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  1. I like the idea, and I think it would go over very well with the GP, but many coaster enthusiasts were not fans of Steel Curtain and the area because it was themed to a sports team. I guess everyone has their own opinions on that matter though, and if it makes sense, I could see the park considering that. I am just wondering how much of an annual fee the park would have to pay to use the Reds branding. Does anyone know if Kennywood paid the Steelers good money to use their assets?
  2. I am a newer member, but I couldn’t agree more! Often times, when I see a bunch of negativity in a thread, i’lll just mark it as read and go elsewhere.
  3. I don’t think they will reuse the station of Invertigo because it is... well... weird. Also they tore down Firehawk’s station and did not use Son of Beast’s station when they could have, so I don’t think they will reuse it. After all, a Vekoma used to travel through that thing!
  4. I was thinking the exact same thing. It would be the perfect day for the park to put teasers up or if they are going for an earlier announcement like they did with Banshee and Mystic Timbers, they could even confirm the date for the unveiling!
  5. It looks to be more “intense” than Diamondback IMO. I think the best part of the new ride for me will be the ejector airtime hill after the turnaround!
  6. That would be cool! The theme is still mostly up in the air at this point!
  7. I know this probably won’t happen, but it would be cool if in the announcement video, Firehawk came crashing down like Son of Beast did in Banshee’s announcement video...
  8. They could announce it on a Friday during Haunt!
  9. I am not positive that they will be doing the announcement on National Rollercoaster Day because the reason the Antique Cars were announced then last year was because it was the anniversary of them being removed. Also, no other recent rollers announcements for Kings Island have been on that day. I also think many other parks will make announcements on that day, and I am sure Kings Island wants to gave the full media attention they deserve for their new ride. Luckily, though in @Fye Coasters case, the announcements has a good chance of being after 10:00 PM (like previous announcements) so hopefully your work does not conflict with the time. I hope you will be able to attend no matter the day!
  10. Great trip report! Unfortunately, the pictures were not showing up for me. I enjoyed reading your report nonetheless!
  11. That was on a Monday... I guess it doesn’t have to be on a weekend for teasers to go up!
  12. I think the park wanted to build a giga, and they thought why spend the extra $10 million on the ride when you would get the same outcome while saving that $10 million. The park probably looks at buying a new rollercoaster through a cost to outcome ratio, in which a higher attendance is the better outcome.
  13. We are now a week past July 7th. I am with you and really want to see teasers, but I think whatever shows up on the fence in the coming weeks will be followed by the announcement date. I think it will be a hint at the theme and overall coaster, but I am not expecting a formal and all-out teaser campaign.
  14. Speaking of fake pages on Kings Island’s website, I recently spent about an hour seeing if they had any work done on a new webpage for this coaster by editing the url to include keywords like “Orion” and “Polaris” among others. I have seen this method work with things is the past before a new product launches or something, but I was unsuccessful. The park will definitely create a page for this new ride on their website, but I am assuming this will be done closer to the announcement. Often times, the new page is out there, but the website doesn’t have a link to it. Thus, why you have to enter the exact url to the page. Who knows, I may have just been overthinking this, and I am speaking nonsense...
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