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  1. ^Thats very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Hey, can someone sum up the last six pages for me. I really do not want to have to go back and read through all of the responses? Thx!!! Well, last seven pages now!
  3. Although it is not the most helpful thing, it is nice to see teasers start popping up.
  4. Can someone clear this up for me a bit? Are the leaked ride layout blueprints still in question on if the're real or not? I thought they were confirmed fake. Also, The footer blueprints are real, right?
  5. No, not really. That is why everyone one here is hoping for a really long ride.
  6. Agreed!!! Couldn't have said it better myself.
  7. Only once or twice. Think about Michigans Adventure.
  8. I would love a new coaster that interacts with a current coaster!
  9. That would be very cool. Do you have pics, screenshots, or videos of it?
  10. My computer is about to die and I'm tired. Talk to yall tomorrow and I hope I won't have to read through 10-30 pages.
  11. Wwwwwooooooooohhhhhooooooooo!!!!
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