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  1. i’m glad we can all agree the park in general could use more tree. pine trees would be awesome!! they just add ambiance to the place. i mean this is the midwest … we have trees! lol
  2. 1. The Beast 2. Mystic 3. Diamondback 4. Orion 5. Flight of Fear
  3. I love this idea! I have been saying for years that Rivertown needs more of spotlight. I think hosting a festival around the area would be killing two birds with one stone essentially, b/c if they're going to host it they would definitely re-vamp the area a bit. I also wish they would do more with the train ride! I have heard about the live actors that used to be throughout the train ride so something like that would be really awesome to bring back, or even wax figures set up in western scenes maybe!
  4. I love this topic! My dad and I always discussed how much we loved the varying smells at KI. Here are a few (not in order) favorites of mine: 1. Food-- specifically PARK skyline and larosa's (they DO taste different), funnel cakes, festhaus in general... and at Haunt, the kettlecorn, and hot chocolate at Winterfest! 2. Water -- chlorine from the fountain, and running water from WWC and congo falls. Makes me wanna swim in it! Lol 3. Coaster smells -- Chain grease, leather seats, and specifically the smell of the wood from coasters and que lines when its been in the sun all day... smells.. warm?? haha 4. Sunscreen! -- Makes you feel like there's a fun-filled day ahead in the sunshine. 5. Probably my number one KI smell.... the fog/fog machines at Haunt. Nothing like it. Sooooo... who's tryna go in on a "KI Smells" candle making company? Lmao
  5. First of all, its Mystic Timbers hands down. However, Orion still does have great theming. MT essentially is built around its' theme, which is why I love it. Between the truck, que line, music, train design and shed it is a total experience. Orion definitely has this same "experience" vibe as you walk through the lab before getting on the ride and I love it, but it doesn't measure up to MT's in my opinion. Orion is more about the coaster - and it should be! Overall, I respect a ride that makes an effort to sell it's "theme." Not everyone feels that way but the best rides have his quality in my opinion!
  6. I would love for this to be kept as an indoor ride. KI needs more, and they can be pretty badass. I just realized how out of place the outside of this building is in Rivertown? It would be so cool to turn it into a indoor coaster like the Mineshaft ride in Dollywood-- that way they get a new indoor ride and can add some much-needed theming in Rivertown.
  7. I won't stand for Boo slander! Just kidding, you're all entitled to your opinions, and with respect to the past dark rides prior, I love this ride! I was a huge scooby doo fan back in the day because of course I loved that theming, but it is still a good ride. Different than any at the park, and I love the style of the paintings. I could go for some refreshments and some modern technology, but overall I am happy with the ride. Although a phantom theater comeback would be absolutely awesome!!
  8. My favorite spot in the park. Mod Edit: sorry you can see Diamondback supports in the picture.
  9. I love this idea! It needs a revamp and KI is already so campy especially in that area of the park with Rivertown, I think this would fit perfectly
  10. I actually have had a reoccurring dream about KI. The line to The Beast was a fun house like you literally had to go through it to get to the line for the ride. The fun house had multiple levels, trampolines, slides, etc.... it was wild. and I’ve had it twice! months apart...
  11. woah! this is awesome man thanks for sharing. i’ve always been mesmerized by those paintings!
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