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  1. Endless Adventures Await at King's Island.
  2. With the addition of a new campground coming in and wolf creek lodge being used as lodging for guests it would be great if KI would partner with local a local college and maybe a company like ABB to rehab and covert the passenger trolleys to hybrid/ solar/ electric operation. With a fairly designed rebuild it would showcase emerging technology and provide a means to get people back and forth to their cars and to distant lodging. It would be a very high visibility project with a lower than most capital outlay. Think of the advertising to be sold on the tug and cars as well. A private path between the park, the lodge, and the campgrounds could be used so the trams would never be on public roads. One of the most fond memories I have of visiting Kings Island as a kid was ro watch how all the different rides actually worked. I think it may be why I chose to become an engineer in my adult life. If there is interest in this please contact me as I would love to play a part in making this happen. Best Regards, Tom Hapner
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