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  1. I wonder if Kings Island has The Racer on some multi-year re-tracking and upgrade plan with each year one part of the ride being re-tracked. The past two years, the turnarounds on both sides were re-tracked and now almost everything from the base of the first drops to the turnarounds will be re-tracked. Now the only large sections with old or original track that will remain will pretty much just be the sections from the turnarounds to the brake runs. Also of note is that The Racer received a new LED light package in 2018. With all this considered, it really looks like the park is committed t
  2. This is really exciting. Does anyone know if it is 500 feet of new track on each side or total? Also, is this being done in-house or by GCI?
  3. For those holding out any hope of Kings Island opening for a Christmas event, Scrambler is already having its cars taken off, and it is a ride that is usually open for Winterfest.
  4. Thanks for sharing @gforce1994, and if you can get pictures that would be even better. This is really interesting, and it is probably for Adventure Express’ anniversary next year. I wonder where the Kings Island got new Arrow track manufactured.
  5. Seriously? That is pretty cool! I could see this being the start of a complete renovation for 2021. I could see the rest of the track being painted red or the new track being painted brown to match the old track. If you have any pictures, that would be great!
  6. I saw this on Coaster Nation’s Facebook, and I genuinely want to know what this is about because the post doesn’t really explain anything. It says Adventure Express was re-tracked and new special effects were added, but I find this highly unlikely to have occurred within the last week. If anyone has ridden it today, has anything actually changed?
  7. I would love to see Adventure Express get some TLC for its 30th anniversary next year. It would be nice if they brought back the old station soundtrack and fixed the final tunnel.
  8. In what direction were the markers heading, and do you have any pictures?
  9. It looks like Carowinds will have Winterfest or something similar! I would think that Kings Island would also hold a winter event this year if Carowinds is holding one especially being a larger park and already being open, but with it being this late into the season and no work being done at all, I don’t see it happening. They usually already have the fountains drained and the Eiffel Tower closed by this time every year for Winterfest.
  10. I could see the building possibly being torn down to make way for something new in 2022, Kings Island’s 50th anniversary season. Whether it is a new restaurant, museum, throwback ride, or nothing at all going there, I could see a lot of attention being directed towards Coney Mall in 2022. I would also love for the Coney Mall sign to return and for The Racer to be repainted.
  11. Does this mean that the security really isn’t that great right now especially on some of these very crowded fall days?
  12. We’ve come a long way from this time last year when everyone had to empty their pockets and put their items in the bins and all bags having to be taken off and inspected. I think it was last Winterfest, Kings Island must have upgraded the metal detectors or something because guests were allowed to keep their phones and other items in their pockets without having to place them in bins. Now bags don’t even need to be checked with these new metal detectors, creating a seamless process. While COVID-19 has mostly had a negative effect, it has at least pushed innovation in the coaster industry.
  13. Here is a surprisingly smooth and clear point-of-view video of Son of Beast in its original form that was just posted to YouTube within the last 24 hours. I have never seen such a good POV of this ride on the internet until now. Enjoy!
  14. I don’t see next year being as bad as this year for Kings Island because they should at least still be able to open in April instead of July. I think attendance will be OKAY for what it is, but I do see limited park hours for sure. I wouldn’t expect to see 10:00 PM closings every night in the summer anymore, but I would love to be wrong. I also hope that Cedar Fair’s other properties can resume operations, so the whole chain can be profitable next year. This year Kings Island and the other parks that opened were profitable, but Cedar Fair still saw huge losses with so many other parks being cl
  15. I agree that it was a simple question, but the nature of Kings Island fans is to automatically create speculation out of small things like this hence the creation of this thread. I am not saying the park was trying to troll fans, but it is not a total surprise that people have started jumping to conclusions with the tweet. I, personally, never saw it as much, but judging by the comment section on the tweet and this thread, many people have begun speculating even though it most definitely means nothing.
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