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  1. I saw a Carowinds post on twitter of Copperhead Strike, and on one of the posters, you could make out the word centurion Honestly, I don’t know why Cedar Fair is still teasing this name as they have been doing this before Fury 325 was even announced Sorry that the picture is not very clear
  2. Baynum Painting could also be painting the buildings on International Street as the park stated that they would be receiving new paint jobs and nothing would be left untouched
  3. I thought there was a fairly recent satellite image on this thread that showed the Firehawk plot of land with the coaster being completely gone, but I cannot find it anymore so must have been removed
  4. Honestly, at the rate Cedar Fair is removing Vekoma coasters, I cannot see them working together on an attraction for the old Crypt building, and I think we should consider other options too
  5. I see there being a chance of Cedar Point getting a new coaster in 2020, but like what Tony Clark said, I do not believe that it will be some record breaking monster so maybe like a nice GGI or something
  6. I know this is not necessarily any proof, but Tony Clark was quoted saying that the park is focused on going retro for the 2020 season, and they are not necessarily going to build some huge roller coaster https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wkyc.com/amp/article%3fsection=features&headline=cedar-point-planning-150th-anniversary-with-retro-ideas-for-2020-what-we-know-so-far&contentId=95-145df88a-e120-4f2e-b337-484d5a927c3e
  7. As much as I want a giga, or anything, in 2020, I do agree that it is far from confirmed that we will be seeing a new coaster, especially since it is not KI’s turn in the chain to receive a new coaster, but this has me wondering who in the chain might end up receiving a new coaster in 2020 if KI does not
  8. I guess you are right, but if we start seeing many many B&M hyper track pieces, that may give us a clue as well
  9. I have heard these jokes, but I just found it funny that someone renamed it to that on Google, but then again, earlier this year It said that Kings Island was permanently closed
  10. Also... just noticed this LOL
  11. At this point, I would classify track as suspicious if looks like it could be the track of one of the possible rumored coaster models for Kings Island, and if looks like it is giga track, we might be on to something Btw, I know that the B&M hyper track is used for both gigas and hypers, but it looks as if there is a difference with the track during the drops, so that is something that could be looked for
  12. I was just wondering if any suspicious track showed up at Clermont Steel Fabricators if anyone has driven past there recently
  13. I guess that is what I was talking about, but I still think that track for such a potentially large project would have to be produced earlier than usual
  14. Just a quick question: is there any new signs of suspicious track showing up at Clermont Steel Fabricators? I know that the track for Yukon Striker must have been produced really early considering that painted B&M track was spotted at Canada’s Wonderland in January of 2018, and a giga coaster, if that is what it is, would probably need its track produced pretty early as well
  15. So in this discussion, I want to know which parks in the Cedar Fair chain have the best rollercoaster lineups. I definitely think that Cedar Point has the best one right now, and I think that it would be very hard to disagree with that! But what I really want to know is how do the other park lineups in the chain stack up and compare to one another. After Cedar Point, I think the next two best lineups in the chain are at Kings Island and at Carowinds, but I am interested to hear your opinions!
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