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  1. Going to Cedar Point tomorrow, any advice?? Also I’m gonna wear my Orion shirt
  2. Rumor has it Orion used to be longer, but Toledo needed the supports for their highway signs
  3. About he prop building in the queue, I feel like it would show/project a 360 view of the outside but edited, showing meteors constantly hitting and plummeting towards earth with the sky dark and red and Smokey, if you know what I’m talking ab
  4. Have we talked about how amazing the head chopper moment after the helix is gonna be?
  5. Pretty sure in Switzerland where they design the rides
  6. @IndyGuy4KI I think these are your pictures but I felt like they should be shared!!! Pretty cool
  7. Guys I seriously can’t wait for this ride!!!!!! I’m gonna be wearing this shirt opening day!!
  8. All the people hating on this ride, just don’t ride it next year!! I’m perfectly fine with shorter lines
  9. My brother got me one today, they have Orion shirts and bottles in the emporium or what ever it’s called
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