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  1. I doubt I'm the first to think this but this has been on my mind since the new year. Has anyone else heard the 20 year theory?
  2. I can be an episode of the KIC podcast with all the bad times I had as an employee but I will say a couple good things. First I loved working food during Haunt, especially on Friday nights. I would come in early to set up and it was so peaceful that it kept me calm once the crowds came in. And serving beer was always a treat. I also caught a bunch of kids that wandered into the park by mistake behind Timberwolf. But I let them go free if they turned around and went elsewhere. We also chatted a bit about nearby parks in Mason. But if anyone has mental health issues, (depression, anxiety, etc.) they should not work at an amusement park. P.S. I'm new to posting on the forums, please be gentle. Been following the site since X-Flight Coming to Kings Island was the main headline
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