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  1. It's a re-upload. This was Orion from the Chaos queue on Friday night.
  2. quick look at Orion from the CHAOS queue. These cranes are massive! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Taken at 7:05. It goes 3 rows behind me. Perfect night. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi CMURRAY13, welcome to KIC Central! What your expecting (based on this post) is what your going to get. The haunted houses are pretty good when it comes to detail, but you will only get a couple of “pop” scares per house. This being said the houses them selves last about 5-10 minutes each depending on size and the flow through the house in that particular evening. You do have a Variety of houses that you will be able to through, 9 different houses to be exact, but I won’t spoil any of them for you. You also have scare zones, they are walkthrough areas scattered through the park with props and actors, these are fun as they can be interactive. Shipwrecked over by Banshee was my favorite this year. I wouldn’t say any of the houses are very intense, they give you quick scare. The park does have quite a bit of money invested in them, as a result their are some neat props and costumes. As for the dynamic of people, their are a indeed teenagers who attend in groups, me included. Everybody from young teens to elderly people attend, the attraction brings in people from all age ranges. Another thing that Kings Island does during haunt is create an atmosphere unlike any other. Fog literally everywhere, lots of the previously mentioned scare zones and creepy noises in place of music. It’s a great time, I would recommend bringing someone with you though. You made a great choice on the fright lane as Saturday nights can get very busy. So overall, you will have a great time. Feel free to ask more questions as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. It's been a very long time since I've been on. Life has been busy. I went on The 27th and had a great time! We went ahead and got Fright lane. It was well worth it as we got through every house in the park. I lll keep it short. Favorite- Slaughterhouse least favorite- Backwoods Bayou Cornstalkers and Killmart tied for second favorite. I was able to ride DB, Racer and a Front Row night ride on Beast thanks to a front of the line pass perk! I also took my last ride on Vortex, rest In peace old girl. You will be missed by many. Thanks for reading!
  6. The park has a decent amount of people, lots are here for a last visit before school starts. Me included. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Your right. TTD is truly one of the most complex thrill machines out their.
  8. Mystic Timbers 15 min Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Banshee 20 min Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Im here today for the whole day. Already done Banshee, Mystic, DB, and Beast. Park is filling at a rapid rate though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Park is dead. Every thing is a walk-on or 5-10 min wait Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Going to try and do a morning run to KI today, any one else going to try?
  13. Not retired, just not popular. Most parks have either converted to a floor less from a standup or have already built one (at least in the US). I could see them retiring standup coasters though.
  14. @FoF96" Cedar Point can get really crowded, not always but usually Memorial Day weekend it will be this way. Like you I’ve been going to Kings Island For a while. I’ve also done my fair share of waiting for rides at KI. I waited a causal 3 1/2 for my ride on Mystic during pass holder preview night, I’ve also done 2 hour Beast Waits as well 1 1/2 Diamondback waits hour long Banshee waits and whatnot, but I’ve also been to CP 6 times now. I usually go for a Friday and than Saturday trip and we Always get Fast Lane Plus on at least one of the days, and that’s during regular season. With Kings Island you will see a couple of Rides get to 1 - 1 1/2 waits of busy days but with Cedar Point you will see every major coaster get at least an hour long wait. Other rides like Steel Vengeance and Maverick will exceed 2 hour waits on a regular basis, especially during times like Memorial Day weekend. You can also expect TTD to be down for any reason at any given time, it’s simply the nature of the ride due to its extreme thec and height. Like what @flightoffear1996 said, go for your major attractions first. Somtimes lines will die down for one particular ride, if you see this hop in line. It really is up to chance with how many people will be kept away by the weather. As for my Tips to navigating a Cedar Point, here you go 1. Fast Lane Plus (it’s worth it) 2. Get a park map, the park is very disorienting the first time you visit. This will help you see the most efficient routes for getting Were you want to go. 3. If there is weather that suddenly stops, move at a very quick pace towards a ride and get in line, the line will be much shorter. So that’s really all I have, I’d you've got more questions I’ll try and be helpful to answer them.
  15. @kerry1150 I don’t know. Do you know anything @IndyGuy4KI?
  16. That would’ve looked a lot better, now just imagine the money they would’ve spent to make it look like a temple.
  17. True, haven’t truly ridden a coaster by B&M that I’ve been disappointed by.
  18. Welp, at least we’re getting a Giga. Kinda feels like we’re getting the short end of the stick on this one.
  19. My inner coaster brat is coming out, I’m disappointed at this coaster if these are the actual plans.
  20. A couple of years ago we saw the addition of Chef James Major to the Ki staff. Since this time, Chef Major and his team have opened some restaurants in the park that are arguably some of the best in the business. We saw the addition of Coney BBQ in 2018 and Miami River brew house in 2019, both of which have great amusement park food to offer. I’m curious to see what the enthusiast community thinks the best food venue in the park is. I’ve listed to the best of my knowledge, every single food Venue in the Park minus The Sweet Spot on International Street. Please note that food venues that are of restaurants that are run outside of KI will be put in their own group. Ex: Larosa’s. Criticism is welcome, it’s my first poll so there is bound to be a mistake or two.
  21. I don’t see why not, it’s possible. It could be a long drop if we were to use the ravine and a tunnel into the ground. We could get a coaster that’s only 305 feet tall and have a 350+ foot drop if so.
  22. *Disclaimer* This is an idea, this is in no way an actual plan. This is simply what I would like to see happen to X-Base in the future. I know some of this won’t end up happening due to its proximity to the maintenance buildings and other reasons beyond that. Sorry about the long explanation ahead. We know based on plans and other leaks that we will be receiving a major coaster by B&M in the near future, most likely in 2020, land clearing has already began for this attraction so I’ve marked off a large section based on that area. Moving down I’ve marked off a small area right across from the FOF entrance. I would like to see a food/ drink area. I could realistically see a drink station going in here, especially with increased foot traffic due to the new attraction going in. Down towards the entrance I’ve marked off an area for a tilt-A-whirl as requested by @IndyGuy4KI. Pretty sure it could fit although it would be a tight fit, theme it to alien spaceships and were good to go. This would also give people something else to do in X-Base besides riding a major coaster. Now I’ll talk about the area that I marked off in front of FOF’s building, if you’ve been back in X-Base, you know that area is kind of ugly. It’s just the side of a metal building, I was thinking that a shop could go in this spot, this could be Were the incoming attractions shop could be if it doesn’t go below or around the station. It would be a tight fit but would make the area look a little nicer. Another thing I could see going in here would be some theming, think about how cool a big alien monster thing coming out of the side of the building would be! This would definitely make the area a lot cooler and easier to look at. Now moving over to the side of the FOF building. I’ve marked a rather large area over here, I’ve also left some room along the outside for a service road to replace the ones that the area would go over. I imagine a couple of things going in over here. First things first! The much needed X-Base bathrooms. We need em, we want em, nothing else said. Then to the left of the bathrooms, I could see another flat-ride or mini thrill attraction going in this area, but a nice sit down restaurant could go in this area too, but it can definitely be argued that more room would be needed. Than right above this area, I have an idea that is probably the dumbest one on here, put in a Sci-Fi themed interactive area, basically Knott’s Ghost Town alive but themed to aliens. If they could make it family friendly as well that would be neat. I know lots of these ideas are dumb or downright impossible, but I think they would be neat.
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