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  1. Now that I think about it, there could be multiple banners all over The Area 72/ FOF and Orion area listing the height of each hill and drop then just random code text on the bottom
  2. I will pm anybody who needs the link to the most recent video with the banners
  3. what video are you on, there is one recent drone video that they posted late, another one was posted yesterday which is recent
  4. Thought this was interesting. Mike Koontz Kinda confirmed the giga coaster back in the 2018 CoasterStock Q&A, Skip to the 22:36 Minute mark,
  5. Yeah I really want this Beast one... https://shop.madetothrill.com/products/mason-oh-1979-roller-coaster-poster
  6. Double post: I highlighted the LED Strip a little bit
  7. Introducing Polaris, the wing coaster. Well, if We wouldn't have gotten a Giga
  8. OH yeah definetly, You mind if I use your photos to make a post on reddit?
  9. Found this video of Diamondbacks Roar before the drop was filled with sand
  10. I have no idea, I just went off the drone video and I couldn't see the lap bar, just the silver part
  11. Did a little bit of editing on the Orion Train from IAAPA
  12. Its actually Dark Blue, Teal, and silver
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