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  1. I am not one to automatically believe what people say about rollercoasters on the news. I remember when Diamondback was still under construction, and WLWT reported that it would have three loops...
  2. In this Instagram post, Kings Island referred to the fountains as the Royal Fountains and the new fountain show as the Royale Finale, so they are definitely not called the World Fountains...
  3. This may just be me reading the blueprints incorrectly, but it looks as if the new ride photo booth is attached to the newly extended Flight of Fear queue line. Please correct me if I am wrong...
  4. I was looking through the blueprints, and I was wondering why the new ride photo building, supposedly for the giga, looks to be way smaller than the current Firehawk ride photo building. You would think it would be much larger for such a coaster as the Firehawk ride photo building was maybe... average size...
  5. I love how we are already discussing what KI’s next coaster after the giga might be...
  6. I know what you mean, but I think the reason why Cedar Fair loves working with B&M so much is because of three reasons: 1. B&M’s are not too intense, making them very re-rideable and GP magnets (the GP makes up almost all of Kings Island’s attendance) 2. B&M’s are always reliable and they can absolutely eat through heavy crowds 3. B&M’s just look so good... when the average guest walks into a park, and they see this towering roller coaster, they are automatically going to assume it is super fun and scary I think when Cedar Fair approaches B&M to build a new ride, they want them to design it to appeal to the average guests, but I will say that when B&M has the opportunity to make something big... out comes a darn good ride!
  7. Is the queue line situated in between the brake run and the station?
  8. I still want to know what color our giga coaster is going to be... I hope it is not grey!
  9. Unfortunately, it seems as if this thread has not been very active lately now that the Decoding 2020 thread exists...
  10. I think Cedar Fair learned with Mystic Timbers that it does not take some huge record-breaking coaster to bring in the crowds like Banshee, but the ride they put in just has to be solid... and that is what it looks like we have!
  11. Just think about John Materese’s moto: “Don’t waste your money!”
  12. I feel like they would at least want to put them up before Summer to get the GP and the other regular park goers interested!
  13. Do you think we will see teasers after Memorial Day?
  14. I bet half of the KI employees who talk about what is coming in 2020 with park guests do not even know what a giga coaster is...
  15. I can see Firehawk’s trains refusing to flip back up in the station right now... Edit: Good news! Maintenance is on their way...
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