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  1. Camp Cedar was DEFINITELY behind on construction. There must really be material shortages because I noticed a whole new structure that has gone up within the last week. I really hope that this structure and everything else can be finished in time for its opening later this week. I am also very interested to hear people’s thoughts on Camp Cedar once it opens.
  2. Carowinds’ Camp Snoopy looks really nice! The brick pavers and trees makes for a very nice setting compared to Kings Island’s Planet Snoopy. Unfortunately, trees take a while to mature, but if Kings Island renovates Planet Snoopy, a few more trees would still go a long way. I also would like to see a new park logo for the 50th anniversary. I know Cedar Point and Knott’s Berry Farm introduced special logos for their anniversaries, and it would be cool if Kings Island did the same.
  3. I think Cedar Fair is taking a more cautious approach with their calendars than Indiana Beach. Cedar Fair is only opening for days and hours they know they will have appropriate staffing. In the beginning of the season, Cedar Fair was not doing this, but they got a lot of negative attention for being understaffed. Now, Cedar Fair has limited park operating days and hours to ensure they are appropriately staffed, and guests are now mad that they are limiting hours. Parks like Six Flags and Indiana Beach seem to be operating beyond their means. Many of these parks don’t have enough staff to do s
  4. Sounds like you had a good day @Maddog! I agree that restraint checking is not very uniform throughout the park. On the major rides, I believe the ride operators check your seatbelts and restraints while on some of the less popular rides, it seems like you do it yourself. In terms of the ride operators actually pushing your restraint down, it is probably because you are in the first seat of their restraint checking section, so they push it down for you as soon as the restraints go down. It is probably done to speed up operations, but I don’t know how much it really improves dispatch times. Als
  5. I hate seeing these articles too, but I hope anyone who thinks about acting up at Kings Island thinks twice about it after seeing this in the news. This article shows that people are being punishes for their actions and that nobody involved in those fights is off the hook yet. @Shawn Meyer I agree that police simply being stationed at the drop-off lot would deter fighting, and I have seen police there this year. I don’t know if the police were actually near the drop-off lot when the latest incident occurred, but it seems like they responded fast, and the teens were arrested on the scene.
  6. I have seen The Racer only run the blue side on some occasions, but I agree that the red side usually runs when only one side is running. When it comes to running both sides, it probably has to do with staffing. Most of the time, both sides are running on weekends, and this is because Kings Island probably has more staff scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. On some slower days, though, I have seen both sides running. Last week, I noticed both sides were running when it was raining and almost every ride was a walk-on.
  7. I will admit that I am strongly against a chaperone policy, so I am probably a little biased. But, isn’t what happened this past Saturday a sign that Kings Island’s new safety policies are working? The teens who were harassing the man and his son were quickly taken care of and the problem ended. The park had control. Earlier this year, they did not have control when the fighting broke out, so in my opinion, this is proof the new safety measures are working.
  8. Let’s not just assume that Halloween Haunt is already cancelled and get mad at Cedar Fair. We don’t know that yet. Even if Kings Island runs a more family oriented event instead of their typical event, I could see them trying to open a few scare mazes if they have the staffing to do so. Also, people have to realize that it is impossible for Cedar Fair to please everyone. Kings Island is obviously trying to please their customers, and they for sure wish they didn’t have staffing issues and limited park hours. If Kings Island could control everything, we would have a season like 2019. Kings
  9. I don’t know what Kings Island plans to do, but whatever decision they make regarding Halloween Haunt really won’t surprise me at this point. It will be very interesting to see what happens nonetheless.
  10. I know Halloween Haunt is always a bit dicey which might only be worse this year, but I think it will be more of a chain-wide decision. I know Kings Island has had some rough moments this year, but I cannot see Cedar Point having their Halloween event and Kings Island not having theirs. I either think the major Cedar Fair parks will all have it or none will. Even if this season were to go really smoothly with plentiful staffing and no fighting, I am not sure we would see Halloween Haunt anyways. Like you pointed out, the advertisements around the park make no mention of it, and they instead ad
  11. What color did they paint it over with? If they coated it with primer, then they could be just redoing the facade. If they chose another solid color, they may just be trying to make it look nicer while it is not in use. Kings Island repainted KillMart, but the Halloween Haunt Maze is still there. I hope that all of the mazes in plain sight eventually get a facelift or get torn down honestly. I am all for these mazes, but for buildings that are only used for a couple months each year, they really shouldn’t take away from the beauty of the park.
  12. I know water park staffing is likely the main reason Kings Island is requiring reservations, but I could see them being dropped soon if staffing improves because I know Soak City goers probably cannot stand the reservations. This is forcing the crowds in the dry park to be higher than they usually would on such a hot summer day, and it is also forcing the park to make baffling staffing decisions like opening the Rivertown Freestyle location. LOL! In all seriousness, I am surprised Cedar Fair has invested so little into Soak City when it gets very crowded on most summer days. You would thi
  13. From the webcams, Kings Island looks decently crowded, but it does not look absolutely packed like it has on some days this year. On another note, Rivertown Freestyle is open.
  14. From my understanding, both new and returning employees have the same minimum wage of $15 with at least some positions having the opportunity to make even more if they work through certain points towards the end of the season. The “do not use” stickers have also been removed from the tables at Coney BBQ. I also noticed the Auntie Anne’s in Rivertown open for like the first time since daily operations have started. It looked like new employees were being trained there. It was also nice to see the Graeter’s on International Street open. It certainly looks like Kings Island is finding new
  15. I will say it is good that Cedar Fair at least gave their executives pay cuts during the pandemic instead of just laying off full-time workers at the parks like other amusement park chains did.
  16. The minimum wage at Kings Island is $15 an hour. For some departments, if you work through the end of the season, your pay increases to $18 an hour for every hour your worked. So if you are an employee who works through the end of the season, you will get $3 added on to every hour you worked, so you will really be making $18 an hour.
  17. I see your point. Apparently someone in the comment section of the Tweet was thinking the same thing. LOL!
  18. It is also important to note that Kings Island only increased their wages a couple of weeks ago. It takes a lot of time to train new workers and schedule them. The shortages I have noticed in the dry park at least are really only in food and beverage. They aren’t even hiring for Rides or Merchandise anymore. I hope on June 25th, we really do have a 10:00 PM closing again and that they continue for the rest of the summer.
  19. I hope this statement is more general and applies to multiple Cedar Fair parks.
  20. The delayed opening is probably mostly due to staffing issues, but I wonder where construction is at this point. Chad Showalter said that there were material shortages, so that might mean construction isn’t on schedule. I really hope Kings Island can figure out their staffing issues, but I know many businesses are suffering from the same problem right now. Also, driving down State Route 741, I saw the new Camp Cedar sign above the campground, and it looks pretty nice. It also looks like a new Camp Cedar sign is being added right where you turn into the campground in front of the McDonald’s.
  21. Pretty much all queue lines have had their social distancing markers removed too.
  22. Was The Bat running two trains today? The other day it was only running a single train which kept the line long, but I suspect that was because of needed maintenance. Also, I am glad you had a good time.
  23. While many other food places were unfortunately closed today, it was nice seeing Coney BBQ operate with both sides open again. I haven’t seen it operate like that since 2019.
  24. That was closed, but it is almost always closed in a normal year. I noticed a couple Coke Refresh stations closed, but most were open.
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