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  1. What about the view from Windseaker? Do you think that would give you an adequate view?
  2. If we are getting a 2020 coaster is it too early to see significant activity?
  3. I have so much I want to say on this topic, but I'm going to wait until the first time I walk through those gates this year and see the finished product for myself before I make a judgement.
  4. Do you all think that the park would give out significant hints before a ride was revealed? I mean do you ever see a situation where looking at posters like that has actual validity? I hope so because that would make for a fun year!
  5. I like how you conveniently leave off the record that Banshee actually did break, longest track on an inverted coaster. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/rides/Banshee https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/local/2014/04/17/Banshee-debuts-at-kings-island/7832837/ Secondly giga records are not hard to beat for B&M specifically (small sample size) each giga they have manufactured has been more impressive than the last one at the very least in pure stats alone. Leviathan(12) Fury 325(15) Height: 306ft 325ft Drop: 306ft 320ft Length: 1,672 6,602 Speed: 92mph 95mps On to your next point it would only have to be 326ft to be the tallest chain lift giga in the world, we all know that Red Force is a launched coaster that doesn't fit the mold of the worlds other gigas. I know this is all speculation on everyone's part but I see our eventual giga as a record breaking destination coaster.
  6. Do you honestly believe that when we eventually get a giga it won’t be bigger and better than the last giga b&m designed and manufactured? Fury 325 came out 4 years ago b&m is more than capable (and cf/ki has the money) to make something awesome. I mean honestly why would they take a step back??
  7. When we get a giga I fully expect it to have a higher chain lift hill than Fury 325, which last I checked would be a world record. intimidator305, look at that coasters layout, its all low to the ground with one or two hills, why can't this go up and down with the hills, underground, etc? You can do so much more than either of us think. Look at The Beast for example, it takes advantage of its terrain and is one of the best coasters in the world.
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