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  1. Maybe after they are done filling Diamondback with sand, they will realize how badly it needs repainted!
  2. I have also heard the same thing on Screamscape, but I think it is only a rumor. http://www.screamscape.com/html/kings_dominion.htm
  3. To be fair, the park shared absolutely nothing when it comes to the Firehawk demolition. If I recall correctly, there was even an instance when a picture of Firehawk being demolished got leaked and the park warned people not to share it. The demolition company, O’Rourke Wreaking Company, shared updates and videos on their social media like they did when they demolished Son of Beast. In the case of Vortex, O’Rourke was probably told by the park not to share any updates.
  4. Does anyone know if GCI is doing any more work on Racer for the 2020 season? I heard someone say that GCI was retracking the red side’s turnaround, but I don’t know if that has been confirmed. I know they were finished retracking the blue side’s turnaround early January last year, but I have not heard anything about it this year.
  5. I know King Kobra was the first ground up standup coaster, but hadn’t there been retrofitted stand up coasters before its debut? Also, what do you mean in question 5?
  6. That is interesting. Whether the park does it or not, the splashdown area looks really bad in terms of its paint job and needs a touch up. The whole coaster needs a touch-up in my opinion. Here is an older picture of Diamondback compared to a more recent one.
  7. That would be awesome! Thank you!
  8. I second this. With the confirmed food stand among other possible X-Base changes, there likely are some new blueprints!
  9. This is what Flight of Fear’s extended queue line should look like according to the blueprints.
  10. I hope they are repainting it. It has looked terrible the past few years especially near the splashdown!
  11. I thought it was already confirmed they were tearing down Top Thrill Dragster to replace it with a 500 foot B&M? LOL! In all seriousness, I hope they get something really cool for 2021!
  12. I agree, from the Giga Speculation Thread to the Decoding 2020 Thread to the Orion Construction Thread, it has been fun to see the giga go from an idea to a reality. I can’t wait to start decoding Kings Island’s next project already!
  13. https://cedarfair.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_2rz9aK1cCXjVbWB It looks like Carowinds is getting a new expansion. It would be cool if we got something like one of these two concepts!
  14. Hopefully this rapid expansion doesn’t backfire on them like it did for Six Flags in the late 1999’s/early 2000’s! Excited for the future of these parks though!
  15. That is interesting. They have worked with Cedar Fair before (apparently) and have concept images of the International Street Redesign on their website, but you are probably right. I think this is the company responsible for at least designing the new International Street, and they have also done many other project for Kings Island and other Cedar Fair parks including the Action Zone plaza, Kings Mills Antique Autos, and Cedar Point’s front gate. I am not positive on this either, however, and you probably know more. http://www.placeworkshop.com/projects/
  16. I know I have mentioned this many times already, but this is interesting. The same guy/business who was responsible for the International Street Redesign has a lot of front gate redesign pictures on his website as well including his front page. I may just be too hopeful, but do you think it is possible Kings Island will update the front gate facade any time soon? I think it would look great with the newly renovated International Street and really flow well with the international theme! http://matthunterross.com/kings-island
  17. The park needs a clear Orion sign, and they actually need to have a Flight of Fear sign. Currently, there is not a single sign in the park for Flight of Fear except for the small one attached to the X-Base sign in the Coney Mall midway.
  18. There are a lot of unanswered questions about the whole Orion project that add to the suspense. Is there going to be a bin system? What is the Orion entrance going to look like? How is Orion’s theming going to look? How is Flight of Fear going to change aesthetically? How is Area 72 going to be themed? What are they building next to the C.H.A.O.S building? Will it look anything like this?
  19. Fine! There are three other options. We can either put it in the location of that old blue giga coaster, the drag racing ride, or the short inverted coaster! Or we can just melt down all of these coasters into one big B&M!
  20. I agree, but in my opinion it would look even better right next to Steel Vengeance in that plot of land that goes over the water. All Cedar Point will have to remove is that silly red coaster.
  21. I am guessing a small food building or a merchandise store/stand will go where they chunked out the hill.
  22. They will definitely be taking their own pictures, but they probably won’t share them. It would be an odd look to tweet pictures of Vortex’s deconstruction at the same time they are trying to promote their new ride. They never shared anything about Firehawk’s deconstruction, and they never even acknowledged that they were tearing it down.
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