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  1. Oh! I seem to have completely missed that fact. Thank you for correcting me. But with this new information that has been presented to me, I definitely think that we will be seeing some path widening, possibly with some new pavers like what they did with International Street for the 2019 season.
  2. If the park intends to keep the old Bat/Vortex station, then I don't see them widening any paths. I do agree that they need to widen it and that that area of the park would look a lot better, but only time will tell if they keep the Station.
  3. Probably my favorite photo of 2019
  4. I would hope it would be a coaster, but then again, I have not experienced Forbidden Frontier for myself yet, so I don't know what its like. An RMC launched Hybrid would be my personal pic, but a great hybrid would do just fine. A B&M dive would fit there wonderfully as well though.
  5. If only... That would be so amazing and there is a chance it could happen...but then again, there is that new GCI hybrid, and we haven't seen what the're able to do.
  6. Very much agreed. That ride does not deserve to be at a world class park like Cedar Point. I do not want Kings Island to get a floorless like Rougarou, let alone a floorless at all.
  7. While I find it true that if we were to get a floorless that it wold have vest restraints, I do not agree with leaning your head forward on old floorless' with the old restraints does not improve the ride quality or less headbanging.
  8. You sir, have the exact opinion I have on Rougaeou and Vortex's land. (Off topic) I cannot believe you were thinking the same thing as me, (On topic) and waiting till 2023 or 2024 would be worth it for a top tier RMC like(In my opinion) Lightning Rod or Steel Vengeance. Rougarou was unbearable when I rode it so I'll take any other model besides a floorless or stand-up.
  9. Wonderful! While there is a .000001 percent chance of this happening, and that name is a joke, it is really funny.
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Love it! That is Hilarious! Cedar Fair loves to mix and match their names.
  11. While a lot of facts point to a floorless, I think the more logical model is the B&M dive. It would fit in the vast amount of land that Vortex currently occupies and if Cedar Fair puts in the money, it could have an inversion count of 6, or at least 5. Also, dives are GP and crowd pleasers.
  12. I spent forever working on this, but here you go! I put Steel Vengeance's top-hat, outer-bank, and mid-coarse area where (correct me if i'm wrong; this is according to the park's website), Vortex's boomerang is located. Obviously, this would be lowered into the valley-like area that Vortex sits in so you would be able to look right over the mid-coarse and that would look really cool. Getting that close to the train would be really picturesque and being able to see most of the layout would be amazing.
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