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  1. I had a dream that Kings Island demolished The Beast and sold the land to some private company. I know... it wasn’t a good dream.
  2. We’ll see I guess, but I am still not sure Cedar Fair will be interested in RMC single rails because I know RailBlazer had some problems initially which caused it to open late. I don’t know if those problems have been ironed out, but maybe they have. I also think an RMC raptor like RailBlazer, Wonder Women, and Jersey Devil would be too low capacity for a larger park like King Island, but maybe if the RMC T-Rex ever comes out, Cedar Fair will consider building one of those.
  3. I don’t think any Cedar Fair parks will get an RMC anytime soon after all of the problems Steel Vengeance had/has. They are the new Intamin in Cedar Fair’s eyes. I would love to be wrong though.
  4. I would argue that even a June 1 opening is pushing it. I would love to be wrong, but with the way things are going, I could see Kings Island opening mid to late June or even in July or August.
  5. What was the letter about that makes you so angry with Cedar Fair? Is it because Cedar Fair is not suspending your payments?
  6. When did this happen? And why did they randomly send you a letter?
  7. I will try to fix it. It was just like the picture you posted but from Kings Island Twitter. If you zoom in on the background, you can see part of the fence.
  8. Credit: Kings Island Twitter You can see the fence they put around Vortex’s plot of land well in this picture!
  9. That is interesting to think about. If domestic travel within the United States was restricted, it would definitely be a problem for pass holders in Indiana, Kentucky, etc. It would be interesting in the case of a park like Carowinds which is in two states, so season pass holders would really have a problem. Hopefully, though, all of this is passed once Kings Island finally opens whether it is May, June, or even July or August.
  10. I agree, and I am expecting them to announce that they are postponing their season very soon. I am just waiting on the formal announcement and how long they are delaying the season.
  11. Who knows at this point? Maybe there are three separate light strips that run up the lift hill and give a meteor shower effect. The lights could possibly be programmed to sync with the train on the lift hill.
  12. Kings Island’s social media has been very inactive the past few days. They also did not do the “4 more Saturdays until you can ride Orion” post they usually do every Saturday. I think the park is unsure if Orion and the park as a whole will actually open as scheduled on April 11.
  13. I honestly think Vortex’s plot of land would be perfect for a massive Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster. It would be a perfect fit and look so good up along the midway like Vortex did. They can even give it a KCL light package like Hangtime to make it look even better at night. My only concern is that it would be too low capacity, but maybe they can resolve that with a dual loading station. For those who have ridden Hangtime or a similar Gerstlauer, how was it?
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