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  1. Or just don't bring a backpack and a phone in the park with you? You can leave them in the car...
  2. They don't need to. Just check the KI Central forums every day and wait for one of us to do it, lol
  3. LOL ok so you are able to surmise our age and socioeconomic status by reading our comments about a planned amusement park ride? You da real decoder.
  4. If Cedar Fair was based in the North Pole and just built this stuff for us just to give us a top notch experience, expecting nothing in return, I'd agree with you that we're all kind of being a bunch of spoiled brats. I'm going to ride this thing as much as I can, I'm probably also going to really like it. I'm still disappointed. This is the long rumored Kings Island giga? This is what they follow up Fury with? If this was just the first of a series of Gigacoasters that would be built at Kings Island, I'd be psyched as hell. Knowing this is probably the biggest attraction KI is going to get for quite some time? Not so much.
  5. The way people keep urging folks to be "grateful" is super weird to me. I like Kings Island, I want to see it be successful and at times Cedar Fair has made decisions that I'm really happy they made, but I'd never say I'm "Grateful" to them. More just cautiously optimistic that they won't screw it all up.
  6. What do you mean by green sheet folks? Just curious.
  7. Screw it let's all just eat our left shoes. Community bonding activity time!!!
  8. Thanks for the new desktop background bud!
  9. I mean he explains how it was made and everything in the video posted a page back or so. Wasn't meant to trick anyone. According to his video, an engineer friend of his made this based on the leaked layout. EDIT:THE_BEASTmaster not trying to suggest you were saying it was made to trick anyone, wanted to clarify that just expanding on what you said.
  10. I think this more likely suggests it's not a transfer track.
  11. This point has been made multiple times......
  12. I'm not saying you're wrong at all, I just don't think we should be at the "doom and gloom" phase just yet.
  13. Honestly it could be the best Giga we just don't know. And we won't until butts are in the seats. It also kind of irritates me when people say it "makes sense we would get the worst giga"...Kings Island is not some ****ty third rate park.
  14. I mean I'm really hoping you're right. Could you expand on why you believe that? Sorry for the double post, not sure why that happened.
  15. I wasn't here then, were people pretty bummed about MT?
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