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  1. Maybe not earlier in the day, but I would love to see Winterfest extended a little into January if possible. The event is very popular the week following Christmas as schools are on break, so I feel like Kings Island could capitalize on the first few days or weekends in January when students are off. I know other Cedar Fair parks have tried this in the past.
  2. I think the last coasters to run during Winterfest would be The Bat and Adventure Express because, like @IndyGuy4KI mentioned, they do have high minimum starting temperatures. I believe all of Kings Island’s Arrow coasters were closed Opening Day 2019 because it was too cold. I also believe the maintenance programs for The Beast and The Racer are what is holding those rides back. However, I could potentially see Banshee opening for the event if it can make it through its layout. It does get slower towards the end, but maybe weight can be added to the train.
  3. I don’t have a picture, but Mystic Timbers got a new lightning package, which looks really neat. It is on the parts of the ride you can see from the midway. However, the light package on The Racer is barely working now. Half of the lift hill is out, and I cannot even remember the last time I saw the third camelback hill lit up on the ride. I hope Kings Island gets those things fixed soon. The same goes for Banshee’s broken lighting package.
  4. The turnarounds have been re-tracked recently, but I still hope they get repainted if the new sections also get repainted. It doesn’t make perfect sense that Kings Island would repaint the turnarounds after initially neglecting them, but I am hopeful anyways.
  5. Maybe this explains why some parts of the structure like the turnarounds weren’t painted this past off-season. I hope all parts of the ride that were left unpainted or will be unpainted get repainted after the re-tracking. I hope it’s Gravity Group too! They have done great work on The Racer and The Beast recently!
  6. I hope Winterfest is more thought out than Halloween Haunt this year. I was a little disappointed with all the broken lights last year, so I hope Kings Island can get those fixed for this year.
  7. I agree with you, but Kings Island does mention Sol Spin goes 60 feet in the air which is closer to the dimensions of the 24 passenger model. The 24 passenger model has a diameter of just over 60 feet while the 48 passenger model has a diameter of just over 65 feet. I feel like Kings Island would say the ride goes 65 feet in the air if it actually does. I hope I am wrong, though, and it is the 48 passenger model.
  8. Has Kings Island confirmed the type of Zamperela Endeavour Sol Spin will be? I REALLY hope to see the 48 passenger model over the 24 passenger model, but Kings Island’s website says the ride will go 60 feet in the air which is closer to the diameter of the 24 passenger model than the 48 passenger model. In some of the concept art, it appears to be the 48 passenger model, but in other renderings, it appears to be the 24 passenger model.
  9. The German theming will be extremely minimal for what Oktoberfest used to be even compared to this season. While the Oktoberfest signage and German themed rides are long gone, it is sad to see the Biergarten go as well.
  10. I wouldn’t rule out a new theming for any ride including Banshee. I would love to see an immersive Dark Forest themed area, but I would like to see some German theming remain in some way.
  11. I think a B&M Surf Coaster would be a great throwback to King Cobra. However, based on what’s been released of SeaWorld Orlando’s Pipeline, it looks to be just an okay ride. I think Kings Island could and should go for something different.
  12. Is it possible that the other companies are still on contract for a few years after the Orion project? I find it highly unlikely that every single company Kings Island worked with in 2019, 2020, and 2021 has new work for the park going forward.
  13. I am starting to think that all the companies on the Notice of Commencement not involved in this project are carry-overs from the Orion project and have simply not been removed. After all, besides the companies involved in Adventure Port, all the companies on the Notice of Commencement are the exact same as the previous Notice of Commencement and may have not been removed. I hope not, though.
  14. I don’t think we will see a Boo Blasters conversion into Phantom Theater as Boo Blasters is open for Winterfest. I wouldn’t mind seeing a new Phantom Theater constructed, though, without replacing Boo Blasters, as an extra dark ride wouldn’t hurt anyone.
  15. What is the show that is usually on the Rivertown Pizza patio for Winterfest?
  16. If the announcement was for year-round operations, it would have likely been announced today along with Carowinds and Kings Dominion’s announcements. I am not ruling out the announcement of year round operations as Kings Island could be waiting to announce year-round operations alongside a 2023 capital investment tomorrow. I just don’t think year-round operations will be the main announcement tomorrow if announced at all.
  17. I doubt the announcement is only for year-round operations if at all. If the announcement was just year-round operations, it would have been made today like with Carowinds and Kings Dominion. I suspect we will see a new Zamperela flat ride or two in Oktoberfest with a potential overhaul of the whole area. I think we could see an overhaul of the whole area because companies like Daniels Wood Land and Jack Rouse Associates were listed on the most recent Notice of Commencement. However, those companies could be contracted out for a 2024 project.
  18. The new Bud Light stand is way worse the Mystic Field Supplies merchandise cart that used to be around there. I haven’t seen that cart there since 2019, though. I liked it.
  19. Does anyone know what company Kings Island hired to take down SlingShot? Also, this Notice of Commencement is only for 2022 and 2023 additions and improvements to Kings Island. In such documents, Kings Island Lists all companies that have on contract, though. Obviously Kings Island has more companies on contract than for whatever they are doing for 2023 (even if Kings Island decides to add a flat ride and do re-tracking). However, many of these companies could be on the list as Kings Island has them currently contracted out for proposals and whatnot for a 2024 project.
  20. This could be nothing, but does anyone remember all the markings around the Son of Beast station in 2020? Some of the markings outside of the park were tied to a water line, but we never figured out what those markings were for. In addition, this was briefly mentioned on this site earlier this season, but there was some work going on behind/underneath Banshee this year. I don’t think it out of the realm of possibility for the Son of Beast station to be demolished for a new coaster between The Bat and Banshee. Maybe GCI is even bringing back Son of Beast as a GCI Titan Track hybrid. That last part is a little far fetched, but there’s a chance.
  21. Gravity Kraft may also be the division responsible for constructing coasters, re-tracking, and fabricating track for Gravity Group. Ride Entertainment Systems is also mentioned which is the company that distributes Gerstlauer’s products in North America. But they could also just be working on another ride at the park (the installed Vortex’s chain on Adventure Express’s lift hill). Jack Rouse Architects is responsible for themed areas like Steelers Country at Kennywood. With Daniels Wood Land as well, I assume we will be seeing some good theming with whatever attraction(s) are coming. I think we may see an area re-theme around Action Zone/Oktoberfest with new flat rides. If we do see a new coaster, I think we will see an area re-theme near The Vortex plot of land in Coney Mall/Rivertown with a new coaster going in the plot.
  22. It’s still very disappointing to see such a small amount of fog around the park. I thought the fog last year was light outside of the official scare zones, but this year the fog is extremely light within the scare zones and practically non-existent outside of them. I remember when the fire would shoot out on Backlot Stunt Coaster, and the whole sky would light up with the fog in the air. The atmosphere is not nearly as good without the fog.
  23. However, Kings Island has been relying on Gravity Group recently for re-tracking work over Great Coasters International. Also, the fact that a TON of contractors are listed such as SkyHigh Erectors and Daniels Wood Land indicates a big themed project. Now that I think about it, Kings Island could be getting a new B&M or even Zamperala Coaster because SkyHigh Erectors would not construct anything from Great Coasters International as those installations are done in-house by the company.
  24. This is really exciting! A ton of manufactures are listed, though, so it is very intriguing. I assume Bolliger and Mabillard is for for Diamondback’s new lift chain, but I have no clue why Zamperela or Great Coasters International are included. Maybe a Titan Track Hybrid is in Kings Island’s future or some new flat rides! A flat ride could probably go in SlingShot’s plot of land even for next season if Kings Island decides to make a late-season or off-season announcement.
  25. I think Halloween Haunt is overall an improvement from last year from what k have seen. I like how Kings Island still put the green lights up where Pumpkin Eater used to be instead of leaving it bare. I like how an additional haunted house was added. I like how there is actually a show in the International Showplace. However, it does not seem to be on the same level as 2019 Halloween Haunt. Many would argue that the event even peaked before that. The one thing that really seems to be hurting the atmosphere of this year’s event is the lack of fog. It doesn’t even look like there are fog machines with nose pictures I have seen so far of the event. I thought fog was light last year with it really only being concentrated on the scare zones. Now, there really isn’t much fog at all even in the scare zones. If Kings Island is seeing all the complaints about the lack of fog, I hope they’ll try to add more for next weekend.
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