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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. This is a very nice mock-up, but I don’t see Zephyr being moved. I don’t see a coaster going there at all. A MACK Rides Spinning Coaster like this would be nice, though, and it would be a great family ride. They could build one in reply any area of the park and theme it to that area. Something like this in Planet Snoopy would be great addition if Kings Island wants to go for the best kids area in the world again.
  2. Weren’t there also markers behind the Kill Mart building? They could use that space for a new restaurant or a new flat ride, but the markers could have meant nothing significant.
  3. I hope Kings Island does the same thing. I also hope they bring back Early Entry like Cedar Point.
  4. I seem to recall Cedar Point also opening at 11:00 AM like Kings Island, but I may be wrong. Now their calendar has 10:00 AM opening every day.
  5. Hopefully the webcams return online soon, but Kings Island said they would return soon almost a year ago at this point.
  6. I would rather Kings Island bring back an old more beloved ride like Der Spinning Keggars, Phantom Theater, or Enchanted Voyage in some form or another. I know Kings Island used to have a Ferris Wheel for a few years, but I don’t think it is missed too badly by longtime fans of the park. Also, in my opinion, Ferris Wheels are not really worth riding that often with their terrible capacity and lackluster ride experience. If you want good views, the Eiffel Tower has you covered with much better views than any Ferris Wheel could provide at Kings Island.
  7. Cedar Point is reopening their indoor theater. They are also bringing back early entry, and they are opening at 10:00 AM for the general public. It is too bad Kings Island isn’t doing any of this. However, if attendance is good at Kings Island, I could see indoor shows returning in the Fall and Winter, and I could see 10:00 openings resuming. Also, this is off-topic, but it looks like Cedar Point updated their website design. Knott’s Berry Farm did the same thing, so I could see this being rolled out for all Cedar Fair parks.
  8. Here is Kings Island’s 2021 operating calendar through Labor Day! There are a decent amount of 10:00 PM closings this year, and Soak City will open on May 29th. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/explore/calendar-and-hours
  9. I wouldn’t say Mystic Timbers is in the back of the Kings Island, but I do think The Vortex void needs to be filled. I also really hope another coaster is not removed before Vortex is replaced because that would leave a bad impression on a lot of fans. I could see a new coaster announced to leave right after a new coaster is announced similar to what happened with Orion and Vortex.
  10. So the big question when it comes to a Vortex replacement is when it will happen. In Cedar Fair’s conference call yesterday, they said they want to go back to investing 9% to 10% of revenues back to what they wanted to invest before the pandemic, but they can only do so when their financial situation improves. They also said that for 2022 additions and beyond, they will only activate capital projects as the situation improves. It is also important to note that Cedar Fair is not currently committed to any future capital projects that have not been announced. For any projects that are already in
  11. Hershend simply buying the park likely won’t affect competition much. Hershend needs to invest a decent amount into Kentucky Kingdom in order to trigger a response from Kings Island and Cedar Fair. My only concern with Hershend investing a lot into Kentucky Kingdom is that there is really not much room to put in a major new attraction. Also, they are probably only going to get the operating contract for Kentucky Kingdom and not own it outright, but I may be wrong in that regard.
  12. That color scheme looks exactly like Copperhead Strike. I really like the color scheme, though, and if the ride is going into Rivertown, it fits great! Would the entrance to this ride be near The Beast?
  13. I would be so happy with an Intamin Blitz coaster like Maverick at Kings Island to replace Vortex, but I will only believe that Cedar Fair is willing to work with Intamin again when I see it.
  14. I am not going to do a Google Earth overlay, but from others that I have seen like, Copperhead Strike fits pretty well in The Vortex plot of land with room to spare. Also, MACK Rides is currently building a 200+ foot launch coaster in China that look pretty cool and is supposedly going to feature a faster launch acceleration than their previous coasters, We probably won’t see a MACK Rides multi-launch as tall as this at Kings Island, but we could see a layout different and more intense than Copperhead Strike.
  15. I feel like a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster is likely because it would be a modern multi-inversion coaster with a beyond vertical drop, making it different than Vortex while still featuring many inversions. On the other hand, something like a MACK Rides multi-launch makes a lot of sense because it could also feature a lot of inversions, and Kings Island lacks a good modern launch coaster.
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