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  1. *Disclaimer* This is an idea, this is in no way an actual plan. This is simply what I would like to see happen to X-Base in the future. I know some of this won’t end up happening due to its proximity to the maintenance buildings and other reasons beyond that. Sorry about the long explanation ahead. We know based on plans and other leaks that we will be receiving a major coaster by B&M in the near future, most likely in 2020, land clearing has already began for this attraction so I’ve marked off a large section based on that area. Moving down I’ve marked off a small area right across from the FOF entrance. I would like to see a food/ drink area. I could realistically see a drink station going in here, especially with increased foot traffic due to the new attraction going in. Down towards the entrance I’ve marked off an area for a tilt-A-whirl as requested by @IndyGuy4KI. Pretty sure it could fit although it would be a tight fit, theme it to alien spaceships and were good to go. This would also give people something else to do in X-Base besides riding a major coaster. Now I’ll talk about the area that I marked off in front of FOF’s building, if you’ve been back in X-Base, you know that area is kind of ugly. It’s just the side of a metal building, I was thinking that a shop could go in this spot, this could be Were the incoming attractions shop could be if it doesn’t go below or around the station. It would be a tight fit but would make the area look a little nicer. Another thing I could see going in here would be some theming, think about how cool a big alien monster thing coming out of the side of the building would be! This would definitely make the area a lot cooler and easier to look at. Now moving over to the side of the FOF building. I’ve marked a rather large area over here, I’ve also left some room along the outside for a service road to replace the ones that the area would go over. I imagine a couple of things going in over here. First things first! The much needed X-Base bathrooms. We need em, we want em, nothing else said. Then to the left of the bathrooms, I could see another flat-ride or mini thrill attraction going in this area, but a nice sit down restaurant could go in this area too, but it can definitely be argued that more room would be needed. Than right above this area, I have an idea that is probably the dumbest one on here, put in a Sci-Fi themed interactive area, basically Knott’s Ghost Town alive but themed to aliens. If they could make it family friendly as well that would be neat. I know lots of these ideas are dumb or downright impossible, but I think they would be neat.
  2. The gray is primer. Nothing to worry bout their
  3. @Tennessee Rogue On Memorial Day you can expect busy Haunt night like crowds. If anything, go to the park on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Friday would be your best bet. I would recommend Fast Lane if you can(if crowded), especially on Memorial day. As for food, Coney BBQ and Miami River brew house are good although you cloud probably expect a longer wait for Miami River brew house than Coney BBQ. Potato works has good stuff if it’s fresh out the fryer. The Parmesan garlic fries are pretty good if available. Their is also Chicken Shack right by Banshee and it’s chicken tenders and fries would probably be liked by your 8 year old. There is always the Festhaus as well with LaRosa’s pizza and Panda Express. If you get the chance, Their is a ice cream place directly in-front of Banshee with KI awesome Blue Ice cream, I highly recommend it. Their are also lots of fast food places within a 2 mile radius of KI. Macdonalds, Jimmy Johns Subs, Dairy Queen and Popeyes just to name a few. Hope this helps and welcome to KIC!
  4. @Creed Bratton may I present “The Jesus Experience!” With a B&M predrop thrown in for the fun of it. ill leave now......
  5. @Cedar Fair FanboyJust like with the Vekoma Madhouse, you have zero actually concrete evidence to stand on. So here is my suggestion, present it as an idea that you put together, not as a fact. Make it a maybe, not a definitely. Not trying to be harsh or mean, but this is how it should be done unless you have actually evidence. Just because a KI official teases something doesn’t mean it’s a “confirmed or official” anything, tease being the key word in this statement. @Creed Bratton Is right about Anno Domini meaning “The Year Of The Lord”. A google search proves this rather quickly, and my common sense is telling me we won’t have a coaster themed to Jesus for many reasons. So all in all, present it as a Maybe, not a Definitely. You can take this how you want.
  6. From what I’ve seen, Six Flags isn’t held to the highest of standards in the industry. Some parks seem to lack rides and attractions while others are lackluster when it comes to how the park looks (landscaping, overall cleanliness). As for the Looney Toons theme, it’s the same thing that CF is doing with the peanuts characters (although i do prefer Snoopy). This all being said, their are things a could say about some CF parks that have issues. All in all, both chains have thier issues, Six Flags just seems to have more of them than CF.
  7. Your onto something. I think we will see Dive Machines in many of Cedar Fair’s parks in the upcoming years.
  8. As for those of up you who are on my about physics, ok it’s an idea. I was wrong on some things. I’ve learned a lesson. Thanks for the criticism.
  9. *Not drawn to scale * Everyone is talking about a the coaster having a 40 degree angle of accent, while this a long shot. What if the coaster was launched up the first hill to a certin point, kind of like Maverick, But the train goes over a “hill” of sorts that reaches the 300 foot mark. I’ve drawn a picture below to show kind of what I’m thinking about. Like I said, long shot. B&M has only produced 1 launch coaster (if you don’t count Hulk at Universal) and it would be a very long and probably very forceful launch. Not to mention, the launch would be at an angle. Side note. Does any one know the weight of B&M Giga/Hyper trains. I looked all over but cannot find any info, if I have this info, I can try and calculate how forceful of a launch would be needed to put such train over a hill that is 300 feet in height or higher. No guarantees though.
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