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  1. Link got deleted / is broken
  2. I think teasers are going to start this week
  3. If it was real, he probably saw a piece of the blue track with a small grey support on it
  4. Yeah , if I’m correct they haven’t even started painting the lift pieces yet . And there is no point of having track pieces there when not all the pieces are painted.
  5. Mystic Timbers was pretty neat also!
  6. I’m sorry i didn’t get any pictures, the reason is everything is the same but the giant spine part that was laying by the entrance is gone. This one ⬇️
  7. Pictures of the track at CSF are not really needed but since I’m driving by there why not get pictures?
  8. Oh ok , I was just speculating because I saw on wild gravity travels latest video in the comments, there is supposed to be a public media event July 2nd or something like that
  9. If there was an entrance sign, would it be on the blueprints? I’m guessing if there is one it would probably be where I circled
  10. Could this be our first teasers? I have no idea but this was on fye coasters and it ask does anybody know what this is from? Source-https://www.instagram.com/p/By-SVpvB65v/?igshid=x31s2s721ove
  11. Found out I will be able to get picture of the track tomorrow
  12. What color do you guys think the lights will be? I can't think of any colors?
  13. Track color pretty close to resembling the color on the haunt building
  14. Can someone post a picture of that blue stripe on that haunt building so I can compare both the track color and that stripe?
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