enter the line one minute before 10:00, wait out the fireworks and safety checks, and then ride even if they didn’t get off until 11:00.
  5. The line on The Beast shut down around 9:40 tonight unfortunately. I know COVID-19 is a thing, but I HATE this so much!
  6. I don’t like the new practice of closing the lines before 10:00. It is annoying when they suddenly decide to close the ride before closing time, and you aren’t allowed to ride. They closed The Beast’s line off around 9:40 today instead of at 10:00, and they also closed Orion’s line off early.
  7. I found this on Reddit, and I think it is a great (and funny) mini-show. Have any of you seen it this season at Kings Island? Stuff like this actually really adds to the experience during COVID-19!
  8. Here is some video of most of the lights going. Since the park has been open late only once for the first riders event, it is a lot harder to get pictures of Orion at night.
  9. I can’t believe the park is already closed...
  10. No problem. I was out and about, so I stopped at the park and checked the app. Out of what I could see, I noticed everything in the park (even Congo Falls) was running besides WindSeeker. Banshee looked to be dispatching VERY slowly, but Orion and Diamondback looked reasonable.
  11. Most coasters are between 2,000 and 3,000 feet in length. Orion is literally double the length of the average coaster, so we really can’t be calling it short. Not every ride is as long as The Beast (the longest coaster in North America).
  12. Now we know it is going to be there for awhile...
  13. I have heard that most rides have about an hour wait, but can any of you guys confirm?
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