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  1. Another piece of the lift has been cut out/ removed
  2. Yeah, im wondering if they made the the lift hill supports different colors like Diamondback.
  3. https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/1228775843272515585?s=20
  4. Its gonna look so weird without Vortex
  5. Here is just a custom layout for a wing coaster. Red lines is lift hill and drop and blue lines is break run. This uses Volcanoes old spot plus the crypts old spot also.
  6. Drove past CSF. There are about 6 or 7 shiny dark black pieces that are definitely wing coaster track. I could see this being kings dominions new wing coaster. Also there is still one piece of purple track laying out and one more aqua colored track has been put out to the 1st aqua track.
  7. I meant that there is two spots where it says there will be trim brakes, I didn’t mean that there will be two trim brakes
  8. I guess we should’ve looked closer at the blueprints. Two spots on the blueprints where it says and shows trim brakes..
  9. I think all 3 should be removed. Timberwolf because well, it just sits there most of The time, Invertigo because it’s such a low capacity ride and Congo falls because little to no ridership. If all three of those got removed yes it would be kinda sad but a great opportunity for a brand new front gate ride plus maybe a front gate renovation to go with it
  10. And if they get rid of Congo falls with it, perfect front gate wing coaster
  11. Definitely not FOF, there is no reason for it to leave and it really adds to the area 72 theme
  12. Yes The Bat is on the chopping block in the next 5-10 years but I definitely don’t think it will be the next coaster to go. My bet is on Invertigo and Congo falls going down together
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