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  1. Very much agreed. That ride does not deserve to be at a world class park like Cedar Point. I do not want Kings Island to get a floorless like Rougarou, let alone a floorless at all.
  2. While I find it true that if we were to get a floorless that it wold have vest restraints, I do not agree with leaning your head forward on old floorless' with the old restraints does not improve the ride quality or less headbanging.
  3. You sir, have the exact opinion I have on Rougaeou and Vortex's land. (Off topic) I cannot believe you were thinking the same thing as me, (On topic) and waiting till 2023 or 2024 would be worth it for a top tier RMC like(In my opinion) Lightning Rod or Steel Vengeance. Rougarou was unbearable when I rode it so I'll take any other model besides a floorless or stand-up.
  4. Wonderful! While there is a .000001 percent chance of this happening, and that name is a joke, it is really funny.
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Love it! That is Hilarious! Cedar Fair loves to mix and match their names.
  6. While a lot of facts point to a floorless, I think the more logical model is the B&M dive. It would fit in the vast amount of land that Vortex currently occupies and if Cedar Fair puts in the money, it could have an inversion count of 6, or at least 5. Also, dives are GP and crowd pleasers.
  7. I spent forever working on this, but here you go! I put Steel Vengeance's top-hat, outer-bank, and mid-coarse area where (correct me if i'm wrong; this is according to the park's website), Vortex's boomerang is located. Obviously, this would be lowered into the valley-like area that Vortex sits in so you would be able to look right over the mid-coarse and that would look really cool. Getting that close to the train would be really picturesque and being able to see most of the layout would be amazing.
  8. Here is my top 3 models of what I would want to see replace Vortex, whenever it may be. 3. Though I do not want this this to happen, A B&M dive fits really well here. When I first heard about the removal of Vortex, my mind immediately went to a Dive like Yukon Striker at CW. Not only would this fill the land that Vortex occupies, it would work really well on Vortex's rough terrain. 2. Intiman launched. Something like a blitz like Maverick or Taron would fit well here and would give Kings Island something they really don't have. Also, one of Intiman's new launched coasters wold be really cool. 1. RMC. Whether it be a woodie or steel/hybrid, I would love to see something so picturesque and eye catching, take up the most prime land in the park. Extra points if it has a launched lift-hill like Lightning Rod, my #1.
  9. I have this episode on dvd. I watched like a week ago and didn't even realize that it was going to air.
  10. @Hawaiian Coasters 325, Nice Edit, but I do think the lift will look longer than your drawing.
  11. Well, there's always the chance that a new RMC could have 6 inversions!?! Just a thought.
  12. Out of all of the other ride removals, I don't think I have ever been as sad as I am no for the removal of Vortex. RIP, and F in the chat.
  13. Will the top attractions be open during this as well?
  14. What could fill Vortex's place, it could be many things. My favorite of them all, a ground-up RMC, whether it be a Hybrid(Steel) or wooden RMC. Other models I enjoy that could fill the land include, B&M Dive, Gerstlauer Infinity, Mack Multi-Launch, or the least likely of them all, Intiman Blitz.
  15. I will most definitely be getting a couple more visits to KI this season with my new Gold Pass, so I intend on getting many rides on the wonderfully visual coaster that not only looked great, but it gave pretty good rides leading up to its demise. This was my first looping coaster, and I remember marathoning this coaster when I was around 9 and 10 years of age. This has always been a special ride to me and I'm sad to see it go. Now that I'm older and enjoy less rough and bigger and more intense rides, I haven't gotten as many rides per visit as I used to, so I will be getting many rides. Although I'm sad to see it go, I can wait to see what will fill its place and used use one of the most prime locations or (In my opinion) the most prime piece of land in the entire park.
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