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  1. I remember this like it was yesterday. I was sent to the Demon because they were short handed and needed the help. So, I volunteer because I’m stuck in Octoberfest and I will do anything to get out of wearing that dam lederhosen. I stroll over thinking this should be cool and low and behold they give me the lovely job of sitting muenchen, which is basically telling people your to dam small to ride. After 2 AWESOME Hrs of that I’m sent up top to the platform to make sure everyone is buckled and ready to go. We get everyone off and I turn around to let the next batch of riders on when I see this rather large chesty woman walk over and try to get into the car. I know instantly that this isn’t going to go well. She strolls over and tries to get into the car and miraculously she manages to squeeze herself in. Now you have to close the top bar for the train to depart, but we have a slight problem. Her rather large chest prevents the bar from closing. I get the great job of telling her that if the bar does not close she will not be able to go. Well, she starts *****ing up a storm telling me that she’s not leaving until she gets to ride the &@$#ride. I have no clue as to what to do and I notice that my great co- workers are looking at me basically saying let’s go. So, I tell her once again the top bar won’t close and there’s nothing I can do make it close. She the proceeds to grab her chest and lift them up and yells close the bar. I calmly pull the bar down and the dam thing still won’t close because she’s to big!!! So everyone is starting to yell get out or let’s go. I have no clue on how to handle this so I yell take a deep breath and suck in your stomach. She does and I push on the top bar locking it into place and give the thumbs up and away they go. I can still remember the shade of blue on her face as the train came back into the station!
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