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  1. I agree it has more an old-time amusement park theme and feel with classic flat rides and an old wooden rollercoaster, The Racer. I think Vortex worked perfectly in Coney Mall with its mess of track and supports and old steel rollercoaster look. I think something like a Mack multi-launch coaster or a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster would look good in Coney Mall because with both of these rollercoaster types, it looks like a mess of track, and they are both very aesthetically pleasing . I think something like a B&M would look way too modern for Coney Mall.
  2. I don’t think The Racer looks bad (at least from angles viewable to park guests), but it definitely could benefit from a repaint (maybe they could repaint it to its original colors). However, I still think Diamondback needs a repaint more.
  3. Diamondback looked way better in 2009 than it looks now. It’s not even close! That section of Rivertown just seems more dull these days. The splashdown is still an amazing visual spectacle though.
  4. Diamondback has looked really bad recently with its incredibly faded paint job. It dominates Rivertown to such a degree that repainting it would liven up the whole area to an extent. Cedar Fair recently repainted Intimidator at Carowinds which is one year younger than Diamondback, so that gives me hope a Diamondback repaint is coming soon.
  5. I don’t believe Cedar Fair ever really worked with Vekoma. I think the majority of Vekomas in the chain are from parks Cedar Fair acquired like the Paramount Parks. Unfortunately, I also don’t really see Cedar Fair working with Vekoma anytime soon after they have recently had to remove Stinger and Firehawk because of maintenance issues and not being able to get new parts. I know new Vekomas are supposed to be better rides, but it is still the same company and may provide the same poor long-term support.
  6. Maybe an old car theme would work, but something like Monster Jam really wouldn’t fit at all in my opinion. I love theming, but I could see a new Coney Mall coaster not really having much of a theme because I don’t really know what theme would fit really well into that area of the park. I think was is most important is that a new rollercoaster in Vortex’s plot is well presented and visually appealing like Vortex was.
  7. I personally wouldn’t want to see anything like this. Original storylines are better than IP’s in my opinion, and putting in a Monster Jam rollercoaster would likely take away from the charm in Coney Mall and Rivertown.
  8. I really don’t think this means anything, but there is a picture of a MACK Rides multi-launch coaster when you first launch the Kings Island app.
  9. I agree that they shouldn’t demolish the entrance building but rather update and refurbish it. Something like this concept I found online would be nice because it keeps the same building and the International Restaurant, but it makes the entrance more grand and appealing and ties it into the international theme of the park. http://matthunterross.com/kings-island
  10. Judging by Kings Island’s latest Instagram post explaining that the track removal on The Racer is complete, I don’t think the split hill is getting re-tracked, but the rest of the track from the base of the first drop to the entrance of the turnarounds looks like it is getting re-tracked. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJettBdBhIu/?igshid=1jmcs41h06t13
  11. I would love if Kings Island could replace the mismatched concrete with stone pavers. They have done a good job at adding new pavers in recent years like in Coney Mall and International Street.
  12. I think Kings Island does need to do an overhaul of their kids area, and I think the Camp Snoopy theme would be a great fit. Over the last couple of years, Kings Island’s current Planet Snoopy has started to show its age in my opinion, and parts of it look kind of dated. On the other hand, The new Camp Snoopy at Carowinds looks really nice and way more aesthetically pleasing than Kings Island’s Planet Snoopy with the wooded theme, the brick pavers throughout, and the waterfall. The only advantage Kings Island’s kids area has over Carowinds is more unique rides, but the area itself is in need o
  13. With Kings Island’s 50th anniversary coming up in just over a year and the park still having its original front gate and entrance plaza, what would you like to see in an updated front gate and entrance plaza? The park could build a completely new entrance like Cedar Point, Carowinds, Worlds of Fun, or use a completely new design. Kings Island could also keep the same front gate and the International Restaurant but upgrade and theme the facade and build new ticket booths and a new season pass processing center. Share your ideas below! https://www.the-lake-effect.com/Cedar_Point_Kings
  14. Judging based on pictures, it looks like it will be the standard Premier Rides trains with Comfort Collars like what can be found on the new Skyrocket II’s and West Coast Racers. If you zoom in at the top of the trains, you can see the strap for the Comfort Collars.
  15. I think the problem here is more of the trains than the actual ride. The ride structure itself can likely easily be fixed after this incident. The real problem is the new trains and whatever caused them to derail. They need to figure out what went wrong with the trains in order to get the ride back open. Hopefully these new Premier Rides trains can function as intended and stay on The Big Apple Coaster, improving the rough ride experience.
  16. I agree with you. The last few years, particularly after GCI re-tracked the turnaround, The Racer has been pretty comfortable. I have even noticed on some days the the queue has been spilling out into the midway. Speaking of the queue, though, I think Kings Island should maybe reconfigure it because they only ever use one side nowadays instead of having two separate queues for each side, and sometimes the queue is overflowed when it is only half filled.
  17. I guess you’re right, but judging based on the pictures it looks like Kings Island is probably going along removing and replacing smaller sections of track at a time instead of just removing and replacing all the track at once.
  18. I am a little confused with the track Kings Island is replacing on The Racer. I know they said they are replacing track from the bottom of the first drop through the fourth hill, but are they replacing the whole continuous stretch of track or smaller segments within this stretch?
  19. It has always felt so magical walking onto International Street during Winterfest! This picture is from 2019.
  20. In order for people to be truly protected from COVID-19, there needs to be herd immunity where the people around you are also protected with a vaccine. If someone gets the vaccine, there is still a small chance they can catch it from others they are around if they have not been vaccinated. By choosing to get vaccinated, you are not only protecting yourself but others whom you know and strangers who you don’t know.
  21. That would be great to have at Kings Island next year! Capacity would not only double but good rows could be made available again on many rides. I also hope Kings Island brings back Diamondback, Banshee, Backlot Stunt Coaster, and Mystic Timbers’ third train. The wait times for Mystic Timbers and Diamondback especially were extremely long.
  22. I personally find the current non-themed Action Zone appearance to be better than the old Paramount Action Zone even when it first opened. I feel like the old theming like the pavement in the center, the signage, and the colors used on the rides was a little tacky. I actually think Cedar Fair’s additions of the seating area, Banshee, and repainted rides have gone a long way. However, I think there are still parts of Action Zone like the area by Xtreme Skyflyer and The Bat that would benefit from a little bit of TLC.
  23. If they ever were to add back an ivy tunnel, I feel like that would be the best place for it. I don’t think one would work between Planet Snoopy and Rivertown like there used to be, but I could see one leading into Rivertown from that walkway behind the Eiffel Tower. They also already put up a temporary light tunnel there during Winterfest if I recall correctly, so why not install a permanent one?
  24. I voted Action Zone which I believe needs a complete overhaul. I think Oktoberfest is fine, but it would be nice if they added more flats and renovated the Biergarten. I think Coney Mall and Rivertown are fine, but I think Planet Snoopy is starting to show its age. I think the next area revamp will probably be a transformation of Planet Snoopy into Camp Snoopy. If we are talking smaller sections of the park, however, I think the walkway behind the Eiffel Tower needs a lot of love. Right now it is just cracked pavement with no trees. It would be nice if they added pavers back there and may
  25. While that is a possibility, I think North Carolina and Virginia have the better chance of shutting things down again compared to Ohio. Remember that Kings Dominion and Carowinds did not open at all this season because of restrictions while Kings Island and Cedar Point were allowed to open. I think that Cedar Fair wanted to have a Taste of the Season event at Kings Dominion and Carowinds simply to open the park to passholders and prove to the governors that they can operate an amusement park safely during the pandemic, so they will be allowed to open in the spring. Also taking into considerati
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