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  1. Hey KI fans! Gearing up for my first trip to winterfest this year— I love reading all your posts in this forum to get me psyched! Really looking forward to trying to blue ice cream hot chocolate! I have some questions that the website doesn’t seem to answer: Does anyone know if the old reds hall of fame grill still has that thanksgiving sandwich? I had it in 2017 and have been thinking about it since! If not, give me recommendations on where to eat—there’s so many options! Also, does Miami valley railroad still do the 12 days of Christmas display? Thanks in advance !
  2. Hey KI friends! Tonight (9/27) I am taking the kiddo I babysit to Haunt for her first time! She turned 12 last week and wanted me to take her for her birthday :’) any tips for first time kids?! She says she’s excited, but I’m afraid there’s a possibility she’ll get shocked immediately and wanna give up! We don’t wanna go on the no-boo necklace route (at least we don’t think so) so any advice is appreciated!
  3. This is bittersweet for me! Vortex was my first big coaster as a kid that made me fall in love with coasters. It was a landmark of the park, located in the hub of activity in Coney Mall. However, we can all agree it was getting a little rusty. I have no doubt KI has something in mind for that space, they never cease to surprise us! I just wish they announced this in the beginning of the season, so there’d be more times for final rides— even though they seem to like to announce retirements this time of year. Speaking of which, anyone have any theories on the fact that this was the same day the announced Firehawks closing last year? Could just be coincidence, or not.... also, they made Firehawks retirement quite the ordeal last year with the foreshadowing of the gravestone bearing its name for haunt ... why the sudden punch to the gut for Vortex ? Somethings up..
  4. Friday’s are not nearly as busy as Saturday’s, and are cheaper tickets.
  5. I LOVE how you mentioned candlelight park... love that book!!
  6. First of all— Id like to say how much I love reading everyone’s posts! Seeing people who appreciate The Beast like I do is awesome. Living only 30 minutes away from the park, I’ve had the pleasure of spending every childhood summer of my existence there ( now- I babysit an awesome family who all has gold passes as well, so I get to spend my summers there still giving them the childhood I had!) anyways, having had a gold pass for the past 10 years or so, I’ve ridden every ride in the park countless times. I can thank my Dad for pushing me to ride coasters (he shares the same love I have for them) when I was younger because I was too scared. Somewhere in the transition, The Beast got overlooked. I think I rode FOF before The Beast and then thought I was so cool I could only go “bigger” on rides.. lol. Anyway, it wasn’t until I was in about 7th grade, and a group of kids and I went to “fearfest” (it was called that back then— and being 30 min away from KI, it was a big deal at my school). Anyway, I rode it for the first time, on a spooky October NIGHT. I was speechless after that first hill. I remember looking out into the woods when you level out after the first hill and go under the covering, seeing all the fog from fear fest through the trees and being truly scared! It was an experience I will never forget. A night ride on The Beast is one of my top 10 favorite things ever. As big as KI coasters will become, The Beast will always be my favorite!
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