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  1. Track update!!! We got normal track for like al the elements and stuff ! There are 2 pieces of track on the trailer
  2. Sorry for the bad picture it’s pouring down rain but we got a whole lot of transfer/ station metal I think?
  3. It’s through Milford and that’s how I get to Kings Island from Batavia also!
  4. Track update: more brake run track is on a trailer, not a surprise
  5. Cool picture I got waiting in line for millennium force, huge storm was coming our way
  6. Track update, that piece that turns into the station is still on the trailer, picture is horrible because we where going fast
  7. the piece where it turns into the station is loaded onto a trailer!!!! I couldn’t get a picture because it was too dark I’ll get pictures tomorrow morning if it’s still there
  8. Ok nothing new at CSF but..... idk if my eyes went all wonky and crazy for a second but I think I just saw black painted coaster track?
  9. Superman coaster shouldn’t even count, it really isn’t a coaster
  10. My friend drew the rest of the drop on the blueprints very well
  11. Track update: track from this morning is gone, the giant weird yellow thingy that picks track up is above another piece of track, looks like either transfer or brake track, but it’s about to pick that piece of track up and load it on a trailer
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