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  1. I bet you they did that to test the LED lights
  2. Idk if I’ve missed the discussion but did the weatherbug can get shut off also? It’s not working for me
  3. They were a suggested account on Instagram
  4. Ohhh ok I see it now, from past drone videos they looks like two tall blue and white pillars,
  5. For Orion or area 72? I don’t see it. Also in front of FOF there is a white van “news van” and a meteor with barbed wire fencing around it and the meteor is crashed into a giant light pole that is laying on the FOF building. There is also a new sign on the FOF building and burn marks on the building also
  6. Yeah I could definitely see a monster jam or forbidden frontier type attraction for the spot temporarily for the next couple of years, then they close that down and build a coaster
  7. I think it basically means no workers needed until opening
  8. Go on Users than search “ John Belluardo “
  9. There is a new drone video published today. They have flattened/ leveled Vortex’s land A LOT
  10. I have no idea what the rusty thing is and most of the words on the sign is covered but all I can see is “the last coach is beyond this line”
  11. This sign was on the cat walk railing on the lift hill. Anybody know what it is? Os it theming?
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