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  1. CSF is only 30 minutes away from Kings Island, there is no need to rush track over and get it all finished that quick
  2. track update: In the past two days there has been two truck loads of track, two track pieces on each truck. There are still pieces being painted
  3. looks like the crane to the right could be putting up the spine/backbone or the first drop
  4. Wait i have missed most of todays forums replies, why is the webcam shutdown? Did they do this on purpose?
  5. https://twitter.com/KICentral/status/1185333932176359424?s=20
  6. https://twitter.com/KICentral/status/1185333932176359424?s=20
  7. Orion is going to be an amazing coaster but you cant lie, its a little short.... I know its a huge investment but if Kings Island wanted to go bigger they could of, but i think they knew Vortex was on its last years and once they tear it down they are gonna have to replace it with something huge, i think thats why they didnt go all out with the giga
  8. After they tear Vortex down during the winter, Will they just leave the land vacant or do you think by next season we will see markers?
  9. Wasn't the construction cam for MT still in the same place for MT? If so obviously they arent gonna move it, they cant ! Where are they gonna put it, on a tree? With orion i definitely see them moving the cam along with the construction.
  10. for fury 325 they moved the camera along with the construction so yes they most likely will move it
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