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  1. Found out I will be able to get picture of the track tomorrow
  2. What color do you guys think the lights will be? I can't think of any colors?
  3. Track color pretty close to resembling the color on the haunt building
  4. Can someone post a picture of that blue stripe on that haunt building so I can compare both the track color and that stripe?
  5. I am sorry I could not get the video today because the weather... The next day I could get video is Friday... So very sorry
  6. I will ask my dad if I can use one of his cameras, hopefully he will say yes! And if he doesn’t I’ll get video on my iphone
  7. I will make sure not to trespass! Also I have not seen any supports painted yet. I’m guessing they could be storing the supports back here maybe”1” and they are starting to put track right here”2” they could be putting supports there later. ⬇️
  8. I have nothing going on tomorrow and I don’t live that far from CSF , should I walk there and get video? “Remember I’m 14 and can’t drive” also coming back from my basketball they had a part of the drop on that little crane thingy, i couldn’t get any pics but here’s what it was ⬇️
  9. not the best pictures but here’s from today. If you use them make sure to mention me.
  10. will be driving by CSF soon to get pictures
  11. They we’re more round ones I didn’t see any I beam supports. They looked like more for this portion of the track
  12. sorry I didn’t get pictures but just drove by CSF and there was a truck and it had a boat load of white supports on it, could this be for Kings Island?
  13. Can someone message me a PDF of all of the blueprints please?
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