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  1. IF Kings Island does make a 2021 announcement, I see it coming in either late September or October right before the end of the season. I think this makes the most sense because by announcing something this late they will be able to get as much out of their 2020 season as possible before looking ahead to next season. As for what a new addition could be, I agree that it may be something like the return of the Der Spinning Keggers. Remember for the Kings Mills Antique Autos, they sent out invitations for an announcement only the day before it was scheduled to be held, and they didn’t actually sta
  2. There was rain in the forecast for Sunday, and it was raining pretty hard in the morning which could explain the light crowds. In terms of The Racer, it has been down a lot recently. I am okay with it being down for the season as long as they are in the process of repainting it. LOL!
  3. I went to the park yesterday, got in line for White Water Canyon around 5:30, and the wait was to the covered bridge. I ended up waiting about 25 minutes to ride.
  4. The Woodstock Gliders will never be the same as the Flying Eagles unfortunately. They were designed to be more tame, and long time Kings Island fans will know the difference between these gliders and the original Flying Eagles. Also, the water maze is Planet Snoopy was rather ugly and disgusting in my opinion, and I do not want to see it return. I do think Planet Snoopy needs a complete overhaul, though, but I don’t see this coming in 2022.
  5. On the topic of The Bat’s station, I think The Bat’s station could use some love, but the way it was designed makes it really hard to freshen it up because it is just flat out ugly. On the other hand, The Racer’s, Adventure Express, and especially The Beast’s station need some new paint. The Beast’s station is one of the coolest stations in the world, but it is so faded, the roof is in terrible condition, and there is trash thrown everywhere that it kind of looks ugly nowadays.
  6. Kings Island better not remove The Bat. It would be a pretty bad look to remove three coasters back-to-back-to-back. I feel like removing that many coasters would deter long-time fans.
  7. Not going to lie, once Carolina Cyclone or Dragon Fyre reaches the end of its service life, I would love for the old trains to be repainted to their original colors and shipped back to Kings Island to put on display somewhere in the park. On the other hand, this would probably be unnecessary to invest money in, so it probably will never happen.
  8. If they remove The Bat, I can’t help but get a little annoyed. It is not common for a park to remove a ride at all and doing it three years in row is a bad look. It will be getting old if they choose to remove yet another ride.
  9. Has anyone else noticed that Drop Tower is no longer rotating on the way up? Does anyone know why it is no longer rotating?
  10. I don’t know. A new patio would be nice, but there is no big restaurant nearby that is a big draw. Jukebox Diner is decent, but it never really gets long lines. Maybe if they give Jukebox Diner the Miami River Brewhouse treatment, it will need more seating, but I don’t know if they will do that.
  11. If I had to guess, the park may be planting more trees right there.
  12. That would be cool, but I think Cedar Fair would like to do that type of thing at a park like Cedar Point, Carowinds, Canada’s Wonderland, it California’s Great America before doing that at Kings Island.
  13. I really appreciate all the updates @gforce1994 has shared with us regarding the markers, and I hope he continues sharing them. These markers have created an interesting topic of discussion that SHOULD make for some fun conversations. However, some users are so dead set on their respective opinions that they are tuning out other opinions and just proclaiming that they are right (I will admit, I have been an offender to some extent). This discussion should be fun, and it can be. Right now there are a bunch of markers at the park, and they could literally mean anything. Everyone has their own op
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