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  1. Hey that's cool! Excited to have made it onto there. Regarding your question on youtube, feel free to DM me here.
  2. Posted a video about this today! https://youtu.be/vKxpMF3q_B8
  3. Seeing some reports on Facebook that The Bat has begun to test. Can anyone confirm? EDIT: Found this video as well, but still would love to hear if anyone from KIC was at the park today and saw it themselves.
  4. This bot has been extremely helpful. Use it to gauge whether or not I want to go to the park when I'm free.
  5. Thanks for this lol. Was starting to feel insecure for putting Phantom Theater at number 1 but honestly I've thought about it a lot more often over the years than any other ride they've taken out. Loved that thing.
  6. Hey all, in honor of the parks 50th I put together a video about my favorite former attractions at the park (that I experienced). Not necessarily an ordered list of what the best former rides were, more like my favorites. Would love to hear what you think! Also would love to see your top 5 lists as well. https://youtu.be/jdPyGcFm2D4
  7. Pretty sure they're referring to Backlot.
  8. Wait has the park ever said that? I hear people on here say things like that all the time but it would be really surprising to hear that someone from the park said that lol. You have a good point though regardless.
  9. Oh wow I'm pretty sure I'd just stop coming back to work after a couple days of that. That sounds awful. lol
  10. Totally agree! The music over in that section has been great lately. Also I guess this is an unpopular opinion around here now but I still like the Rivertown music.
  11. Yeah that's what I meant by the very next sentence lol.
  12. Oh good, sounds like they're going to be annoyingly over the top and hyper vigilant for a while like a 16 year old lifeguard. Oh well, at least they hired more security and hopefully we won't have any more big problems at the park.
  13. I don't know how much you guys were keeping tabs on it, but the same thing happened when they yoinked a bunch of days from CP's operating calendar. People figured it out HOURS before there was any mention from the park about it. In addition to that the website still showed the park being open those days, you just couldn't make reservations for the park or the hotels. People were @ing them on twitter and they just didn't respond. I get that they probably wanted time to coalesce around a message before saying anything but I think it just ****ed a lot of people off. You bring up the point about Social Media being dormant and it makes me wonder if they've been told to just kind of leave those accounts alone for a while until all this blows over lol.
  14. I hear you. I got an email from them about it and just happened to see it, otherwise I wouldn't have even known lol.
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